PVC Coated Iron Wire For Binding the the rebar

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The PVC coated wire is made by inner metal and coating. The inner metal can use black iron wire and galvanized wire. Various colors can be provide for you, such as yellow, red, green, white, etc. It is low in cost, corrosion resistance, strong adhesion, good luster, aging resistance and weather resistance.


Usually are green and black. Other colors like blue, yellow, orange, gray, red also are available. Or as customer’s requests. 


It is relatively low in cost, beautiful and firmly, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, crack-resistant, and fire retardant possesses good insulating properties.



PVC coated wire is widely used in animal breeding, forestry protection, aquaculture, park or zoo fence and stadium.



PVC coated wire is widely used in animal breeding, forestry protection, aquaculture, park or zoo fence and stadium.

PVC Coated Iron Wire For Binding the the rebar

PVC Coated Iron Wire For Binding the the rebar

PVC Coated Iron Wire For Binding the the rebar

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The best way would be to obtain a piece of wire the same gauge(thickness),and solder the wires together,and use shrink tube to cover the connection.If you don't have access to shrink tube,use a high grade electrical tape.The reason i suggest this as the best choice,is that HIDs are high amperage ,so that is the first choice.The second ,and easier ,is again obtaining the same type wire,and use what is called a butt connector.You strip the ends of the wires,insert them into the butt connector,and crimp the connector.You can usually buy an inexpensive wire stripper-crimper electrical kit that come with connectors at a pep-boys,advance auto or some other auto discount store for under ten dollars.Make sure that the connections are tight and secure.Shrink tube is usually included in these kits,also

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