GGD TYPE Ac low voltage distribution switchgear

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Product features: has high and low voltage switch cabinet put oneself in another's position of equipment are all made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate compound and into, or use the standard assembly components, can absorb a certain amount of mechanical stress, the electric stress and thermal stress, can also withstand normal use may have been wet, the influence of processing flat with no burrs, welding smooth and beautiful, no welding wear and cracks.
Filled with handcart and drawer structure switch device, the handcart push-pull operation is flexible and drawer, no stuck phenomenon.
Cardiac surface treatment according to user requirements can be plastic spraying, spray, spray paint and other craft, surface treatment before to deal with the rust, decontamination and phosphating process.All equipment of front and side coated layer, no wrinkles, scratch, bubble, pinhole, defects such as color, colour and lustre is uniform. 
Product standards: cardiac GB3906-91-3-35 kv ac metal-enclosed switchgear.
Cardiac GB7251 low-voltage complete switch equipment and control equipment.
Cardiac GB50171-92 low voltage distribution panel
Cardiac GB14048.3-93 low voltage switchgear and control equipment, low voltage switch, isolator, isolation switch and fuse combination electric appliance.
Cardiac GB7947 insulated conductor - 87 and the color of bare conductor marks.
Low voltage fuse to cardiac GB13539-92.
Cardiac GB/T2682-1981 electrical complete sets of equipment of guiding lights and the color of the button.
Cardiac GB4208-93 enclosure protection grade. 
Normal conditions of use: cardiac ambient temperature: cap + 40 ℃, the minimum - 10 ℃;
Cardiac altitude: high pressure does not exceed 1000 m.Low pressure does not exceed 2000 m;
His relative humidity: day average no greater than 95%;
Derive seismic intensity: no more than 8 degrees;
Has no fire and explosion danger, serious foul, chemical corrosion crack vibration and play.

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Q:Air compressor automatic pressure switch AC contactor how to connect
The pressure switch normally closed contacts control the yellow line of the contactor on it.
Q:13 years Audi a6l oil pressure switch for lower oil pressure failure
3, the oil is thin or because the engine temperature caused by oil thinning, from the engine of the friction in the gap between the leakage, resulting in low oil pressure. Solution: oil change or maintenance cooling system. The following are the same as the " 4, oil tubing oil spills, oil pump damage or wear and tear parts of the parts will lead to excessive oil inhalation, pumping volume reduction, or simply immeasurable, resulting in low oil pressure or no pressure. Solution: overhaul. The following are the same as the "
Q:What is the oil pressure switch?
Monitor the oil pressure, oil pressure is low, then the instrument panel has a red oil tank alarm light will be bright. All engines must be equipped.
Q:Pump pressure switch and water flow switch in parallel control. Can you directly control the pump?
but the pressure switch as far as possible the use of adjustable, the water switch can be used by the Ripleyer sensor factory production of RVPO block, the pressure switch can be used, Board series.
Q:About how the pressure switch and the pump control box are connected
2-wire sensor, the first sensor + connected to the power supply 24V positive, the sensor - the signal input of the +, the signal input - with the 24V - can be connected. 3-wire system is relatively simple, to the sensor +, - respectively, access to power 24V +, -. The signal output of the sensor is connected to the input terminal of the signal, and the signal input terminal can be connected with the power supply 24V.
Q:Which industries will be heavily used to the pressure switch?
Boiler manufacturing, power plants, natural gas fields or something, the basic is that special equipment manufacturing industry.
Q:9 Yang pressure cooker pressure switch where
Look at the instructions, you can also search the Internet ah, or a variety of instructions, you try ah
Q:Hello! Will the air compressor pressure switch how to tune ah?
Two screws are located in the left and right columns, each column has a different scale display, the screw is used to adjust the pressure, the right side of the adjustment is the pressure difference, the left side of the pressure limit is adjusted, such as the right side to 2, Adjusted to 8, then the controller to control the compressor to start the way, six kilograms of pressure to start, eight kilograms of pressure to stop. Do not know if you understand, do not understand can consult Beijing in the Year of a Trade Co., Ltd., professional air compressor repair and post-processing equipment maintenance professional service providers
Q:Pressure switch related terms
Pressure: The electronic pressure switch maintains its maximum pressure for its normal performance. However, when the electronic pressure switch is used for overpressure, the sensitive element will produce a continuous deformation, then the pressure setting will change, the electronic pressure switch will not be able to play its normal performance or even damage. Accuracy: Indicates the accuracy of the equipment, including linearity, tolerance, hysteresis, repeatability, and so on. Nagano's current pressure switch up to the highest accuracy of ± 0.5% F.S, model CB33. Maximum pressure (Max.P): Maximum pressure range. Full scale (F.S): The difference between the maximum and minimum pressure ranges. The difference between the action value and the reset value is set, for example, when the value is 1MPa and the actual reset value is 0.9MPa, the difference is 0.1MPa. Temperature: refers to the internal mechanism of the instrument, sensitive components such as work will not occur when the temperature range of continuous deformation. General pressure switch recommended operating temperature range of -5 ~ 400C, if the medium temperature is too high, consider adding an attached siphon (irrigation), to achieve the purpose of cooling.
Q:Search the pressure switch which brand is good?
 The UE switch is mainly used for hydropower because its dead zone is small and the pressure of the hydropower system is relatively small. But the overall performance as the first two switches,     The price of some models are not cheap, even more expensive than SOR.     SOR switch in the country its main advantage is the influence of large, wide range of promotion. The disadvantage is the price is expensive, the piston sensor, multi-set point,     Stability, reliability, as CCS, more products on the market. But SOR overall performance is not a problem.          Domestic pressure switch, the current Zhejiang Li Fu LEFOO do better, the performance is also very stable, and now have to help foreign companies OEM, cost is high,     Hangzhou Tianli also can be.

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