156*156mm 3BB Mono-crystalline Silicon Solar Cell

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156*156mm 3BB Mono-crystalline Silicon Solar Cell

 Solar Module Summarize

Solar Module is the core part of solar PV power systems,also is the highest value part of it. The function of Solor Module is to convert the sun's radiation to electrical energy, or transfer it to battery and store in it, or to drive the load running.
The Product has been widely used in space and ground, it mainly used for power generation systems, charging systems, road lighting and traffic signs areas. It could offer a wide range of power and voltage, and with high conversion efficiency, and long service life.


Physical characteristics


156mm X 156 mm ±0.5mm

Wafer Thickness 

200um ±30um


Four 1.1mm wide bus bars(silver) with distance 39mm,

Acid texturized surface with blue silicon nitride AR coating.


2.4mm wide silver/aluminum soldering pads, aluminum back surface field.

Product Show


156*156mm 3BB Mono-crystalline Silicon Solar Cell

156*156mm 3BB Mono-crystalline Silicon Solar Cell

156*156mm 3BB Mono-crystalline Silicon Solar Cell



 Typical package for one carton contains 1,200 cells. The cells are sealed in cell box every 100 pcs.

Gross weight per unit carton shall be around 16.4kg.

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Q:How is the silicon chip integrated circuit?
Based on TTL series integrated circuit as an example, from silicon to process integrated circuit: cut off from a monocrystalline silicon chip, polished - polishing - oxidation - lithography - diffusion - epitaxial buried layer - oxidation - oxidation - diffusion - isolation lithography lithography - base diffusion - oxidation lithography - emitter diffusion vacuum aluminizing - sintering (ohmic contact lithography) - at the initial test procedure is done.
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156 single crystal (chamfer 200) area: 238.95125 single crystal (chamfer 165) area: 154.831MW=1 * (10 negative) W
Q:Is solar silicon wafer often harmful to the body?
Thousands of years of evolution of organisms around the common substances are toxic to stimulate immune function.
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First of all, the general circuit of the insulator, just a carrier, it plays the role of support and insulation. As for the integrated circuit, the bottom layer is called the substrate (generally P type semiconductor), is to participate in the work of integrated circuits. CMOS process, so the Nmos substrate are connected together, are the same substrate.Another image, that is, the integrated circuit is a combination of some electronic components and wiring, no insulation and insulation as a support. It is achieved by adding bias and other techniques to isolate.
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The significance of silicon wafer heat treatmentHeat treatment temperature requirements: 650 + 5 c;The purpose of heat treatment is to restore the true resistivity of Czochralski silicon wafers;
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LED epitaxial wafer process:Over the past decade, in order to develop high brightness blue light-emitting diode, all over the world, the relevant research personnel are fully invested. The commercialization of products such as blue and green light-emitting diode two LED and laser diode LD application of the - III - V elements of the potential. In the current commercial LED materials and technology extension, red and green light emitting diodes are mainly epitaxy growth method of liquid phase epitaxy, and yellow, orange light emitting diode is still in vapor phase epitaxial growth method to grow P GaAs GaAsP materials.In general, the growth of GaN requires a very high temperature to interrupt the NH3 of the N-H solution, on the other hand, the kinetic simulation also learned that NH3 and MO Gas will react to produce no volatile by-products.
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1M=1024KB1KB=1024B1B=8b (note, lowercase)The computer is used 1024 of the hexadecimal, real life is commonly used in the, which is why the 512MB card, plug in the computer but only about 488MB

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