Mini stainless steel yogurt maker

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green/color is optional

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Packaging:color box ,1PCS per 1color box, 16PCS per 1carton
Delivery :25 days


New design
Stainless steel bowl
Exact temperature 42 degree control
Clear lid allows for viewing
Removable plug


2).Capacity:1.0L,for 2-4 people.
3). Elegant design and fineness of appearance
4).Unique structure for equal heat transmission, maintaining the activation of lactobacillus
5).Transparent top cover and container lid, making the state observable
6).PTC adopted for constant temperature and safe operation, and low power of 15W for cost saving
7).Container design of freshness box-like, preventing the yogurt from pollution before drinking


Yoghurt Maker SNJ-534
Item size 200*200*145mm
Capacity 1L
Color Orange/ Green/ Pinkcolor is optional.
Lid removable
Container Stainless steel  bowl
Material Plastic
Power15W, 220-240V~50HZ
Featuredisconnect - plug
easy operating and cleaning

Normal packing standard

Carton Size:780*320*550mm

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Q:Can I make wine with yogurt machine?
How to use the machine - yogurt yogurt machine do white glutinous rice wine and rice wine added time: 2010-05-23 04:47 source: unknown on how to use yogurt 985 times 14 hours before the machine to do white glutinous rice wine and rice wine yogurt machine specially do wine (also called wine, fermented glutinous rice, glutinous rice wine) at this time the machine is a function. Thermostat.
Q:Yogurt machine yogurt is not solidified, and very sour
[machine] what yogurt machine is not important, as long as the function is normal on the line, failure many times, but also suspect that the machine is not good; the possibility of a bad machine is also very small.[temperature] the most critical!!!! Yogurt fermentation must be guaranteed constant temperature, the temperature has remained at 43 degrees. Error 1: think the electricity can keep the temperature; error 2: think press the good button will keep the temperature; error 3: think summer temperature is not a problem. The thought and practice of making yogurt failure is a leading cause of fatal errors, but did not speak, do not know they did not speak or not speak clearly, then all power settings can be a good.
Q:Why did I use the yogurt machine for 20 hours without hair?
There are several reasons may be when the temperature is too high you pour the yogurt into lactic acid bacteria is all dead or too low temperature of lactic acid bacteria can grow or cause the kind of bags of milk (why do you think can bag shelf-life so long which is likely to have antibiotics can kill the lactic acid bacteria)
Q:What raw materials do you need for yogurt making machine?
1, yeast powder is yogurt fermentation agent2. Professional starter is better than starter with yoghurt
Q:Why yogurt machine yogurt is very weak flavor?
The so-called yogurt machine, that is thermostatic machine! With what kind of insulation Cup no two! Our junior high school biology all teaches to make yogurt.The starter is yogurt, and the yeast inside.
Q:Yogurt machine is not hot how to do?
The situation may be that the thermostat is out of order or the room temperature is too low.
Q:How do you make yogurt with a yogurt machine? It's ACA's yogurt machine ~!
04- yogurt machine on the cover;05- plug in the plug, yogurt machine began to work; microcomputer yogurt machine needs to set a good fermentation time (for details, please refer to the instruction manual);06- with pure yogurt as a fermentation source, fermentation time 6-8 hours; with the yogurt fermentation agent as a fermentation source, fermentation time 8-12 hours; influence the fermentation time will be affected by the environmental temperature and the initial temperature of the raw materials, so the low ambient temperature or refrigerated milk production should be appropriate to extend the time. But the longest is not more than 14 hours. (with pure yogurt as the source of fermentation, the longest is not more than 10 hours)
Q:Method for making yoghurt by yoghurt machine
I also use the bear yogurt machine, from the excellent buy, is more than 50 dollars, the cheapest that SNJ-10A, 1000 ml, 4 sub cup liner. The yogurt is very thick, like tofu. If you don't add anything, the last thing you do is a very mild taste, a hint of sweetness and sourness. I sometimes like to add sugar, honey or haw sauce at the end. It tastes good. It's good to refrigerate and eat.The instructions say that 1:10 is the proportion of pure milk and yogurt, but every time I use yogurt more, the proportion of large 1:3 or 1:4.
Q:What's the ratio of pure milk to yogurt in yogurt machine?
And the liner cover into the yogurt machine, electricity for 8 hours to become tender tofu like yogurt products; 5, unplug the power, the liner is removed and the natural cooling into the refrigerator (can also be stored in natural shade but cannot be stored for too long, to prevent rancidity); 6, according to the food taste with honey.
Q:Yogurt machine milk yogurt when you want to add water?
Yogurt needs no water.Yogurt:Ingredients800ml-1000ml pure milkMixed ingredients1g yogurt starter

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