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wood pellet mill wood pellet making machine

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Wood pellet machine, is also named wood pellet making machine, sawdust pellet machine, power pellet machine, straw pellet machine, biomass pellet machine, rice husk pellet machine,organic fertilizer pellet machine, feed pellet machine and straw coal making machine.

The new wood pellet machines solve the problems effectively of biological crude fiber granulating hardly and less effective. The main part works with high standard overloading reducer, which can ensure the power transmission efficient, stable, low noisy and longer lifespan by choosing high quality bearings. Ring die adopts the quick-release anchorear type, feeding conveyor adopts inverter to adjust the speed to feed more evenly. The new wood pellet machine adopts international advanced manufacturing technology, “roller wraps” is made of high alloy wearable material, this models have characteristics of unique design, reasonable structure, high efficiency and long lifespan.


1. High efficient, centrifugal, high pressure power, suitable for quenchless materials 

2. Low wear rate, long lifespan for ring die and roller wraps

3. Rollers are with automatic lubrication system, can work continuously

4. The ring die adopts vertical type, can feeding upright with high efficiency, and is good for dissipating heat.

5. Long working life for ring dies: being made of alloy steel with special processing technic, having hard and wearable surface and tough inner part, having high impact toughness at low temperature.

6. Cost-effective: on the basis of the similar equipment, improving the technological content and function of machines. Full consideration on the price for the affordability of wide users.

Suitable range and application:

The product is applied to materials with low adhesiveness and quenchless. For example, rice husk, sunflower husk, peanut shell, fruit shell; branches,tree trunk,tree bark, kinds of wooden waste; kinds of crops straw; rubber,coal ash and other chemical raw materials. Applied in animal feed factories, wood processing plants,synfuel plants, fertilizer factories, chemical factories, etc, they are the most ideal compression molding equipment with small investment, quick effect,risk-free. 

Q:What equipment does the feed factory need
If you produce 10 tons of production each day, the 10 tons of raw materials will cost between 50 and 80,000 yuan. If have enough money, I suggest that you first do agent, selling other people's feed, open points belong to your market, after 3 ~ 5 years, have the experience and accumulation, the proposal to open a new factory to do not too late.
Q:I want to run a small pig feed processing plant in the countryside, I don't understand the technology can do?
At least 80,000 yuan, the equipment has a blender mixer for the machine
Q:What is the price of a machine that processes straw feed? Specifications? The more detailed, the better
The size of the feed is 32 * 32 * 20mm - 80mm, which can satisfy the need of ruminant for coarse fiber and compare science. It is easy to use and can be used in conjunction with fine feed or other coarse materials. Either dry or wet. In particular, it is more convenient to supply scale farms, isolated farms and grazing pastures. Nutrition is rich. At present, there are corn stalks, straw, wheat straw, peanut seedlings and alfalfgrass.
Q:Method of crushing of feed mill
chop saws: use two toothed and rotational speed of different roller surface will chop material, its advantage is easy to dig thickness degrees, less power, storage, suitable for processing grain materials, bread slag, etc.
Q:What equipment does a complete small feed processing plant need?
First cleaning sieve, sieve, points and screen, crusher, mixer, pellet machine, cooling tower, hoist, distributor, dust catcher, blowing machine, conveyor, bin. 420 set of 50 to 420 (the famous brand of around 100 w such as sheep zhengchang appropriate julestownshend, henan, shandong province, will be a lot cheaper 20 to 300000 can be bought, just afraid you can't use) you get what you pay for this you have to believe it.
Q:What kind of equipment does the grain feed use?
First, the feed material is crushed (2.2 mm) by the mill, and after the grinding, the key step of the particle is to be mixed according to the formula. Formation of granules: the feed mixers make steam modulation to the mixed feed, and then the granulator is pressed by the granulator. Particle cooling: the newly emerged particles are very hot (60-90) and must be cooled by a cooler. Fully formed: when cooled to room temperature, sieve out the powder and the rest is the grain feed you need. Generally speaking, three devices are needed: the tuner, the granulator, and the cooler.
Q:Feed plants open what feed equipment
Production from cows need delivery before and after birth, calf back before and after the island into adulthood cowshed, youth shelter, mother into the barn and milking parlour build, such as, as far as possible do streamline, and mutual interference, convenient production, deal with their relations, meet the needs of the production of the dairy life, and at the same time considering the barn to sports venues, diagnosis and treatment, health care facilities to cows to create a quiet and comfortable living environment. Even: beginning from the cow lie to gather the food, drinking water, the movement to the environment temperature, moderate, air quality, lighting control omni-directional design, provide services to the health of the dairy life.
Q:I want to open a private chat factory in a county-level city around the provincial capital.
Depends on your size, usually a feed factory equipment investment at around $1 million, plus venues and warehouse according to the geographical location and local economic development level of the other. In general, liquidity is more than half a million dollars. In addition, the feeding plant also needs to be reviewed by the department of industry and commerce and health care. The previous few days have had a meal with the owner of a few feed factory, the above situation is all they introduce, for your reference only. If you're not familiar with the industry, it's best not to dabble in it
Q:What kind of equipment do you need to start a cattle and sheep feed factory?
If you do it all by hand, don't ask for production, just buy some of the simplest Labour tools, and you want to go to a blender anyway?
Q:When can I get the certificate from the feed processing maintenance certificate
4, technicians (1) after the professional qualification certificate of the professional senior, continuous work in this profession more than five years, (2) obtain the advanced professional qualification certificate, professional engaged in the professional work eight years in a row. (3) of the professional qualification certificate of the professional senior senior vocational school graduates and college degree or above, majored in this professional and graduate, engaged in the professional work with 2 years in a row.

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