Heater,Heating Element, Heating Tube, and Thermostat

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Product Description:

Our heating products are widely applied in electric water-heaters, washing machines,
air conditioners, electric irons, water fountains, warmers and electric ovens.

We can supply 110-130V, 220-240V, 500W-60KW, various shapes as follows:

(1) The heating element for electric stove
(2) The heating element for electric oven
(3) The heating element for washing machine
(4) Water heating element for water boiler and water heater
(5) Thermostat (Dipped in water)
(6) Water heater and coffee heater

The electric heating element is manufactured by using high-performance and fire resistant formula magnesium oxide powder as its packing materials and applying high-quality stainless steel, copper tubes, and iron tubes as its shells. The temperature control elements are manufactured using leading special metal materials
and according to the operating principle of temperature sensing and expansion.

Welcome to visit our company website for specification details.

Packing: Standard export carton

Certificate: CE, CCC, SASO, ISO9000

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Q:220v Breaker box for Lab equipment from Europe.?
The first thing to do is examine along with your electricity supplier. You'll have to comprehend if the existing carrier to your residence will control the further load. If it is going to, you must hire a licensed electrician to put in one other panel for you. If this was once my residence i'd have a panel hooked up that will take it as much as eighty% of the existing carrier ability in case you wish to have so as to add extra circuits later. I do a variety of DIY but i'd have this finished by using a licensed pro and get a permit and inspection. That approach, if there may be ever a hearth or electrical damage your insurance company does not have a cop-out excuse to not pay given that the work wasn't accomplished by means of a pro and inspected.
Q:Which city in China is mainly specialized for electrical products.?
This okorder
Q:Has anyone compared the Generac GP generators vs the XG genertors?
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Q:Is it possible that electrical surge caused by lightning fry one small chip of my security alarm nothing else?
Possible though unlikely. Other electronic equipment may have a delayed reaction (no I ain't blowin smoke up ur *ss) IE lowered life expectancy and or reliability. Lightning can do some strange things you never know what will blow what won't or what may be damaged.
Q:How is Oil and Gas Industry related to Electrical engineering jobs?
A great deal of electric power is used in extracting oil and gas from the ground, transporting it through pipelines, separating and refining the crude products and distributing the products. Electrical engineers design the required electrical equipment and the associated electric power distribution and control systems. In some situations, electric power must be generated on site rather than purchased from electric utility companies. In addition, electrical engineers are involved in the process instrumentation and control system design. The process control includes both computer systems and specialized electronic equipment.
Q:they any simple Equipment to measure electrical consumption of an odject?
turn everything off except the washing machine then watch the power meter. or look at the data plate
Q:Dodge problem?
If you didn't have the electrical problems, I'd say it was the transmission. Since you have electrical problems, it's more likely that there is a loose or bad connection between your battery and alternator. Your car is 10 years old, so, presumably, you've changed the battery at least once during that time. Since the industry standard is every 5 years, you might be due for a change! With any luck changing the battery will fix the loose cable connection. Of course, it could be the alternator, too, as well as a bad ground. Use a voltmeter with all the appliances running, to see if you get at least 15 volts; it is normal for the needle to oscillate a tiny bit back and forth. If it's below 15 volts, your alternator may need to be replaced, or, a wire is loose at that end. In some cars, low electrical output can confuse the computer. BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN HANDLING CAR BATTERIES AND OTHER ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT!!! Good luck!
Q:How is it that someone can die from an electrical outlet given the bodies high resistance?
Q:What degree should I have where I get to fixing electrical equipment like a Xbox or Playstation?
None, depending on how or where you work. If you work for yourself you don't need any degree at all. You need to be an electronics service engineer. You have to be able to do the job. That's more important than having a piece of paper that says you got good grades and showed up or class. (I would argue this is true for most fields) You can get a degree in electronics engineering at many schools. It would be very helpful to find work at a company specializing in service of these things. Nobody repairs cell phones, it just isn't worth doing.
Q:240 volt to 220 volt?
No, you don't need a step down transformer. It's the same with the standard 115 volt wall outlet. if you use a voltmeter to read a standard wall outlet, very rarely will it be precisely 115 volt. Normally you get readings of between 110 volt to 120 volt. In North America we use 2 phase 240 volt (splits to form 2x 120 volt @ 60Hz) In most of Europe use 1 phase 240 @ 50 Hz. So if you're planning to use a European piece of equipment (single phase, 240 volt, 50 Hz) on North American (two phase, 240 volt, 60 Hz[x2]), don't because you'll risk damaging your equipment.

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