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  • Pattern Embossed PVC Leather Material for Car System 2
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Pattern Embossed PVC Leather Material for Car

Pattern Embossed PVC Leather Material for Car

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10000 roll/month

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Product Description of PVC Leather:


1. Name: car seat cover, customized car seat cover, pvc car seat cover

2. Material: artificial leather/pvc with foam

3. soft feeling, luxury look, tailored car seat cover, full seat for 5-seat and 7-seat cars

4. size: samples from customers or draw paper. our reference sample are availableD

5. installed by professional staff and prevent every possible damage

6. color: dual color-5~9colors


Application of PVC Leather:


Our Leather material is used for Automotive/Trian/Yacht/Aircraft Interior Upholstery, With the feature:


Advantages of PVC Leather:

1. Good hydrolysis resistance:3-5 years according to customers using condition

2. Fine scratch resistance ability  

3. Excellent abrasion resistance  

4. Brilliant anti-UV ability:4-5 class

5. Good colour keeping

6. Good anti-aging ability

7. Anti-bacterial and mildew proof ability

8. Good anti-peeling,tearing,tensile ability


Production of PVC Leather:


Pattern Embossed PVC Leather Material for Car


FAQ of PVC Leather:


What factors will effect the price?


  1. Thickness: Different thickness means different amount of material used on the product

  2. Material: PVC material is usually cheaper than PU material

  3. Pattern: Very often, some products needs special treatment to be finished such as embossing, printing, etc. These treatments should be charged for extra money.

  4. Feature: Sometimes, if product needs to be with special feature such as environment standard, fireproofing etc, special material will be added into the products on the assembly line. It also need to be charged with extra money compared with normal product

  5. Quantity: The bigger your quantity is, the low price will be



Q:Basketball is PU synthetic leather is good, or good leather?
The Simple PU is a synthetic material, similar to plastic, PU synthetic leather is commonly known as the "cattle two layers of skin"
Q:How does the artificial leather store moldy?
Do not place furniture in a room with a low temperature. The temperature is too low or a long time so that direct air-conditioning blowing, PVC artificial leather will be frozen, crack, hardening. 4, artificial leather is a nylon, polyester, polypropylene and other synthetic fibers through the shop, acupuncture, bonding, painting and other processes made, not only has good wear resistance and good mechanical strength of snow and flexible , At room temperature and low temperature as soft
Q:Synthetic leather industry development, has become a new development potential of the industry?
China's governments at all levels attach great importance to the development of their own synthetic leather industry, since the reform and opening up since the two-year synthetic leather growth, synthetic leather industry is booming
Q:PU leather are generally used in what the end of cloth?
Imitation cotton velvet, cloth thickness 0.65. Half for shoes, but also do hand bag bag, 6-7 yuan per meter.
Q:Synthetic leather PU, half PU, PVC three kinds of making process
The scope of application of these two materials also have some differences. In the footwear, PVC leather used in the lining or non-weight parts, or the manufacture of children's shoes; PU leather can be applied to the footwear fabric or bear the weight of the site
Q:Leather bag put a long sticky how to do
Since the advent of synthetic leather, has been simulated to imitate natural leather, after years of effort, in a variety of characteristics have been very close to natural leather, especially in appearance is almost difficult to distinguish
Q:Leather spray wax oil is generally made out of what?
Leather wax mainly has two kinds: natural wax and synthetic wax.
Q:Synthetic leather and polyester bag what is the difference
There is no need to tolerate! Leng Yulian originally thought he had come
Q:Bovine leather and bovine skins which is better
Cattle leather, including the first layer of cattle skin, cattle skin and skin leather skin. One of the best is the Ngau Tau skin, second level, the worst of renewable skin. Now some synthetic leather posing as leather, of course, is the most times
Q:What are the leather manufacturing processes?
In the tanning stage, its main purpose is to chemically make the collagen fibers of animal skins change in structure, make it from leather into leather. At the same time, also determines the quality of the leather and performance

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