FRP Pultrusion Profile-Square Tube with Best Price

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$3.00 - 20.00 / m
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100000 m/month

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Product Description:

Description of FRP PROFILE


FRP profiles have a lot of kinds, glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe, glass fiber reinforced plastic square tube, glass fiber reinforced plastic rectangular pipe, glass fiber reinforced plastic round bar, FRP flange beam.
The FRP profiles of the basic components for resin and glass fiber (including cloth, felt, etc.), it is a fiber (including glass fiber, carbon fiber, organic fiber and other metal, non-metallic fiber) as the reinforcing material to resin (mainly epoxy resin. Polyester resin, phenolic resin) for glue linker, auxiliary other auxiliary materials (main materials: release agent, curing agent, catalyst, sealing die agent, UV light stabilizer, clean die water, gel coat, etc.) composite and become. It has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, small specific gravity, low moisture absorption, extension small and insulation good and a series of excellent characteristics.

 FRP  Pultrusion  Profile-Square Tube with Best Price


FRP Specification:


Ø Round Rod: D2mm-20mm

Ø Round Tube: OD3mm-38mm

Ø Square Tube: OD12mm-100mm

Ø Channel Rectangular Rod

Ø T-shape and H-shape

Ø C-shape

Ø leg angles



Product features



 2.Light weight, high strength 

 3.Longevity of service, non-maintaining

 4.Steady whole performance


 6.Well insulated




The FRP channel products can resist corrosion from various gas or liquid such as acid,alkali,organic solvent and compound.

They can be used as ladder material,and used in the electricity industries.




1.Who will pay for the express cost ?

A: We can support you free samples ,but express cost will be paid by you .

2.How long is the delivery time?

A:within 10-15 days after receiving deposit.


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Q:Why should plastic material be reinforced with glass fiber?
Increase strength and toughness, plastic is plastic, after all, many properties can not keep up, just like building a house, why does it add rebar?
Q:Which plastic products need to be reinforced?
Glass fiber treatment: the length of glass fiber directly affects the brittleness of materials. If the glass fiber is not handled well, the staple fiber will reduce the impact strength, and the long fiber treatment will improve the impact strength. To make the material brittleness will not drop greatly, we must choose a certain length of glass fiber.
Q:How to make color steel board room waterproof?
Check the metal roof carefully before construction. Make sure the metal roof is firm, clean, free of rust and without freezing:1. clean the rust area with rust removing sand until it is metallic, and then apply a base coat.2. remove frozen objects, dust, and other dirt.3. replace the rusted firmware and add the firmware in place.
Q:Is fiberglass made of cement durable?
Yes, we use fiberglass to make cement components, and the products we make are fiberglass reinforced cement products.
Q:What about waterproof coating like steel roof?
When it is still wet, place a suitable size of sewn polyester cloth on it to ensure that the polyester fabric does not blister or wrinkle,
Q:Is aluminum foil flexible glass fiber flexible hose fireproof material?
It's fireproof material. Aluminum foil and glass fiber are absolutely flame retardant
Q:Fiberglass mesh has several kinds of raw yarn.
It can be divided into four categories: inner wall insulation, glass fiber grid cloth, exterior wall thermal insulation grid fabric, GRC product, reinforced mesh cloth, glass fiber adhesive tape and so on.
Q:Is the non-woven fabric fabric a waterproof material?
Because it is a kind of form that does not require spinning weaving fabric, but the textile fiber or filament for directional or random support, the formation of the fiber network structure, and then the mechanical, thermal or chemical methods and strengthening into. Nonwovens break through the traditional textile principle, and have the characteristics of short process flow, fast production, high yield, low cost, wide use and many sources of raw materials.
Q:Is the glass fiber used for processing military products harmful to the health after heating?
Since glass fiber is usually more than 10 microns, the main thing is to prevent broken glass fibers from inhaling or poking people. In fact, the main component of glass fiber and glass is the same, the difference is mainly glass fiber is thinner and surface coated with immersion agent. We need to heat up to nearly 1400 degrees when we produce.
Q:Is FR - PPR glass fiber reinforced nano composite tube poisonous?
Non-toxic and has strong antibacterial properties. Purified water, beverages and dairy products are used in industrial water systems

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