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  • Popular PVC Car Leather High Quality PVC Artificial Leather System 2
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Popular PVC Car Leather High Quality PVC Artificial Leather

Popular PVC Car Leather High Quality PVC Artificial Leather

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10000 roll/month

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Product Description of Popular PVC Car Leather:


1. Name: car seat cover, customized car seat cover, pvc car seat cover

2. Material: artificial leather/pvc with foam

3. soft feeling, luxury look, tailored car seat cover, full seat for 5-seat and 7-seat cars

4. size: samples from customers or draw paper. our reference sample are availableD

5. installed by professional staff and prevent every possible damage

6. color: dual color-5~9colors


Application of Popular PVC Car Leather:


Our Leather material is used for Automotive/Trian/Yacht/Aircraft Interior Upholstery, With the feature:


Advantages of Popular PVC Car Leather:

1. Good hydrolysis resistance:3-5 years according to customers using condition

2. Fine scratch resistance ability  

3. Excellent abrasion resistance  

4. Brilliant anti-UV ability:4-5 class

5. Good colour keeping

6. Good anti-aging ability

7. Anti-bacterial and mildew proof ability

8. Good anti-peeling,tearing,tensile ability


Production of Popular PVC Car Leather:


Popular PVC Car Leather High Quality PVC Artificial Leather


FAQ of Popular PVC Car Leather:


What factors will effect the price?


  1. Thickness: Different thickness means different amount of material used on the product

  2. Material: PVC material is usually cheaper than PU material

  3. Pattern: Very often, some products needs special treatment to be finished such as embossing, printing, etc. These treatments should be charged for extra money.

  4. Feature: Sometimes, if product needs to be with special feature such as environment standard, fireproofing etc, special material will be added into the products on the assembly line. It also need to be charged with extra money compared with normal product

  5. Quantity: The bigger your quantity is, the low price will be



Q:What are the raw materials for leather coloring?
Leather dyeing is a complex physical and chemical process, is the dye molecules on the leather fiber penetration and bonding process, is the physical and chemical effects of the total effect.
Q:Is it good for cattle leather?
Leather is good, leather closer to leather. A leather made of raw hides of an animal, which can be called an animal leather, such as leather made of leather, can be called cow leather.
Q:The difference between leather and leather
Leather fabric and PVC artificial leather, PU synthetic leather with two ways to distinguish: First, the difference with the back of the fabric, the method is PVC artificial leather, PU synthetic leather is generally the back of the cloth base (or knitted cloth) can be seen with the eye ;
Q:Is sheep leather leather?
In general, sheepskin leather is made of tanned leather, leather and leather belonging to a. But there are also bad manufacturers deliberately take a leather leather sheep leather name, confuse black and white
Q:2016 brittle self-refined seat changed to leather and weaving, this leather is leather?
But the structure of natural leather is very complex, in order to imitate seamless imitation, the current conditions are still very difficult, or even impossible
Q:Is synthetic leather sports shoes strong?
The use of artificial leather and synthetic leather to do luggage, clothing, shoes, vehicles and furniture decoration, has been increasingly affirmed by the market, its wide range of applications, the number of large, many varieties, is the traditional natural leather can not meet.
Q:Synthetic leather and pu skin difference
PU is the polyurethane, PU leather is the skin of polyurethane ingredients.Today garment manufacturers are widely used in the production of such materials, commonly known as imitation leather clothing .PU is the abbreviation of English ploy urethane, chemical Chinese name of its quality is also good or bad, good bag More use of imported PU leather;
Q:Artificial leather and synthetic leather is not the same?
Artificial leather is the first invention for the cortical fabric substitutes, that is, with PVC plasticizer and other additives rolling compound made in the cloth, the advantage is cheap, rich colors, many patterns, the disadvantage is easy to harden, change Brittle, poor wear resistance.
Q:Artificial leather and pu the same as what is better will not fall skin
Artificial leather: leather-like plastic products. The plastic film is rolled on a cotton cloth or the synthetic resin containing the plasticizer is uniformly applied to the cotton cloth and then processed
Q:Leather processing in the application of chemical materials which
At present, synthetic tanning agents generally refers to certain organic products as raw materials, through the chemical reaction synthesis, with a certain tanning effect of the complex organic mixture. Surfactant

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