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WARRANTY: 12 MONTHS POWER(KW): 90+1.5+1.5+0.37+0.55 DIMENSION(L*W*H): 2600*1300*2300

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Wood pellet machine, is also named wood pellet making machine, sawdust pellet machine, power pellet machine, straw pellet machine, biomass pellet machine, rice husk pellet machine,organic fertilizer pellet machine, feed pellet machine and straw coal making machine.

The new wood pellet machines solve the problems effectively of biological crude fiber granulating hardly and less effective. The main part works with high standard overloading reducer, which can ensure the power transmission efficient, stable, low noisy and longer lifespan by choosing high quality bearings. Ring die adopts the quick-release anchorear type, feeding conveyor adopts inverter to adjust the speed to feed more evenly. The new wood pellet machine adopts international advanced manufacturing technology, “roller wraps” is made of high alloy wearable material, this models have characteristics of unique design, reasonable structure, high efficiency and long lifespan.


1. High efficient, centrifugal, high pressure power, suitable for quenchless materials 

2. Low wear rate, long lifespan for ring die and roller wraps

3. Rollers are with automatic lubrication system, can work continuously

4. The ring die adopts vertical type, can feeding upright with high efficiency, and is good for dissipating heat.

5. Long working life for ring dies: being made of alloy steel with special processing technic, having hard and wearable surface and tough inner part, having high impact toughness at low temperature.

6. Cost-effective: on the basis of the similar equipment, improving the technological content and function of machines. Full consideration on the price for the affordability of wide users.

Suitable range and application:

The product is applied to materials with low adhesiveness and quenchless. For example, rice husk, sunflower husk, peanut shell, fruit shell; branches,tree trunk,tree bark, kinds of wooden waste; kinds of crops straw; rubber,coal ash and other chemical raw materials. Applied in animal feed factories, wood processing plants,synfuel plants, fertilizer factories, chemical factories, etc, they are the most ideal compression molding equipment with small investment, quick effect,risk-free. 

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Q:What is the mechanism of feed machinery
Feed machinery, feed extrusion machine and a Suckling pig feed feed mills will choose products. Extrusion machine, extrusion machine, feed dry large extrusion machine less nutrition loss in the process of extrusion processing, can achieve the purpose of improving protein, is more advantageous to the animal digestion and absorption, so some cheap raw materials through the feed machinery, feed Beijing extrusion machine, extrusion machine, aquatic feed puffing treatment, can replace expensive raw materials, and shall not affect the quality of the feed, reduces the cost, has played an important role to the development of feed resources.
Q:Method of crushing of feed mill
Broken: using two of the original disc, engraved with the stiffness of the tooth surface to friction and the fracturing of feed, its advantage is the manufacturing cost is low, the power is small, feed temperature is higher, defect is grinding out powder, finely degrees is not easy to control. Suitable for processed plastic material. Crushing: 3, the use of two smooth surface roller, in the same relative rotational speed, the feed crushed, often used for flattening the barley feed, such as feeding newborn piggy as other animals.
Q:What equipment does the feed factory need
If it is a concentrated feed, it is a feed that does not contain energy. Concentrated feed, which makes up 25 ~ 30% of the total cost of feed, is processed and processed, which is almost the same as the feed, except that the amount of processing is less than that of the feed. If say, you don't need field investment, the investment such as workshop, storehouse, buy equipment.
Q:What are the public companies that produce feed processing machinery enterprises
Company is one of the three major feed producers in China, the annual production capacity of 5 million tons of feed, including aquatic feed for more than 50%, with hundreds of varieties of aquatic feed, its volume is the industry leader for 11 consecutive years. Companies in recent years in Beijing, guangzhou, wuhan, Shanghai four region into hundreds of thousands of acres of pollution-free aquatic products breeding base of standardization, rapidly expanding capacity, is expected to benefit from the growing demand for aquatic feed market. Companies strive to be during the period of "11th five-year plan", make the company of the aquatic product market share increased to more than 25% of the total domestic market demand, sales amount exceed 4 million tons, annual sales income of 10 billion yuan of above.
Q:I want to run a small pig feed processing plant in the countryside, I don't understand the technology can do?
At least 80,000 yuan, the equipment has a blender mixer for the machine
Q:What kind of equipment does the grain feed use?
First, the feed material is crushed (2.2 mm) by the mill, and after the grinding, the key step of the particle is to be mixed according to the formula. Formation of granules: the feed mixers make steam modulation to the mixed feed, and then the granulator is pressed by the granulator. Particle cooling: the newly emerged particles are very hot (60-90) and must be cooled by a cooler. Fully formed: when cooled to room temperature, sieve out the powder and the rest is the grain feed you need. Generally speaking, three devices are needed: the tuner, the granulator, and the cooler.
Q:What are the steps and requirements for pig feed processing?
(a) comprehensive nutrition A comprehensive, is to make the protein in the diet and amino acids, energy, minerals and vitamins to achieve the requirement of the breed standard. To do this, you must use a variety of feed to cooperate the diet, can make a variety of nutrients between feed so complement each other, so as to improve the nutritional value of the diet. (2) when the feed volume is suitable for the preparation of feed, it is important to pay attention to the relation between the intake volume of the pig and the size of the feed volume. If the volume of the feed is too large, because the stomach and intestines of the pig are limited, can not eat so much, the nutrient material is not satisfied. Conversely, if the size of the feed is too small, the pigs eat a lot of waste and feed on the standard feed, which can affect the increase in the utilization rate of the feed. The pig, which controls the coarse fiber content, is a single stomach animal and can barely digest the coarse fiber. Not only can the raw fibre not be able to supply itself, it also reduces the utilization of other nutrients and reduces the production performance of pigs. The amount of coarse fiber in the feed, no more than 4 percent of the pigs, no more than 8 percent of the breeding pigs, and no more than 10 percent of the female pigs.
Q:What kind of equipment do you need to start a cattle and sheep feed factory?
First, you must go to the feed office of the animal husbandry bureau to apply for it, then review it and re-submit it to the city for review. Requires area, to distinguish the shipping department, raw material storage warehouse, production workshop, must have the laboratory, laboratory equipment, has a certain degree of technician, also have a three-phase electricity, feed mill, the formula. $20,000 can be verified directly, without review. The device is inexpensive and can be purchased for as little as 10,000.
Q:How much is the machine for the corn stalk processing feed
Classification of straw granulators: Extruded and stamped. The extruding type also has the flat mould straw granulator and the ring mould straw granulator. Extruded type is suitable for making feed particles, and the stamping type is suitable for making fuel.
Q:When can I get the certificate from the feed processing maintenance certificate
Feed processing equipment repair is the use of a measuring tool, equipment and tools, to tear open outfit, repair all kinds of feed processing equipment, debugging and maintenance personnel. As a feed processing equipment maintenance worker must have observation, judgement and reasoning ability, finger, arm flexibly, movement coordination. (1) the number of standard hours in the primary and formal training of the profession shall be completed and the certificate of completion shall be obtained. 2 years of continuous experience in this profession

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