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We developed this product is that we mainly consider the relationship between the pressure and flow rate, and combine

the data analysis, to achieve better control effect.

Structure: Combine photoelectric Principle with flow switch. It consists of water sensor, pressure sensor and control site.

Wide voltage design. Double control of pressure and water. Security is higher.

Function: Double control of pressure and water. Pressure control can be used alone. It has water shortage protection

function, water automatic judgment function, preventing sticking function, low voltage protection function.

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Q:The pressure switch of all intelligent electric pressure cooker
Pressure switch bad contact, remove the touch Cengceng on the line.
Q:What is a pressure switch? How does it work?
Beijing Kang Naxun company and the United States UE cooperation history has been 13 years, is the US UE's international partners, but also domestic pressure, temperature control field leader. Connorson is an instrumentation service provider specializing in the field of automation. Since the establishment of the company, and gradually become the world's leading instrument manufacturers - the United States UE, FLOWLINE, MONITOR ...
Q:Air conditioning pressure switch damage will be what failure
General manufacturers will pressure switch string in the compressor circuit to protect the compressor! General machine alarm, the machine can not boot!
Q:Smc pneumatic pressure switch in the said positive pressure is what it means
Pneumatic pressure switch is a combination of air pressure and electrical switch device. When a pre-set (or fixed) gas pressure is detected, the switch contacts are actuated. Output device control signal or alarm signal, can control the normal operation of the equipment or prevent the destruction of production equipment and equipment to avoid accidents and so on.
Q:Three lines of air conditioning pressure switch, how to control, what are the three lines, respectively
A line of fire, a zero line, there is a pressure switch line, that is, to say that the pressure set above the line there is electricity. Then the electricity on this line is passed through the relay to the compressor. 1, there are many kinds of car air conditioning lines, models different control methods are different, but as you said the three lines to the compressor should be Toyota cars, its control principle is: air conditioning switch is turned on from the fan switch any gear (The compressor), the pressure sensor (mounted on the high pressure pipe), the compressor lock sensor, also known as the speed sensor (installed on the compressor), the air conditioner amplifier, , The engine speed sensor, etc. as an input signal, (automatic air conditioning also added: ambient temperature sensor, indoor temperature sensor, engine water temperature sensor, sun sensor, etc. as an input signal) to control the compressor electromagnetic clutch relay, cooling fan relay, After the relay delivers power to the compressor and the cooling fan, the air conditioner starts working. 2 when the pressure is too low when there is no one will pass, these are signal lines, to go through the relay after the electrical appliances. 3 vacuum before adding the oil directly into the compressor, the traditional approach is to first vacuum, and then use the table plus tube (yellow) to open the low-pressure valve to the oil into the low-pressure pipeline, this approach is not desirable , Because most of the oil at this time into the evaporation box, when the start air conditioning, the compressor prone to "liquid hit" accident.
Q:Santana air conditioning pressure switch is the four lines that then
Two green single-wire connection is the drying tank low-voltage switch, a two P three-wire plug connected to the high-voltage switch, two green single line is from the ambient temperature switch over, the other is from the low-voltage switch to the electromagnetic clutch, The control of the fan
Q:Gas switch is open or off ah
Is open! Handle and pipe vertical 90 degrees is off
Q:How to choose the pressure switch
Specific look at your needs, and explosion-proof, mechanical, the specific consultants can choose the selection of engineers
Q:What is the upper and lower limits of the pressure switch?
The lower limit is to allow the pressure switch to trigger the minimum pressure required. The upper limit is the maximum pressure that can be applied when the pressure switch is working properly.
Q:On the precision of mechanical pressure switch, dead zone
Hello there! I am the Chongqing Carver company, professional to do the pressure switch. According to the situation you say this, the accuracy is 2% action value is 10MPa recovery value is 9.9MPa If the range is 0 ~ 15MPa then the action value of the error is the range 15 multiplied by the accuracy of 0.02 equal to 0.3 then the action value of the error is not Greater than this value of 0.3. That is, the actual action value may be 10 ± 0.3MPa. So the error of the action value is a great relationship with the selected range. (So ​​this must pay attention)

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