Kitchen Appliance Automatic Yogurt Maker

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Product Description:

1. Description of Kitchen Appliance Automatic Yogurt Maker

Yogurt maker is a kind of machine to make yogurt. It ensures milk fermented with a constant temperature device, temperature between 35 and 45 degrees, in this environment, probiotics multiplied, lactose into lactic acid in milk, milk into yoghurt.

Yogurt Maker can be divided into three categories:

First, a fully automated, directly heated by electricity, no control circuit, adopt appropriate power heating component to control the temperature.

Second, electronic control type, join a variety of control circuit in the machine, such as temperature and time control, to control the heating circuit on and off. The main difference between the above two type is whether have a control circuit.

Third, is cooling yogurt machine, using semiconductor refrigeration, automatic storage at low temperature.

2. Features of Kitchen Appliance Automatic Yogurt Maker

2).Capacity:1.0-1.5L,for 2-8 people.
3). Elegant design and fineness of appearance
4).Unique structure for equal heat transmission, maintaining the activation of lactobacillus
5).Transparent top cover and container lid, making the state observable
6).PTC adopted for constant temperature and safe operation, and low power of 15W for cost saving
7).Container design of freshness box-like, preventing the yogurt from pollution before drinking

3. Specification of Kitchen Appliance Automatic Yogurt Maker 

Item size196*196*135mm
Capacity1.5 L
ColorOrange/Green/Pink/Purple, color is optional.
Container Stainless steel  bowl,PP, Cups
Normal packing standard

Voltage220-240V 50/60Hz

4. Image of Kitchen Appliance Automatic Yogurt Maker

Kitchen Appliance Automatic Yogurt MakerKitchen Appliance Automatic Yogurt Maker

Kitchen Appliance Automatic Yogurt Maker

5. FAQ

1) Could I got a sample to test before I place my order?

   Sure, we can provide the sample for your test.

2) Do I need to pay for the sample?

  Yes,we'll charge you for the samples,the amount is depend on the items you want,and will

refound you after the first order.

3) How long will I got the sample?

  It need less than 4-7 days.

4) How long will you deliver the goods after I ordered.

  25-35 days after order and packaging file confirmed .

5) Can you OEM for me?

   Sure,OEM order is acceptable.

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Q:Yogurt machine must be put bacteria powder?
Yogurt machine does not have to put bacteria powderMaterial ScienceFresh milk (about 500ml) two bags, a small cup of yogurt (about 100ml), a cup of white sugar (the amount of food with their own taste) a tablespoon
Q:Do not use yogurt machine to make yogurt
In addition you must have insulation equipment, constant temperature at 42 degrees Celsius, the pure milk or milk powder prepared after boiling (to sterilization) cooling to 42 degrees Celsius to 10% (pure yogurt yogurt, fruit flavored or not) for fermentation, fermentation 4-6 hours, according to your taste with sugar, not more than 8%. So sweet and sour yogurt can be made out.
Q:Common problems of yoghurt machine
What happens if there is no "lactic acid bacteria powder" used as a starter?The best "lactic acid bacteria powder as the fermentation strain, also available commercially available yogurt as a species, but should pay attention to the marked bacteria and freshness, the other can also use the yogurt, before eating a small amount of retained in production as the next species, but should pay attention to the container disinfection, and avoid cold storage the pollution.How do you tell the yogurt is ready?The vessel is slowly tilted, the surface is thick or condensed into shape that has made Tofu pudding yogurt.How long can homemade yogurt be kept? Why some commercially available yogurt can be stored for more than half a year?Homemade acid grandma can be refrigerated for about 10 days, but the yogurt for the first 3 days is the freshest, the most active bacteria, the best quality, it is recommended to finish drinking in one week. Can be stored for more than half a year, the sale of yogurt, is a complete sterilization, there is no active lactic acid bacteria, this product as long as the room temperature preservation can.
Q:Home yogurt machine how to use, how to make yogurt?
1, disinfection. Yogurt is clean effect is very big, in the production of yogurt before, we must pay attention to the yogurt machine lid, spoon and other appliances into the pot add water to boil 10 minutes for disinfection, ensure the machine clean, eat up a lot of confidence.
Q:How do you make a yogurt old yogurt with a yogurt machine?
Methods / stepsPrepare pure milk and bacteria. 200ML packs five packets of pure milk, a small packet of bacteria is enough, and the cost is generally around two yuan.Boil the container with boiling water for about 1 minutes, mainly for sterilizationPour the pure milk into the container. Pour in the yogurt and stir it with a spoon.
Q:Yogurt machine fermented yogurt for ten hours, has not become yogurt
I put a liter of pure milk, plus the previously bought yeast in the refrigerator, fermented yogurt in yogurt machine for ten hours, but still did not coagulate, and pure milk, until the second morning, completely solidified,
Q:No yogurt machine, how homemade yogurt? Basic steps
It's easy..... A bag of fresh milk into the container can be sealed in (I've used the preservation box.)... Put a spoonful of sugar.... using microwave heating for two to three minutes......... And then put into a bottle of yogurt... Stir.... the container sealed... In a warm place... Is the sun the sun to the place... About five to six hours on the line... If not more warm... For a long time... And then you can drink fresh yogurt...
Q:How long will it take for yogurt machine to make yogurt?
Usually 10 hours is ok. Bear yogurt machine, yogurt at night, and so on, you can eat in the morning, it is convenient.
Q:How to clean yogurt machine?
Recommended net immersion with oxygen.In fact, a kind of peroxide sodium carbonate particles, equivalent to 14.5% of hydrogen peroxide, known as solid hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, fabric on the role of color bleaching. And so with alkaline scouring while removing grease sterilization.
Q:Why do I use yogurt machine from 13 to 23 yogurt do not freeze?
Yogurt is not solidified for a variety of reasons, it is recommended to refer to the following circumstances to make yogurt.1. take the frozen yogurt leavening agent out of the fridge2. use the boiling water to sterilize the container of the yoghurt machine;

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