Long Pile White Shaggy Carpet

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6000 m²/month

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Product Description:

Product Description

1 Item :Carpet

2 Material:100% polyester  

3 Pile Height:2.5 or 3.5 cm

4 Pile Weight:600-650g/sqm

5 Backing:TPR backing or plastic non-woven back

6 Size:120cm×180cm,140cm×200cm,160cm×230cm,170cm×240cm,200cm×200cm,200cm×300cm Or other customed size

7 Color&Design: according to customer's request

8 MOQ:300sqm/color

9 Payment Terms: 30%T/T in advance + 70% T/T before shipment or L/C at sight

10 Packing: Rolls in the polybags, your specific packing is available

11 OEM Welcome

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Q:how do you get rid of cigarette burns in carpet?
Snip away the dead carpet using fine manicure scissors and tweezers. You want to remove only the dead (bunt) carpet and nothing more. Surly not inch by inch more like millimeter by millimeter! After removing all the dead carpet. Find an unnoticeable area in the carpet such as the back of a closet and remove bits of good carpet using the same method. Try taking samples from multiple areas. Roll the new samples up to fit the hole, apply carpet glue to the base of the hole. Careful not to get any glue on undamaged fibers. Place the samples onto the glue cover with a piece of paper and a heavy book. Allow to dry for several hours. Remove the book and paper and blend the carpet with a wide tined comb. Also if there are singed but not burnt area try using a solution of 2 parts hydrogen peroxide 10 parts water. Dabbed the solution on the fibers spray with water and dab dry with a paper towel. Wait until the area is thoroughly dry before proceeding with gluing in new carpet samples.
Q:Difference in Kitchen Rug & Bathroom Rug?
I would say there should be no difference, just make sure you can wash it as accidents can happen in the kitchen.
Q:My maybelline mineral powder foundation in the carpet?
Ask the Home Depot people, too, cause they know all the latest stuff, but that Resolve worked for me with other stains. If you ever drop something like that again (a dry powder), vacuum it up first. Then, use the carpet stain remover. good luck.
Q:how to remove nail varnish from carpet?
To remove nail polish from carpets, nail polish remover will work but you need to USE CAUTION because it can also remove dye from your carpet or upholstery. Also you can try bleach but only if you have a white carpet. On light colored carpet it might not be noticeable but on darker colors. TEST FIRST! Otherwise, a little nail polish will be the least of your worries. How about having to replace a whole roomful of carpet or trying to match the carpet color to dye one patch? For carpet, always test any kind of chemical stain remover/cleaner in an out of the way place like a corner. Under a cushion might be a good spot for upholstery.
Q:Clean dark colored carpets.?
It would be less expensive to replace the carpet, using a carpet remnant available from a specialized carpet store. Take your room measurements with you and look around. These carpet stores are anxious to sell these remnants and will take a reasonable offer on them. Nylon carpet is perhaps the easiest carpet to dye and going from a light color is the best choice when dyeing this fiber. Olefin carpet cannot be dyed. Polyester carpets, made from recycled plastic bottles is relatively inexpensive to begin with and is, in my estimation and experience, not worth dyeing. If you follow through with the replacement, carefully examine the carpet pad to see if it to should be replaced. Removing the old carpet and pad is relatively easy and something you can do your self with a utility knife. Cut it in smaller pieces from the backside to make removal easier. If you shop for a remnant, make an offer they cannot refuse.
Q:Putting wire Hole in a Stretched Carpet?
ricks answer is good. you can also cut a slit with a razor, put a cut down straw into the slit and drill thru that to avoid the drill snagging the carpet
Q:How to remove the oil from the carpet is the best?
Removal of stains on the carpet carpet plant and animal oil, available with cotton dipped in high purity clean gasoline. Juice and beer traces should be first cleaned with soft cloth dipped in detergent solution, and then washed with warm water with a little vinegar solution. The ink stains can be sprinkled with salt at the contaminated area, and then be brushed with warm soapy liquid. If the past is suitable for milk soak for a moment, then brush can brush dipped in milk.
Q:clean carpets?
call a carpet cleaning company and buy some red out it will even remove red candle wax.
Q:Can i put my rug in the washing machine??
You can still wash it. Make sure you hang it out to dry though. If you're worried about it not being so waterproof after just get a can of that spray on stuff for shoes and it should do the trick. You should re-waterproof rugs at the start or end of each season.
Q:Question about an area rug?
You're in luck, ANYTHING will go with black, medium, and white!! What other major accessories do you have? A painting? A lamp? SOMETHING with some color? OR: Do it up with the rug! GO willy-nilly with a new rug, define your area, and then accessorize AFTER the rug is in!! Good luck; I'm sure it'll look GREAT!

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