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Product Description:

Product Description

1 Item :3D design polyester shaggy carpet

2 Material:100% Polyester stretch yarn mixed1200D silk

3 Pile Height:1.5-4cm

4 Pile Weight:1800g/sqm

5 Backing:Fine Grey-white cotton backing

6 Size:120cm×180cm,140cm×200cm,160cm×230cm,170cm×240cm,200cm×200cm,200cm×300cm Or other customed size

7 Color&Design: according to customer's request

8 MOQ:300sqm/color

9 Payment Terms: 30%T/T in advance + 70% T/T before shipment or L/C at sight

10 Packing: Rolls in the polybags, your specific packing is available

11 OEM Welcome

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Q:Dedusting carpet
The best choice is the box carpet, it's very convenient to clean up. It can also be spelled out the area you need in accordance with your own mind. The general carpet has a little bit of dust removal function.
Q:How to clean the carpet in the company hall?
This may be fully paved engineering carpet. This is very easy to wash, just use a machine to clean. it doesn't cost much money for each square.
Q:help! burnt carpet!!!?
this happened to me, i was playing with a lighter (yup, im dumb) and i dropped a burning piece of tissue on the floor and dumped a bunch of water on it and it went out but now there's a big burnt spot and its IN MY MOMS ROOM!!! i know im going to die because i was being stupid, so now im going to try and fix it
Q:How many types of horse rugs?
Is he coming with any rugs? See what he has before making any purchases. In terms of types, it depends on whether he is going to be field kept, stable kept, on a combined system and if he will be clipped in the winter. It also depends on the individual - some horses feel the cold more than others. It also depends on the storage space you have at the yard. My Connemara is on a combined system (in at night, out during the day) and has a hunter clip in the winter. These are the types of rugs he has: -Lightweight turnout -Middleweight turnout -Heavyweight turnout -Detachable neck cover for turnout rugs -Fly rug -Fleece coolers (we have a few of these as we like to keep one worn and the others clean for after bathing him when we are going competing) -Lightweight stable rug -Middleweight stable rug -Heavyweight stable rug -Duvet-type under rug -Summer sheet In the winter we layer rugs depending on the weather and the clip he has - he often starts with a blanket clip and once that starts to grow out, he has a hunter clip and requires more or different rugs. Rugs that are clean and not currently in use are left in the bags the cleaning lady put them in (we send rugs off to be cleaned a couple of times a year) and are stored in a wardrobe in a container provided by the yard we're on so they stay clean and dry. The rugs we currently use (fly rug, summer sheet, fleece, LW T/O) are hanging on racks in his stable - it may be summer, but the weather has no idea what to do so he is occasionally wearing a summer sheet or fleece at night. As for brands, it's trial and error. Our turnout rugs are Amigo and are about 12 years old and in excellent condition; our fly rug, under rug, summer sheet and one of the fleeces are Masta (again quite old - fly rug on its last legs though!); and his stable rugs all came with him. He did have two turnouts that came with him, but they got torn in the field - we tried patching them up, but they eventually died on us.
Q:Need advise on color for area rug?
Buy a rug that as a transitional pattern to compliment your style / decor.
Q:Find the length and width of the rug?
TRICKY ANSWER trio 15, 12, 9 gives diagonal 15, legs 12 and 9 and area 12*9 = 108.
Q:Good Remedies to clean white carpet?
you could rent a rug doctor and clean the carpets. They usually rent for about $25-$30 and then you just buy the soap to go in it. My parents always add a little ammonia to the water too so it helps bring out the stains.
Q:I have a 12 x 16 foot persian rug and I wanted to know how much I could sell it for (approximately)...?
Persian rugs of that size could be worth up to $50,000, depending on the age, wear, and construction, including the materials and gauge. You need a proper appraisal, and then they don't just sell overnight. Suggest you find a different way to raise the money you need, or is it that you want.
Q:How can I lay a carpet on an iron sheet in winter?
The wall around the ground with concrete nail on a wooden card along in the room. It is a wooden card splint in about 25 to 30 mm wide, 5 mm thick strip, from the bottom to the top is embedded in two or more rows of rust nails, all the nails to the wall should be slightly tilted, nail tip post length can not exceed the thickness of the carpet, the best with two operations at the same time to the carpet in the opposite direction to a wooden card taut and nail the nail tip and then fastened to a wooden card on the carpet, and the paving compaction.Double sided pressure-sensitive carpet stitching application with adhesive, the seam should be straight stick. The carpet junction edges or other surface materials, application of Aluminum Alloy pressing strip pressing edge, so as not to loose or damaged carpet edge.
Q:How to freshen a smelly carpet?
initially you men ought to handle the clarification for dampness. probable your drains are finished of leaves etc and particularly of H20 draining off it is going into the basement partitions...Or another situation like that. Is there ponding on the roof or something like that ? next, run a fan or another warmth producing ventilating gadget like that. Use fabreeze ?

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