Polyester Cloth For Inner Lining Process On FRP Pipe

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Product Description:

1.Product Introduction

The polyester inner lining cloth is typically used for GRP pipe production. It has good strength and compatibility with various resin. When producing the inner lining of GRP pipe, this cloth can remove off the bubble, and  increase the stiffness of GRP pipe.


2.Product Features

Good mechanical and chemical properties

High quality and fast delivery time

Workable to the industry and market








100% polyester



240±10mm, or other customized size





Weight per roll



Warp thread (tex)



Fill thread(tex)



Tensile strength



Moisture (%)






 a.package: 2 rolls are packed into one carton.Some cartons will be packed into one pallet.

b.application: inner lining process.


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Q:Color steel roofing waterproof anti-corrosion construction?
After doing the basic work, waterproof construction is mainly divided into:1, for protrusions (chimneys, etc.), cut polyester cloth, coated with base paint, polyester cloth and then coated with a layer to ensure smooth;2, in the waterproof area, coated with 2 layers of surface coating;3, surface firmware, coated with 10cm*10cm polyester cloth coated with base coating.
Q:Ventilation building waterproof technology which is good?
It has excellent fatigue resistance, aging resistance, low temperature flexibility and excellent elasticity. It is a metal roof waterproof expert. Use for up to 25 years, 10 or 15 years of quality assurance.
Q:What should antistatic workers do to make them whiter?
(1) the newly made clean working clothes can be washed directly, while the clean overalls are recovered. It should be carefully removed and then washed.(2) to check for damage and abrasion, fasteners and other accessories before washing, the defect to be repaired, replaced or scrapped.(3) must be cleaned in the clean room, than the use of overalls of high cleanliness of clean room in drying and packing.
Q:How do you plant turf insulation on the roof?
What else are you doing? There's a ZM99-01A17 reflective coating now. It's all settled directly
Q:How much waterproof one square metre toilet leak how to do?
Wall treatment should be done about 30 cm high waterproof coating, in order to prevent water seepage wall. But if the bathroom wall is non load-bearing light body wall, it is necessary to paint the entire wall waterproof coating. If there is a shower room in the bathroom, the two walls should be painted with each other; if it is a bathtub, the wall waterproof coating adjacent to the bath should be higher than the upper part of the bathtub;
Q:Glazed roof tiles leaking
Glazed tile roof leakage, determine the need for waterproof area:Glazed tile roof generally has the following areas need to do waterproof processing: horizontal lapping, lapping, vertical fan, air conditioner, pipe out of roof, glazed tile roof, around, gutter, glazed tile and parapet at the junction of waterproof weak link.
Q:Is toilet waterproof coiled material good?
Bathroom wall waterproof materials: ordinary residential bathrooms, places narrow, and pipelines, floors and so on, so often waterproof paint. There are 2 common types: waterproof coating, polyurethane waterproof coating synthetic polymer (the rotation with polyester cloth, glass fiber cloth, etc.); polymer modified asphalt waterproof coating of ---SBS class (with the carcass reinforcing material of polyester cloth, glass fiber cloth, etc.)
Q:How to do waterproof coating on the roof of color steel plate?
The protrusion metal roof (such as chimneys, vents, fan mouth etc.): cut the size and shape of a suitable sewing polyester cloth, and according to the technical requirements of cutting, the protrusion around is coated with a layer of base paint, cut good sewing polyester cloth on it, then from the above base the coating fully infiltrated sewing polyester cloth, ensure no foaming, wrinkle.
Q:Toilet waterproof can use glass fiber cloth?
With good waterproof coating with gold reinforced polyester cloth
Q:What kind of material is good for steel roof waterproof layer?
Generally three parts, first, the base layer, the middle polyester cloth plays the role of reinforcement.

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