Model D2500-120 Tower Crane with Good Vision and Large Inner Space Cab

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$20,000.00 - 150,000.00 / unit
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Product Description:

1. Performance parameters of D2500-120: performance parameters and technical indexes reach both domestic and international advanced level.
• Max. jib length: 70m; Jib length under different assembling modes can decrease progressively by 10 meters and the Min. jib length is 40 meters.
• Maximum lifting capacity 42t;
• Max. hoisting capacity at jib tip: 59.3t;
• Maximum lifting moment 25000 t.m;
• Max. free-standing height: 103m; Max. working height of anchored crane: 250m;
• Hoisting mechanism: Q110P150; power: 2×110 kW; rope capacity: 2×580m;
• Slewing mechanism: HP185F1.350/ HP185F2.350; power: 4×18.5 kW (80m Jib); 3×18.5 kW(others).
• Trolleying mechanism: BPI185; power: 18.5 kW.

2. Electrical control system
With PLC control, the electrical control system enjoys better reliability and safety. Produced by professional manufacturers with advanced foreign technology, the electrical elements feature service lives that are 3 or 4 times longer than that of domestic products, less faults, easy maintenance and repair as well as reliable operation.

3. Technical features
• The crane boasts of multiple operation modes and wide application;
• The complete machine adopts internationally well-received beautiful shape;
• The crane features high working speed and excellent speed regulation performance. Stepless speed regulation by frequency control, the world's most advanced solution, is adopted for the trolleying mechanism and slewing mechanism, thus ensuring more stable and reliable operation ;
• The cab is independently installed externally with good vision and large inner space, thus offering a good working environment for operators;
• A variety of safety devices are equipped, which are all mechanical or mechatronic products that are applicable to severe working conditions, so as to ensure the tower crane's reliable operation.

4 Parameters:

Rated hoisting moment (kN.m)


Lifting height (m)

Free-standing stationary crane

Anchored crane



Working radius (m)

Max. working radius


Min. working radius


Max. lifting capacity (t)


Hoisting mechanism

Rope fall



Speed (m/min)





Lifting weight (t)





Power (kW)


Traction mechanism

Speed (m/min)


Power (kW)


Slewing mechanism

Speed (r/min)


Power (kW)


5 Images:

Model D2500-120 Tower Crane with Good Vision and Large Inner Space Cab

Model D2500-120 Tower Crane with Good Vision and Large Inner Space Cab

6 FAQ :Installation of hoisting mechanism

Hoisting mechanism adopts single motors and big diameter reel, also equipped with normal closed braket and limit switch.which developed hoisting mechanism work efficiency and steel wire life greatly. Steel wire type: 14NAT6×37s+FC1670ZS93.1.Rope capacity of reel: 340m. The mechanism was fixed at middle and rear part of counter-jib by 4 pins.

Fix hoisting mechanism on counter jib by 4 Φ25×49 pins and 4Φ6×40 cotter pins.


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