Solar Silicon Wafer

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IC grade mono silicon wafer
1.Used in various discrete devices
2.High Purity 11N
3.Growth Method :CZ

IC grade mono silicon wafer

IC grade mono silicon wafer
Growth methodCZ
GradePrime grade
Diameter100±0.4mm / 125±0.5mm / 150±0.5mm
Oxygen Content18 New PPMA
Carborn Content1 New PPMA
Thickness200um, or according to your requirement
OthersTTV10um, Bow35um,Warp35um
SurfaceFrond side polished,back side etched.
PackagePacked in cassette,and sealed in vacuum bag,25pcs/cassette.
PriceAccording to your specification,especially resistivity and thickness

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Q:What is the harm of silicon chip into the fingers?
It is best to take out as soon as possible, otherwise easy to infection,
Q:Manufacturers of solar wafers belong to the photovoltaic industry which specific industry classification below
Photovoltaic involves a lot, but the company makes silicon chips in terms of, so if the use of photovoltaic culvert cover, too general, I need a detailed classification of the industry, and then go to the specific industry analysis
Q:Pure curiosity why silicon wafer is round
Why does the silicon grown in the melt not directly cut into square, it is not easy to put it......Rub... In order to reduce costs ah.
Q:How to make a resistor on a silicon chip (integrated circuit)
Method for making the Baidu transistor circuit.Simply by laser, and method of mixed batch chemical piling up complex circuit
Q:Why should the wafer cut side, cut out edge Jiaosha
In fact, early silicon is not cutting edge, but with the development of microelectronics industry began the following reasons: cutting edge, W2) i: J n$W% L* M1 s `&;1, n can do a plurality of microelectronic devices on the wafer, cut down, and there is a crystal to crystal growth requirements, cutting along a direction for cutting chaos crack, cleavage is the professional said. The cutting edge tells you the direction of cleavage.2, N type and P type silicon wafer, a standard trimming is also inform you that it is n type or P type electrical characteristics, electrical characteristics, u$J2 z/ h 9 - O3, microelectronics production has been automated, such as lithography exposure if there is no cutting edge positioning, then the mask plate and the chip will be a difference of 180 degrees or a certain location, production efficiency will be very low...,4, the use of a lot of silicon, in addition to n/p also have crystal direction, for example, do MEMS requires corrosion anisotropy will be used <110> crystal direction, and MOS products in order to reduce the influence of the surface state requirements with <100> crystal...
Q:What can be used to adjust its viscosity
If you are slicing, don't adjust it yourself. The final formulation of the mortar with the proportion of mixing time, there is a relationship. The proportion of the appropriate density viscosity enough to find manufacturers
Q:Why can silicon chips store information? Even if it is a miniature circuit, unplug the power will be no electricity
Storage of information is not a silicon chip, called memory, which is a transistor electronic components, called the silicon chip is made of silicon crystals directly on the transistor array,
Q:The significance of silicon wafer heat treatment
2, heat treatment of several temperature interval concept:Thermal donor: 350-550 degrees Celsius, 450 degrees Celsius450 C after heat treatment (or equivalent effect, such as the cooling of a single crystal in a furnace), the resistivity of the N type sample can be decreased and the resistivity of the P type sample is increased, as is the introduction of a certain number of donor phenomena. This is due to the temperature of the dissolved oxygen atoms in the formation of complex (SiO4) caused by the thermal donor, the resistivity of silicon and oxygen content of the four side is inversely proportional to.New donor: 550-800 DEG C, on behalf of the temperature of 650 degrees Celsius
Q:Is a wafer a silicon wafer and a wafer?
An uncut monocrystalline silicon material is a thin wafer called a wafer
Q:What is the meaning of a cleaning in a semiconductor silicon wafer process? RCA?
RCA cleaning is to use the RCA method to clean.RCA is a typical and commonly used wet chemical cleaning method:

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