HK 4214 Needle Bearing HK Series High Precision

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Product Description:

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Brand Name:


Bore Size:

42 mm

Outside Diameter:

49 mm

Model Number:

HK 4214

Precision Rating:


Seals Type:

Open or Sealed

Number of Row:

Single Row

Place of Origin:

Jiangsu, China (Mainland)


Chrome Steel


Grease Lubrication


Plastic Bag and Box


HK 4214

Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearing :

The outer ring of drawn cup needle roller bearing is punched with the high-quality steel sheet. The outer ring has thin wall.The drawn cup needle roller bearing has the characterstics of small radial section area, large load carring capacity ,less inertia and economic manufacture. It is suitable for small section heght, or when the housing bore isnot used for raceway , this type is recommended to use .The bearing is assembled into the housing bore under a certain pressure without fu rther axial location.


The draw up needle roller bearing generally takes its shaft diameter as the internal raceway .However , the proper LR type inner ring can be  used in accordance with application condition.

Our Advantages:

1. Excellent and high quality control

2. Prompt delivery

3. Competitive price

4. Small order accepted 

5. Customers' drawing or samples accepted

6. OEM service

Application Area:

Needle roller bearings are mainly used in car engines, transmissions, compressors, cranes, etc.



1.More than 28 years export experience

2.Strict quality control

3.Delivery in time

4.OEM service are available with good price

5.Low MOQ

HK 4214 Needle Bearing HK Series High Precision

HK 4214 Needle Bearing HK Series High Precision

HK 4214 Needle Bearing HK Series High Precision

HK 4214 Needle Bearing HK Series High Precision

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Q:wheel bearings ford focus?
you my online friend have whats called pressed in hub bearings. if these were indeed gone, it would have either wobbled the wheel excessively or you would not be able to move the said car forward or backward, it would have seized. The hub alone is 100-150 dollars, the bearngs are around 100.00. The rubbing sound you may have heard could have been the maladjusted star adjusters, if drum brakes, or maladjusted brake pads, then you would smell brake dust People that work at Jiffy-Lube are not certified mechanics all they do is swap oil and vacuum carpets in cars, nor would a certified mechanic ever work there period, I did for three days and quit after witnessing gross neglegence on a women's car personally, left to work for Honda
Q:i have a question about skateboarding bearings?
just by bones reds and put them in after you get the boards there only $15
Q:How easy is it to change the Front Wheel Drive Wheel Bearings?
When you have the brake calipers off, just remove the rotor by removing the nut, cotter pin, etc (whatever arrangement your car has) and swapping new bearing for the old ones. The inner and outer bearings are different. The trick is packing the bearing. Which means getting as much grease in the bearing as you can before you install it. Basically, you get a glob of grease in the palm of one hand and press the outer edge of the bearing into it until grease has worked through to the inner rim. After replacing the bearings and rotor, replace the spindle nut and tighten just until it's snug, but not so tight that the rotor doesn't turn by hand. Then replace the caliper and so on.
Q:What size bearings does a hoffman bmx bike use?
You may need to be more specific with the question but i assume that you are talking about the bottom bracket bearings. In BMX there are various BB (bottom bracket) sizes there are, Euro BB, Spanish BB, American BB and Mid BB. The most commonly used BB is the Mid which most BMX frames use now days, the American BB is quite old and dated the other BB that you may see is the Spanish BB which is used by various companies one being Fly Bikes (being a spanish company). You may find that your Hoffman frame has a Mid BB and the Eastern frame you own has a Spanish BB the most common difference is the Mid is larger than the Spanish, unless you provide some more information i suggest that you go to your local bike shop and ask for their opinion or help. Good luck!
Q:Confused on compass bearings?
I am confused too. You will get a good answer if you ask this in a different section e.g Homework or Mathematics.
Q:What skate bearings are better?
ABEC is almost meaningless for skates or boards. It is an industrial standard for VIBRATION (not speed) in bearings on high speed machines that run at speeds that would be over 200 mph on a board. It became important because the previous ones that were used (20 years ago) were a grade called precision which are really sloppy. You can actually see them move them if you twist the center to the side. ABEC bearings were a huge move up and came without the heavy grease the was needed to make the precision bearings not rattle like maracas. However, now that a number was involved, the marketing people get into the idea that they can advertise higher numbers because people assume that higher is better. Almost all the difference in how fast a bearing rolls is in what lubricant is used.
Q:The right bearings????
Bones Swiss Labyrinth. With the extra $4 you pay you will cruise longer. I have some on a 27 inch Gravity and they are great.
Q:are cleaning skateboard bearings with eye drops a good way to clean them?
NO water? NO WAY. They are principally water with a few other ingredients. You are not cleaning them if you are putting the drops in and leaving it. You are lubricating them. Water works for a short time but will destroy greases or gels and if you use enough to destroy them completely (or if they were oiled) will eventually rust the bearings. Rusted bearings will never be as good as new. Cleaning involves flushing out old oil/grease/gel/dirt/etc. Water is a suitable cleaning material (but will not reliably remove many lubricants) as long as you dry the bearings before adding new lubricant. If you want to add a little material to free up bearings, just use a little light oil. It is cheap and most hardware stores carry it in small tubes with a needle tip so you can get it in small places. I haven't cleaned bearings in years because I find it better to just get new ones when they are really bad. When I do: I start with lamp oil (desented kerosene) because it will remove any old lubricant that is holding crud in the bearing. Next water with dish detergent to remove the lamp oil (some people just dry them out by draining and relube at this point) Followed by rinsing in water to remove the soap, drain, and rinsing in denatured alcohol to dry them. Then use whatever lube you like.
Q:Can you repack wheel bearings on a 2003 Chevy S10 pickup?
Bad wheel bearings would make noise going over 35 mph even while driving straight down the road. Jack up the front of the vehicle and see if there is play in the bearings by shaking the tire in and out. Not knowing if it's a big job or not means you shouldn't be playing mechanic.
Q:A good place to buy 2010 Yaris front wheel bearings?
What ever you do please don't try to change them yourself. Special tools are needed (press sleeves) and a press to do the job! A Toyota dealer will have an ultrasonic listening device which will tell you which bearings are bad. You, more than likely will not feel anything loose when the wheels are off the ground. Locally, NAPA will have SKF American made bearings. Carquest has Timken wheel bearings.

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