Grade A 156x156mm Poly Stable Quality Solar Cell

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China main port
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100 watt
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10000 watt/month

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Grade A 156x156mm Poly Stable Quality Solar Cell

Solar Module Summarize

Solar Module is the core part of solar PV power systems,also is the highest value part of it. The function of Solor Module is to convert the sun's radiation to electrical energy, or transfer it to battery and store in it, or to drive the load running.
The Product has been widely used in space and ground, it mainly used for power generation systems, charging systems, road lighting and traffic signs areas. It could offer a wide range of power and voltage, and with high conversion efficiency, and long service life.

Solar Module Specifications

  Mono 80W—100W


Type (36 Series)









Max power









Open circuit voltage







Short circuit current







Max. power voltage







Max. power current










Net Weight



Max. system voltage



Operate Temp. Scope



227g steel ball fall down from 1m height and 120m/s wind


Pm is no less 90% in 10 years and no less 80% in 25 years


(Standard Test Condition: 1000W/m2, AM1.5, and 25'C)

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Grade A 156x156mm Poly Stable Quality Solar Cell

Grade A 156x156mm Poly Stable Quality Solar Cell

Grade A 156x156mm Poly Stable Quality Solar Cell


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Q:How is the silicon chip integrated circuit?
Description: the above process is only an example. The name of the process, in the name of different manufacturers have different. But roughly so. There are some differences between the process of MOS circuit and.
Q:What's the connection between silicon wafer and wafer
The bigger the chip the smaller the less waste the less the cost. His direct use is of course on Si for mixed metal precipitation until different packaging lithography, as raw materials for the preparation of electronic manufacturing
Q:What are the raw materials of silicon wafers
Transistor (transistor) is a kind of solid state semiconductor device, which has many functions such as detection, rectification, amplification, switching, voltage regulation, signal modulation and so on.
Q:Why should the wafer cut side, cut out edge Jiaosha
In fact, early silicon is not cutting edge, but with the development of microelectronics industry began the following reasons: cutting edge, W2) i: J n$W% L* M1 s `&;1, n can do a plurality of microelectronic devices on the wafer, cut down, and there is a crystal to crystal growth requirements, cutting along a direction for cutting chaos crack, cleavage is the professional said. The cutting edge tells you the direction of cleavage.2, N type and P type silicon wafer, a standard trimming is also inform you that it is n type or P type electrical characteristics, electrical characteristics, u$J2 z/ h 9 - O3, microelectronics production has been automated, such as lithography exposure if there is no cutting edge positioning, then the mask plate and the chip will be a difference of 180 degrees or a certain location, production efficiency will be very low...,4, the use of a lot of silicon, in addition to n/p also have crystal direction, for example, do MEMS requires corrosion anisotropy will be used <110> crystal direction, and MOS products in order to reduce the influence of the surface state requirements with <100> crystal...
Q:How much is the thickness of the silicon wafer
Around 0.670mm. Wafer must be thinned, otherwise the loss of dicing knife
Q:Who is the best silicon chip dryer?
In general, the oil bath furnace heating a little more stable, St. steel technology to give me a more profound sense of the sale, the response time is relatively fast, and the service attitude is better, we can be anxious customers anxious.
Q:How many watts can a piece of silicon produce
A piece of silicon chip, 156*156 efficiency of 17.4%, a single chip power of about 4.2 watts, that is, under the 1000w/m2 light, power generation is 4,2w, you can calculate the amount of electricity by irradiation time.
Q:How to make the photoresist and silicon substrate adhesion better
By the way, if there is a reflection of the bottom, then you need to coat a layer of BARC, and then at coat PR.Hope can help you.
Q:Development trend of monocrystalline silicon wafer
LDK LDK is committed to the development of a solar polysilicon materials, ingots and silicon chip R & D, production, sales as one of the world's leading PV enterprises". In the field of polysilicon, polysilicon LDK LDK project to establish a closed-loop circulation system of the most advanced production technology, and all components of waste will be recycled, not only cost savings, but also protect the environment, to solve the biggest bottleneck in polysilicon production technology. After the project is put into production, the cost control will be far beyond the current level of production in China to reach the international advanced level. This will be China's most promising in the environment, scale, cost, quality and other aspects of the overall success of the silicon material project. By 2009, LDK LDK is expected to become the world's leading production capacity of the largest, most technologically advanced, most environmentally friendly process of polysilicon and solar wafer production base. The first practical photovoltaic slicing machine was born in 1980s, it originated from the research and work of Dr. Charles Hauser. Dr. Charles Hauser is the founder of the Swiss HCT slicing system, which is now the predecessor of the application materials company PWS precision silicon wafer processing system division. These machines use a cutting line with a slurry to complete the cutting action. Today, the main structure of the silicon ingot and wafer cutting machine is still based on the original Charles Dr. Hauser machine, but the processing load and cutting speed has been significantly improved.
Q:Monocrystalline silicon processing technology
Cut diameterFine cutting lines mean lower kerf loss, that is to say with a piece of silicon can produce more silicon. However, the cutting line is thinner and more prone to fracture.loadThe total area of each cut is equal to the area of the wafer X the number of silicon blocks per cut X the number of chips per silicon block.Cutting speedThe cutting table cuts the speed of the web through the cutting line, which is largely determined by the cutting line moving speed, the motor power and the cutting wire tension.Easy maintenanceNeed to replace the wire cutting line and grinding slurry in cutting, maintain faster, higher overall productivity.Producers must balance these factors to maximize productivity. Higher cutting speed and greater load will increase the tension of the cutting line and increase the risk of breakage. Since all the chips on the same silicon chip are cut at the same time, as long as there is a cutting line broken, all the chips have to be discarded. However, it is not advisable to use a thicker and stronger cutting line, which reduces the number of wafers produced per cut and increases the consumption of silicon materials.

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