Epoxy Resin Glass Filament Winding Tube

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10000 kg
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300000 kg/month

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1.Brief Introduction

According to different materials, the winding tube is divided into Fiberglass winding tube and Fiber cloth winding tube, we provide all kinds of Fiberglass winding tubes which diameter is less than 1000MM and the length is less than 10M, the range of winding angle control is 30-90°, which can withstand SF6.  We can deal with all kinds of punching, slot, processing of internal thread or external thread, we also can provide the service of assembling of Aluminum alloy flange.  We can provide the products of composite hollow insulator, surge arrester, high voltage switch, mutual inductor and transformer applying for insulation tube.  



a.High density and strength.

b. Specially dealing with internal and external according to customer's requirement.

c. High thread strength.


3.Technical Data Sheet


ItemProduct CodeInner Diameter(mm)Length(mm)
1CMAX20*D*LΦ 201050
2CMAX23*D*LΦ 231150
3CMAX24*D*LΦ 241300
4CMAX26*D*LΦ 262200
5CMAX30*D*LΦ 301200+1200.1600*3
6CMAX32*D*LΦ 321350
7CMAX36*D*LΦ 361200*2. 1600*2
8CMAX38*D*LΦ 382200
9CMAX40*D*LΦ 401900

Epoxy Resin Glass Filament  Winding Tube



a.Payment Term

30% T/T in advance,70% againest B/L copy

b.Delivery time

15-20 days after getting the advane payment

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Q:Do we need glue for silicone rubber fiber sleeving production?
Production of high purity glass fiber tube made of alkali free, then in the management of wall surface coating adhesive CL-24 heat vulcanization glue, the high temperature resistant silicone coating material in heating and vulcanizing machine in heating vulcanization molding.
Q:Why can't carbon fiber be produced by melting?
Carbon fibers can be obtained by carbonization of polyacrylonitrile fibers, asphalt fibers, viscose fibers or phenolic fibers. The cost of these methods is much lower than that of the fusion process.
Q:PP-R what is the pressure of the heat pipe?
PPR pipe has GB and non GB, there are specific tubes, glass fiber tubes, aluminum tubes and other steady state, under pressure generally in the outer layer of the pipe are marked, there is no general do not use it
Q:PPR antibacterial pipe and glass fiber pipe for home decoration
PPR joined in the inner tube of antibacterial silver series inorganic antibacterial layer, due to the bacterial surface with a negative charge, so the silver ions with positive charge was adsorbed on the surface of bacteria, and destroy the electrolytic balance, leading to bacterial death damage.
Q:How about the whole PPR fiberglass tube? How about the home?
All cards have not heard, home PPR is best to use the brand, or hidden works selected point, PPR glass tube solid brand good Mel, but the price may be high.
Q:How about using fiberglass pipes to decorate the water pipes in the house?
The most general use is PPR and aluminum plastic pipe, you should be the hot and cold water glass fiber reinforced FR-PPR composite pipe, pure copper or stainless steel PP-R pipe, PP-R pipe, these are not commonly used, that is some of this low expansion coefficient of glass fiber tube
Q:What is the advantage of adding fiberglass in pipes?
Mainly to increase tensile strength
Q:What are the infrared heating panels for?
Under the possible conditions, the porcelain head of the two end of the heating pipe is placed in the low temperature zone to prolong the service life of the heating tube.
Q:What's the name of the white pipe (electrician)?
It has good flexibility, insulation and chemical resistance. It is suitable for wiring, insulation and mechanical protection of motors, electrical appliances, instruments and meters, etc..
Q:Why is it forbidden to use polyvinyl chloride fibre glass pipes as wire conduits and buried in the floor?
After completion of the project, use 1 or 1.2 steel wire through the box, use the PVC86 type nut, use 20 glue, and use PVC glue. Double commissure, box 146.

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