Factory price china yuchai diesel generator sets 680kw

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300 unit/month

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open type dioesel generator with yuchai enginee 
1) Factory direct sale 
(2) CE, ISO9001 quality 

Power range



All series powered by Yuchai engine


All series owning alternator options of Stamford/Marathon/ENGGA

Controller system

Hanging control box, automatic control module Smartgen HGM6310

Base frame

International channel steel welded base, inbuilt composite damping system; sandblast, acid-washing, antiseptic treatment


Standard genset-joining radiator of 40 °C ambient temperature



Diesel generator Powered by Yuchai Engine,which yuchai is a large state-owned enterprise and a Nasdaq listed company in USA (NYSE:CYD). Its main business covers diesel engine, contruction machinery, vehicle parts. The engines produced by Yuchai include series YC6G, YC4G, YC4E to which American technology applied, series YC6A, YC6B, YC6J, YC4B, YC4D, YC4F, YC4W to which German technology applied, and YC6M series in which world top technology integrated, totally 12 series.

YUCHAI SeriesPower(KW)Power(KVA)Jichai Engine ModelCylinder NO.Fuel consumption

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Q:What are the procedure of start up of emergency AC Generator?
Is this generator going to be used in a location which is normally served by grid power. If so is it proposed to use the distribution system normally used when on the grid? If the answer to these questions is yes. The first step is to isolate the normal energy source. This has two purposes. a) to protect your equipment when power is restored and b) to protect people and equipment working on the external circuit. Once this is isolated wire the generator into the circuit (closing isolating switch if hard wired). Start the generator using normal procedures with minimal load in place. Slowly increase load until desired effect is achieved. When external power is returned. Slowly reduce load and isolate generator. Restore normal grid connection. Shut off generator.
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Q:Can I working on computer while power supply from Generator?
ups will steady current, wont damage pc
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Q:OTEC usage around the world?

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