6*6 High Efficiency Mono Silicon Solar Cell

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Solar Module Summarize

Solar Module is the core part of solar PV power systems,also is the highest value part of it. The function of Solor Module is to convert the sun's radiation to electrical energy, or transfer it to battery and store in it, or to drive the load running.
The Product has been widely used in space and ground, it mainly used for power generation systems, charging systems, road lighting and traffic signs areas. It could offer a wide range of power and voltage, and with high conversion efficiency, and long service life.

Main Characteristic

17.6%-18% High Efficiency A Grade 125mm Monocrystalline Solar Cells

1.First-class production technology and packaging technology.
2.Adopting the world's leading technology of silicon and polycrystalline silicon cells, power density, peak hours more battery power, higher conversion efficiency.
3.Beautiful, stable, easy to take down the anodic aluminum frame electric degrees and has a wind-resistant, anti-snow function.


17.6%-18% High Efficiency A Grade 125mm Monocrystalline Solar Cells

1.High transmissivity low-iron tempered glass, strong aluminium frame.

2.Manufactured according to international quality and Environment Management System (ISO9001, ISO14001).

3.Low voltage-temperature coefficient allows higher power output at high-temperature condition.

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6*6 High Efficiency Mono Silicon Solar Cell

6*6 High Efficiency Mono Silicon Solar Cell


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Q:How is the silicon chip integrated circuit?
Based on TTL series integrated circuit as an example, from silicon to process integrated circuit: cut off from a monocrystalline silicon chip, polished - polishing - oxidation - lithography - diffusion - epitaxial buried layer - oxidation - oxidation - diffusion - isolation lithography lithography - base diffusion - oxidation lithography - emitter diffusion vacuum aluminizing - sintering (ohmic contact lithography) - at the initial test procedure is done.
Q:What is a good solar wafer testing equipment?
QCROBOT has been the solar energy as the focus of their products to promote the industry, and has a variety of measurement and control products, for the field of solar energy has launched a variety of measurement and control programs. For example, photovoltaic semiconductor production process control, solar power plant power monitoring system, as well as photovoltaic solar cell volt ampere characteristics test. QCROBOT machine vision system can be used to monitor the shape and size of silicon particles at high temperature. Machine vision can also be used to monitor the quality defects, size measurement, and so on of crystal rods, wafers, panels and components. At present, the QCROBOT vision system and the measurement and control software and hardware platform have been successfully applied to the production and installation process of the solar panel.
Q:What are the reasons for the phenomenon of monocrystalline silicon chip
You say the phenomenon called flower piece, the formation of many factors, the main reason is that contamination, because in the process, the wafer surface after polishing the silicon atom is bond breaking, it is easy to adsorb metal ions and cannot completely by cleaning out.
Q:What are the difficulties of silicon wafer cutting?
3, with line (intensive line): because the grinding ability of mortar mortar or not slicing machine loop system, caused by the silicon dense line region.4, because the hydraulic cutting machine: dislocation line clamping device surface residual glue mortar and other foreign matter or pallet, causing the hydraulic device and the plate can not be completely clamped, and plate screw loosening, resulting.
Q:How is the wafer appearance caused? The performance of the chip half white, a class of black! Seek help!
If it is dry in the air, it should be prevented from drying before cutting!
Q:8 inch monocrystalline silicon area?
8 inches =20.32cm8 inch monocrystalline silicon area of =Pi*10.16*10.16=324.29 square centimeters
Q:For solar wafer cutting diamond wire, what are the characteristics?
There are several kinds of electroplated diamond wire, resin bonded diamond wire and mechanical pressing diamond wire. The general application of electroplating diamond wire is mainly due to its good wear resistance and heat resistance, diamond particles are not easy to fall off.Advantages: 1. Compared with the free abrasive cutting, the diamond wire cutting has a higher grinding speed, that is, higher production efficiency.2, silicon wafer yield is higher.3, cutting fluid consumption less, can reduce environmental pollution problems.Disadvantages: 1, the silicon wafer surface has obvious line, to see whether the customer can accept.
Q:The production of silicon units do front-line production workers harmful to the body
There are still some damage, some of the silicon wafer plant dust, strong acid, alkali, more depends on the configuration of the factory environment and labor insurance supplies
Q:What is the price of monocrystalline silicon
On a large grain of silicon, 160 thousand transistors can be integrated. What a fine project! This is the crystallization of multidisciplinary collaborative efforts, is another milestone in the progress of science and technology.
Q:Why integrated circuit electronic devices should be integrated on silicon
Integrated circuit (integrated circuit) is a kind of micro electronic device or component. With certain techniques, the transistor, required a circuit of resistance, capacitance and inductance components and interconnect wiring together, produced in a small or a few bits of the semiconductor wafer or substrate, and then encapsulated in a tube shell, a micro structure required for the circuit function; all of them element in the structure has formed a whole, so that the electronic components to miniaturization, low power consumption, high reliability and intelligent a huge step forward. It is represented by the letter "IC" in the circuit. The inventor of the integrated circuit is Jack Kilby (based on Ge) and the (silicon based (Si) integrated circuit). Most of the semiconductor industry today is based on silicon integrated circuit.

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