FRP Profile with High Strenth and Light Weight

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Product Description:

Product Description:

Pultrusion process is a mechanized process for FRP composites involves pulling a collection of fibers in the form of roving mat or fabric through a resin bath and then through a heated die to cure the resin, and then take shapes of profiles. FRP pultruded profiles are more than a kind of structure, which is very designable. Changing the choice of the materials and designs of the lamination process can make special properties for it. It can be widely use in railing, bracket of water circulation tower, sport equipment, tool handle, bracket of tent and others loading structure components

FRP Profile with High Strenth and Light Weight

Product Performance:

• Corrosion resistant and anti-ageing  

• Water-proof, fire retardant, Heat Resistance

• Light weight, high strength and impact strength  

• Non-magnetism and non-conductive  


By changing different shapes of the mould (die), this production line can produce different profiles or rods. The following list is some products photos for reference.






Rectangular tube  


Cable tray


Square tube




Round tube


Profile for door & window








End fitting of Radome




Shaft of the umbrella& tent


Epoxy rod


Profile for bridge


Platform and ladder



 FRP Profile with High Strenth and Light Weight



The FRP channel products can resist corrosion from various gas or liquid such as acid,alkali,organic solvent and compound.

They can be used as ladder material,and used in the electricity industries.


1.Who will pay for the express cost ?

A: We can support you free samples ,but express cost will be paid by you .

2.How long is the delivery time?

A:within 10-15 days after receiving deposit.


 FRP Profile with High Strenth and Light Weight


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Q:There are cracks in the roof, how to do waterproof?
If the cracks are large, repair the roof first and then make it waterproof.
Q:Density of anti cracking mortar of alkali resistant glass fiber mesh cloth
In the negative corner, the alkali resistant fiberglass mesh shall be pressed with lap joint, its width shall be 50mm; the male corner shall be pressed with stubble; the lap width shall be 150mm; the joint net and the mortar shall be full; the 100% shall be smooth and straight; the verticality of the Yin and Yang angles shall be maintained.
Q:What better with gold color steel tile waterproof waterproof material?
The loose fasteners on the roof must be replaced or reinforced.For the base surface there is rust, need to polish rust, so as to show the quality of metal, and then besmear a layer of anticorrosive coating.For base oil, dust, water to clean.Make sure that the width of the waterproof layer and the width of the waterproof layer need to be cut and cut the polyester cloth of the corresponding width.The width of the waterproof layer, waterproof layer area of 0.01 square meters general screws (250px * 250px); the level of the lap width of 500px waterproof layer; the waterproof layer vertical lap width is 15 cm; the roof waterproof layer on both sides of the lap width is 20 cm, the width of the waterproof layer is best according to the peak height and roof tiles according to the construction requirements.
Q:What fiberglass stick is used to make the poles of a raft?
Ultra short glass fiber is a product that has been screened by crushing the glass fiber. Adding a certain amount of resin in the product, can reduce the cost of products, and can enhance the shear strength of resin products and products to improve wear resistance, cracking resistance, easily dispersed in the resin, chemical corrosion resistance, the other medium is very stable.
Q:3K how much better is carbon fiber tube than glass fiber tube?
Carbon fiber, carbon is the yarn, and then the same can produce a variety of specifications, such as 1.5k, 3K etc., can be used for a variety of plates, profiles of production, such as some NOKIA, Samsung's mobile phone shell is made of carbon fiber material, looks beautiful, noble atmosphere. Can also be used as many high-grade boxes, paddle, instrument box, auto parts and so on.
Q:Housing leakage, maintenance measures (all) housing leakage, how to deal with?
1, on the roof of thick layer on the floor mats, with brick jiejieshishi.2, find the masons re repair, also needs to be coated waterproof layer.3 、 high pressure grouting technology.
Q:Does anyone know what fiberglass is for?
The general concept of glass is hard and brittle objects, not suitable as structural material, but as the thread, the strength is greatly increased and is flexible, with resin to give it shape can finally become excellent timber structure.
Q:How much waterproof one square metre toilet leak how to do?
Wall treatment should be done about 30 cm high waterproof coating, in order to prevent water seepage wall. But if the bathroom wall is non load-bearing light body wall, it is necessary to paint the entire wall waterproof coating. If there is a shower room in the bathroom, the two walls should be painted with each other; if it is a bathtub, the wall waterproof coating adjacent to the bath should be higher than the upper part of the bathtub;
Q:How do you plant turf insulation on the roof?
The working face carefully clean up the construction, must ensure that the base firmware is no loosening, no corrosion, no oil, no dust, no water, keep it clean. 2, the roof of the loose firmware must be replaced or reinforced. 3, for the base surface has rust, need to polish rust, make it appear metal color, and then besmear a layer of anticorrosive coating. 4, the base oil and dust, need to clean water. 5, determine the need to do waterproof parts and the width of waterproof layer, and cut the corresponding width of reinforced polyester cloth.
Q:What is the best thing to add in fiberglass, talcum powder or glass powder or something else, thank you
It can be divided into alkali free, medium alkali and high alkali glass fiber according to chemical composition. With E, C and A respectively. E glass with high strength, alkali resistance, water resistance, heat resistance, good insulation, acid resistance worse; C glass A Bonai acid is better, but the performance is not as good as the other E. The proportion of glass fiber is about 2.5. The surface felt, short cut felt, winding yarn and alkali free fabric used by our company all belong to E glass. A few fiberglass fabrics are medium alkali cloth. Glass products not damp, not across the glass fiber yarn or extrusion, piled high layer is less than 7.

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