• HYK/HYS Series Chemical Submerged Pump(API 610) System 1
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HYK/HYS Series Chemical Submerged Pump(API 610)

HYK/HYS Series Chemical Submerged Pump(API 610)

Ref Price:
$1,000.00 - 50,000.00 / set get latest price
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Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
1 set
Supply Capability:
1000 set/month

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1. Description

HYK series chemical submerged pump

Conform to API610 standard

Vertical centrifugal pump of single stage, end suction, with open impeller.

HYS has the same structure and performance with HYK series pump. The wetted parts can be used the special material, suitable for the high temperature, high concentration liquids, such as concentrated sulfuric acid and in other acid environments.

2. Technical Data

Capacity: 6~400m3/h

Head: 5~80

Temperature: -20~200℃

Nozzles: DN25~150mm

Pressure: 2.0MPa

3. Application

Paper-making, metallurgical, fertilizers, salt collecting, drainage industries.

Conveying the pulp below 8% density and other liquid with the solid content below 30%

4. Materials

For wetted parts in contact with medium, the common materials are as followings:

S.S.304, 316, 316L, TA2, MCU, DTM, Cr15Mo3, M-3 etc.

5. Pump Structure

HYK/HYS Series Chemical Submerged Pump(API 610)

6. FAQ

1       Are CNBM pumps available in DIY stores?

Yes, currently, we’re available for DIY stores all over the world.

2       Where do I have to send pumps for service?

You must send them to the CNBM PUMP Service Point or, after contacting Customer Care, to the CNBM PUMP service center in China.

3       Are your pumps acid-proofed?

To choose the right pumps for chemical applications, we do need further details on hydraulic operations as well as on the type, concentration and temperature of the liquid.

4       Can your pumps mount Eff.1 motors

Currently, only on request though this will shortly be a CNBM standard.

5       Are your pumps protected against dry running?

No, unprotected centrifugal pumps are not generally designed for dry running. It is important to give us or your dealer as much information as possible about the system in which the pump is used. Inlet pressure, the type of liquid to be pumped, together with relative density, viscosity and temperature, for example, are required in order to allow CNBM to recommend the right pump with the right gaskets for a long operating lifetime.

Q:I have a cabin cruiser and I recently took it out of storage and had it de winterized. Now everything seems to work except for the fresh water pump for the sink, shower and toilet. Does this type of pump need to be primed? If so how do you prime it? Thank you for the help.
Those pumps are usually self priming.. either you have a PLUGGED LINE or the water pump froze in the cold and it needs to be replaced... but they are cheap.
Q:i want to make this for a physics project for school. i found a video on how to make it, but i dont understand the physics behind. i have to make a model and a poster explaining the physics. i dont understand what to put on the poster so could someone help me with which physics principles this project would go with?
It isn't practical to give a detailed description here. This is a positive displacement pump. The pump chamber is sealed so that as the piston is moved up the volume within the chamber increases. Water is pushed into this chamber by the outside air pressure. If the pump is located too far above the water source then the air pressure is not sufficient and you will produce a vacuum inside but the water still will not flow. When the pump is pushed down the water flows out. Now the one way valves are critical. We don't want the water to flow back the way it came and we don't want the water that we have already pumped to flow back into the pump. So a one way valve on the inlet will permit water to flow into the pump but not out of it. And a one way valve on the outlet will permit water to flow OUT of the pump but not into it. So with each stroke you a) reduce the pressure in the pump. b) water is forced from the inlet, past its one way valve and then into the pump. c) the pump is pushed down increasing the pressure in the pump. d) water flows out of the pump through the other one way valve and on to the output.
Q:I recently changed the lower unit, and am having no water out the top 2 ports just below the powerhead, also the engine is getting heated up. any other pumps other than in the lower unit?any advice is appreciated.
I think that when you put the lower unit back on you may have not gotten the water tube in properly so it is not pumping any water up to the power head.When you replaced your Impeller did you check to be sure there were no pieces of the old Impeller stuck in the housing anywhere?If you have done these things and it still does not pump water then you probably have a stuck thermostat and need to replace it.Hope this helps you and good luck.
Q:will a water pump that has gone out in a car make water come out the radiater
If the water pump is bad and it's causing the engine to overheat from lack of circulation, it can cause overheated coolant to be vented by the radiator cap which should spill into your coolant resevoir.If it's leaking from anywhere else on the radiator, find it, and repair it... Don't wait..... Good Luck to you..
Q:I have a Chevy Express Van 3500, i believe that the water pump is leaking, how long would it last before major breakage?
do not put stopleak in your car. it will destroy it. fix the waterpump
Q:I am planning to build a koi fish pond, and I know I need a water pump. All I know is that a water pump will circulates water. Does it do anything else? does it act like a filter? does it provide aeration or oxygen to the pond?
Get a pump which could drift, the two with an equipment which you are able to purchase or droop it with an inner tube or on some blocks or the pump will suck up debris from the backside or your lake. Use the biggest pump you have got sufficient funds and be constructive to have a GFI to plug it into. What you want to do isn't consumer-friendly, yet it quite is a possibility. Attaching a hose to the pump intake isn't consumer-friendly. purchase your pump at a plumbing furnish domicile and clarify what you want. they are able to have each and every thing you want and save you countless journeys back and forth to a large container save.
Q:Alright,I happen to be the only man in the house and the plumbing is a bit faulty. You see,the machine has been filled with water as necessary and was ignited. It sounds perfectly fine and you can feel water run through the pipes connected to it, when touched. But it's been an hour now and the taps are not producing water. Please can anyone help? Under normal circumstances,there should be enough water now but the taps are all empty despite the water running through the pipes. What can I do? Please help. I filled it with even more water and there's no result. Help please. Thank you.
If you are in a very cold climate you could have frozen pipes. If not call a plumber.
Q:Water pump "rated lift: 6m" what do you mean?
Popularly speaking, "lift head" is the ability of water pump to lift water. 6m means that the pump can pump water to the height of 6m.
Q:I currently have a gould 1/3 horse jet water pump and a rusted pressure tank that I would like to replace. There are two bathrooms, both with showers, 2 bathroom sinks and the kitchen sink, as well as the washer. What horse power should I have for 5 faucets and what size pressure tank would be sufficient? The shower in the upstairs bathroom hardly has pressure at all with the current pump and pressure tank. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
your right on what it could, once i also have seen a vacuum hose and other hoses like evap hooked into coolant system boy some dude fried his face when he was stupid enough to pull the cap without backing on the evap one it exploded as he was working on it. You can rent a block tester from autozone the dye will turn green or yellow if the head is warped or the gasket is bad. Don't suck up coolant with it while the cap is off just the gasses it uses to determine. A bad water pump causes overheating overall usally or starts leaking, a bad thermostat getting stucked closed will cause overheating. Oh I have even seen cars where someone pulled the thermostat out to cover that up. Anyway, Stucked closed, Which would cause it to overheat as you drive or it is completly warmed up. You can feel both hoses to check it if it is opening and alowing coolant through the radiator.
Q:The water pump in my 2001 PT Cruiser needs to be replaced and I'm wondering how much I'm looking at. I know it would vary and I know it's supposed to be labor-intensive but I thought I'd ask on here before I call my mechanic. We are trying to figure out if we should just go ahead and look at getting a new car. Thanks for any help!
It received't run without the belt, so except it truly is on the broking already, difficult to commerce a lifeless motor vehicle. Get a quote on the upkeep, see what it truly is. It received't damage absolutely everyone to ask about what they could furnish you with as a commerce, both.

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