Fashion Artificial Leather for Furniture Car Cover Usuage

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Product Description of Fashion Artificial Leather:


1. Name: car seat cover, customized car seat cover, pvc car seat cover

2. Material: artificial leather/pvc with foam

3. soft feeling, luxury look, tailored car seat cover, full seat for 5-seat and 7-seat cars

4. size: samples from customers or draw paper. our reference sample are availableD

5. installed by professional staff and prevent every possible damage

6. color: dual color-5~9colors


Application of Popular Fashion Artificial Leather:


Our Leather material is used for Automotive/Trian/Yacht/Aircraft Interior Upholstery, With the feature:


Advantages of Popular Fashion Artificial Leather:

1. Good hydrolysis resistance:3-5 years according to customers using condition

2. Fine scratch resistance ability  

3. Excellent abrasion resistance  

4. Brilliant anti-UV ability:4-5 class

5. Good colour keeping

6. Good anti-aging ability

7. Anti-bacterial and mildew proof ability

8. Good anti-peeling,tearing,tensile ability


Production of Popular Fashion Artificial Leather:


Fashion Artificial Leather for Furniture Car Cover Usuage


FAQ of Popular Fashion Artificial Leather:


What factors will effect the price?


  1. Thickness: Different thickness means different amount of material used on the product

  2. Material: PVC material is usually cheaper than PU material

  3. Pattern: Very often, some products needs special treatment to be finished such as embossing, printing, etc. These treatments should be charged for extra money.

  4. Feature: Sometimes, if product needs to be with special feature such as environment standard, fireproofing etc, special material will be added into the products on the assembly line. It also need to be charged with extra money compared with normal product

  5. Quantity: The bigger your quantity is, the low price will be



Q:Suede and synthetic leather which is good?
Multi-use pigskin, leather, sheepskin by chrome tanning method, suede only by grinding and dyeing, without finishing, health performance is good, easy maintenance is poor. Common quality requirements are fluffy and uniform, do not fade, waterproof and good, no greasy feeling
Q:The difference between leather and synthetic leather
The general synthetic leather is the leather substitute material of plastic products. Press the leather surface with your fingers, there is no obvious pores wrinkles, such as pressing after wrinkles, it will not obviously disappear naturally, cut corners burning, there is a chemical taste. Breathability, wear resistance is far less than leather
Q:What is the use of my world leather?
Leather has a lot of use, is the synthesis of many items must be.
Q:Accordion strap is good for leather or synthetic leather
Full of leather hard, Ge people. Skin is best to use double-skinned, as long as the leather is leather, the degree of strength is absolutely no problem
Q:What is semi-PU synthetic leather?
To explain the meaning of semi-PU synthetic leather, first know synthetic leather two: PVC leather and PU leather.
Q:Leather processing in the application of chemical materials which
In fact, long-term tanning agents for tanning and vegetable tanning agents and other synthetic materials with the modified products are gradually integrated into the scope of leather materials. Commonly used: synthetic tanning agent
Q:Has done a good leather, how to distinguish between leather and fake skin
Since the advent of synthetic leather, has been simulated to imitate natural leather, after years of effort, in a variety of characteristics have been very close to natural leather, especially in appearance is almost difficult to distinguish.
Q:2016 brittle self-refined seat changed to leather and weaving, this leather is leather?
Since the advent of synthetic leather, has been simulated to imitate natural leather, after years of effort, in a variety of characteristics have been very close to natural leather, especially in appearance is almost difficult to distinguish.
Q:Synthetic leather and ultra-fiber synthetic leather What is the difference
Pique's origin in Fujian Jinjiang now domestic brands rarely fake, because the profit is not very high eh
Q:What is synthetic leather?
Dry PU produced synthetic leather excellent strength, bonding firm, but the permeability is relatively poor. This type of synthetic leather is mainly used in the manufacture of footwear, ball, bags, furniture, decorations and so on.

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