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Packaging Detail:package:pvc steel wire coil put in carton 5-10kg/carton
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PVC Coated Iron Wire is made with iron wire or galvanized wire coated.

PVC Wire

PVC Coated Iron Wire With choice galvanized iron wire as material, We offer good quality PVC coated wire for worldwide customers.PVC coated wire offers excellent corrosion resistance and antiaging property and longer service life compared with common galvanized wire.Different colors available for customers choice is another benefit of PVC coated wire.  PVC WirePVC Wire  PVC WirePVC Wire  PVC Coated Wire Specification:Core Wire DiameterOuter Diameter1.0mm -3.5mm BWG.11-20 SWG. 11-201.4mm -4.0mm BWG. 8-17 SWG. 8-17P.V.C. Coating Thickness : 0.4mm -0.6mm

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Q:Twist-On Wire Connector wiring harness?
I would suppose in this case there is a good better best way to do it. IMO I would never do twists on a stereo, at the very least, do butt connectors. Best way would be to solder each wire one by one and seal with heat shrink. That will give you a very clean look and you'll be proud of yourself :)
Q:What does gauge mean when buying floral wire?
Floral Wire Gauge
Q:where to locate turn signal wires?
should be pretty simple if you like puzzles. You can trace the signal wire out to the front of the car by using a voltmeter and watching the meter rise each time the signal works. Yes you can use electrical tape on the wires themselves after connecting them.
Wire Ohms
Q:How do birds hang on wires without getting electrocuted?
Because electricity won't pass through them unless they're grounded to something else. A human can do the same to a live wire as long as they aren't connected to something else the electricity can travel to.
Q:Buying wires to hook up subs. ?
the main question is how powerful is your amp? 500RMS 8 gage should suffise for power wire 1000RMS 4 gage 2000RMS 0 gage or start thinking of getting another battery for the boot. remember. you earth must be just as good as the power wire. and hooked to a solid piece of metal. if you are wondering wire to the subs if it is no longer than 3 foot from the amp to the subs 12g will be fine if it is 3-6 foot go 10 gage. your amp shouldn't be over 6 foot from the subs.
Q:wiring an electrical outlet?
The first trick is to identify the wires. White wires will normally be neutral; there will be at least two colored or black wires, one of which will be the hot supply wire. Use a neon tester ($2 at a hardware store) to idenify which. If all of the white wires were tied together, then the switch will simply connect the two colored wires to each other; brush these together to verify that the light flashes. Now turn off the power at the breaker box. Connect the hot supply wire to a brass screw on the outlet, and attach a 6 piece of black wire to the other brass screw. Connect the joined white wires to a nickel-plated screw (you may need a wire nut and short piece of white wire to do this). Connect the short black wire to one of the screws on the switch, and the existing black wire to the other screw. And that should do it. Note that a double-width box is necessary for this. Code requires that a GFCI device be used in all bathroom outlets. If there is not one in the breaker box servicing the line to the bathroom, you should use a GFCI outlet device (about $12) rather than a conventional outlet. You can get a cover plate to match.
Q:1999dodge stratus stereo wires?
Here okorder.com/
Q:0 gauge power wire with 4 gauge ground?
Umm well it really depends on how much power you are running through it. If your amp is only about 200-400 watt rms, then you should be fine with a 4awg ground. However, if your rms is higher than 400 you seriously need to consider getting some bigger gauge wire.
Q:Wiring need to know if you can wire the to types of wire together?
malibu lights can be wired to an extension cord wire if you do not use wire that is less than 14 gauge .... -== you really are better offr to use the same wire that came with the light sets as it is designed to be weather-proof .... the wattage of the

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