High Quality Galvanized Iron Wires For Gabions

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Galvanized Wire/Galvanized Steel Wire/ Gavanized Iron Wire



Weaving, braiding, fencing, cable armoring, knitting, tie wire, for redrawn, for binding or forming etc.


low carbon steel wire



Tensile strength

350-500MPA, or higher

Zinc coating

Min 12g/m2, min 25g/m2, min 200g/m2,min 300g/m2,610g/m2

Surface treatment

Hot dipped or electro galvanized


On spools

In small coils of 25-50kg/coil, 10kg/coil

In rosette coil of 100-800kg/coil


ASTM 641, EN10257-1& EN10244-2

All can be produced according to customers’ requirements.

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Q:can i use elmer glue to hook up wires?
Nope - Elmer's glue won't conduct electricity. You can simply twist them together and wrap some electrical or plastic tape around them. You won't get a good connection, but it's usable. The easiest way is to buy some twist-on wire nuts to connect the wires.
Q:what kind of wire can I use?
If you drill through the studs so that the cable does not lay on the face of the structure, studs, you can use NM (non-metallic) sometimes call romex. You should use 12 gage so use 12-2 cable which will have three wires including the ground. Connect to a new or otherwise unused 20 amp breaker and install as many outlets you want to this circuit.
Q:how does normal electrical wire work?
it just depends on your application, take for example your house has either solid 12 gauge or 14 gauge copper wire. solid copper has less resistance and can handle more amperage compared to say a stranded 12 or 14 gauge wire. you wouldnt wire your vehicle with solid wire would you? i mean theres no point, you dont need the amperage and the resistance of the wire is negligent here due to that fact there is not any long distances in your vehicle, plus it would be a pain to wire a vehicle with solid copper wire. in AC voltage they sometimes use square rectangular wire due to the fact that ac voltage travels on the outside of wire, rather than threw the entire middle, so a square wire offers more surface area.
Q:what are the electrical used in wiring plan?
wire Straight line, junction box -x switch x with a line Thur it out let sq with dots motors circle with line Thur it the only time I know of a symbol is used is in schematics house wiring just shows where the main box is switches ,lights motors , outlets , voltage
Q:Solid wire joints and splices?
Electrical Splices And Joints Pictures
Q:how to wire in a raido?
the radio comes with a wiring harness the easiest way to do it would be go to a pepboys,bestbuy, or autozone and get a radio wiring harness for 1990 maxima. this way all u have to do is splice the colored wires that match the same colored wires from the radio harness. once that`s done all u have to do it plug in back of radio and the car harness. the car harness will run u bought 18.00 but its worth it to do the job right
Q:Question about using stereo wire for a mono wire?
The gold wire is actually copper. It is braided and surrounds the red and white wires. It not only forms the common return for both the other wires, it is also a screen which eliminates unwanted pick up. The right channel signal appears between the red wire and the sceeen and the left channel signal appears between the white wire and the screen - which is usually grounded. If you use the red and white wires on their own you will probably get pick up on them. The screen really is necessary. If you have access to the screen at only one end (it sounds as if you might) then connecting the screen to whichever wire you choose to be grounded might be sufficient.
Q:How do you strip electrical wire?
I never use a wire stripper, just side cutters. Grip the insulation firmly with the flat face of the cutters away from you and pull. It might help to gently crimp all around the insulation first.
Q:3-way wiring question....?
Very basically, you must have two wires going from light to light. A black wire and a white wire.( A bare copper wire should be included with the pair. It is a ground wire and grounds both light boxes together.) Back to the black and white wires. The black wire should be connected to the black switch leg wire at the first light box as well as to the first light fixture. The white wire is the neutral and should be connected to the white wire of both light fixtures. That's called a parallel connection. Just a note: There are several ways to wire three way switches, so my answer presumes there are two wires going from one of the switches directly to the light fixture. (A white wire and a black wire).
Q:merecdes 300e spark plugs wires?
No, no reprogramming is required when wires are replaced. Did this just happen after the wires were replaced? It only happens while in gear, not in park or neutral? It could be the incorrect wires with too much resistance in them but that would more likely also show up while idling. I would more likely suspect that this is just coincidence and something else is wrong.

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