High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell

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China (Mainland)

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Polycrystalline Silicon


156mmx156mm or 6 inch

Max. Power::







Dark Blue






Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:100pcs in one box,1000pcs per carton, standard export carton Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell
Delivery Detail:5-7 days after received the payment


Best Solar Cell Price
1.6*6 solar cell
2. 4.2W


Best Price Per Watt High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell 



Product Description


Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell   


Dimension:  156x156mm

Front:              Blue silicon nitride anti-reflection coating

                        2.0mm silver busbars

Back:              Full-surface aluminum back-surface field

                        2.0mm( silver/ aluminum) discontinuous soldering pads


 Best Price Per Watt High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell


Best Price Per Watt High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell





Best Price Per Watt High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell



Best Price Per Watt High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar CellBest Price Per Watt High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell



Best Price Per Watt High Efficiency 6X6 Inch Silicon Wafer for Solar Cell




Packaging & Shipping



1. Item are only shipped after PAYMENT is received

2. Originally our solar cells are 100 pieces per box, 10 boxes per carton.

2. Please check out your ADDRESS carefully when processing order.
3. Please CONTACT us ASAP if you haven't received the parcel.


Shipping will be made via EMS, DHL, Fedex, UPS , TNT etc


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Q:What is the harm of silicon chip into the fingers?
It is also easy to cause other damage, if a small piece of debris along with the flow of blood to the heart, it is very dangerous
Q:Why the resistivity of silicon wafer is high and low
If it is caused by changes in temperature resistance, it is normal;
Q:Pure curiosity why silicon wafer is round
Journey~woo~'s response: Yeah, why are they made of round bars?...... Sometimes it's a little inconvenient to design the channelRod like the natural shape of production.
Q:How to detect the surface finish of photovoltaic silicon wafers, what equipment?
Do you want to check the surface roughness or do you want to clean it? These two are not the same,
Q:What are some of the silicon wafer factory
The following is a silicon production company series positions distribution table, you can refer to the 1 equipment management department manager deputy manager of electrical equipment equipment maintenance engineer mechanical equipment maintenance Engineer Association and insurance technician equipment management maintenance team leader electric operation monitor operation duty electrician maintenance electrician maintenance mechanic subtotal
Q:Wafer size6 inches and 8 inches only refers to the diameter of monocrystalline silicon?
Refers to the diagonal length of the silicon waferBut you asked the wrong question, the wafer is divided into monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon wafer, you say is a square of silicon polysilicon film of silicon wafer, you ask in the four corner is a circular arc shape, so you should also count the length of the diagonal right. If not to shape the polysilicon film solution you can search the Internet search look.
Q:The significance of silicon wafer heat treatment
The significance of silicon wafer heat treatmentHeat treatment temperature requirements: 650 + 5 c;The purpose of heat treatment is to restore the true resistivity of Czochralski silicon wafers;
Q:How to make the photoresist and silicon substrate adhesion better
A thin layer of HMDS (hexamethyldisilazane) can be applied on the bottom layer of the silicon wafer, and then coated with PR, the main function of the solvent is to make the surface structure of the SIO2 of the silicon chip to be changed from hydrophilicity to hydrophobicity
Q:Why do you choose a silicon chip as a chip?
1M=1024KB1KB=1024B1B=8b (note, lowercase)The computer is used 1024 of the hexadecimal, real life is commonly used in the, which is why the 512MB card, plug in the computer but only about 488MB
Q:Silicon rod / wafer processing production
The monocrystalline silicon processed into silicon polished wafer processes: crystal growth, cutting, grinding, flat or rolling diameter V groove processing, chamfering, grinding slice polishing, cleaning, corrosion - Packaging: the purpose is to cut off the head and tail of the monocrystalline silicon removal and exceed customer specifications of the parts will be segmented into monocrystalline silicon slicing device can handle the length of cut specimen resistivity measurement of oxygen content in silicon rods. Cut off equipment: in the park outside the park by cutting or cutting machine mainly imported materials cutting machine: blade od grinding: because the surface diameter of the monocrystalline silicon and uneven diameter than the diameter specification final polishing wafer, the outer diameter of rolling mill can accurately obtain diameter. Outer diameter grinding equipment: grinding flat edge or V type groove processing: refers to the designated position and processing, with the specific direction of the crystal silicon on the flat side or V. Processing equipment: grinding machines and X - RAY diffractometer. Slice: a single crystal silicon rod is cut into a thin wafer with an exact geometric size.

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