Best way to sew by hand?
Invest in a heavy weight thread and a straight stitch should be ok. I would try and approx...
Can I wash a polyester dry-clean only comforter in the machine washer?
I have always washed dry-clean only pants, shirts, table cloths and comforter in the washe...
how to clean a fiberglass tub?
Fiberglass tubs are vulnerable to scratches. When you clean a fiberglass bathtub, take the...
I sewed by hand simple curtains with coly/potton fabric and now want to make them thicker?
The tension is too tight, a lot of time there is a little push down knob that you can push...
How do I get dry erase marker out of a shirt?
rubbing alcohol. Try soking the spot in a little alcohol, then puring the alcohol slowly o...
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