GCS low-voltage withdrawable switchgear series

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Product Description:

Product model: GCS
Product features: has two type GCS low-voltage withdrawable switchgear joint design according to the department in charge of industry, the general electric power users, and the requirement of design unit design conforms to the national conditions, with high technical performance indicators, can adapt to power market development needs and can compete with the introduction of existing product select switch equipment.
Cardiac switchgear is suitable for the power plant, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy.Textiles.Distribution system of high-rise building and other industries and the large power plants, petrochemical system, such as high degree of automation, requirements and computer connection, as the frequency of the three-phase ac 50 Hz (60), the rated working voltage of 380 v, 660 v), rated current is 4000 a and below the power distribution, centralized control of the motor, reactive power compensation using low-voltage power distribution equipment.
Product standards: cardiac GB7251 low-voltage complete switch equipment and control equipment.
Cardiac JB/T9661 low-voltage withdrawable switchgear
Has it - 1 low-voltage complete switch equipment and control equipment
Product structure: cardiac switchgear 8 mf steel is used in the main frame.The architecture using both assembly and parts of welding structure.Are installed on the main frame modulus E = 20 mm holes. 
Cardiac switch equipment strictly separate each function room, the main compartment is divided into functional unit rooms, bus room, cable room, the function of each unit are relatively independent.
Cardiac feeder tank and motor control cabinet is equipped with a dedicated cable compartment, functional unit room and indoor cable connected by connecting pieces, can not only improve the using reliability of cable, and made great user for cable installation and maintenance.Cable compartment has two width size and 40 mm to 240 mm is chosen, depending on the number of cable, cross section and the requirements of the users for installation and maintenance is convenient.
Has given the dry type transformer using regular sex, security and economy of oil-immersed transformer, device can be easily arranged and composed of a dry type transformer, can also convenient and oil-immersed transformer low-voltage busbar connection.
Is left to the drawer as the main body, the switch can also be fixed installation, hybrid combinations, arbitrary selection.
Cardiac switch equipment according to the three phase five wire system and three phase four wire system design, the design department and the user can easily choose PE + N or PEN. 
His cabinet put oneself in another's position of the degree of protection for IP40, also can be made with customers' special needs.
Bus: left to improve the bus move the rise of temperature of the thermal stability of ability and improvement of the interface, device adopt hard copper platoon TMY - T2 series, copper platoon connection post points must be tin plating, also can choose 2 tin plated copper bus bar. 
Bus filled level in tank at the back of the bus interior insulation, more than 2500 a for layout, up and down double 2500 a for single layer under the arrangement, each phase is composed of article 4 or article 2 bus, bus short-circuit strength was improved greatly. 
The vertical busbar is left for the drawer with "L" shape hard copper tin plating.L (mm) : (50 + 30 bus specification) x 5 rated current 1000 a
Has completed the entire cabinet arrangement level of neutral grounding line (PEN) or + neutral wire (PE + N) using hard copper platoon.

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Q:Why is the household pump pressure switch closed continuously? what reason
2. Motor missing phase, take test pencil test whether the three-phase power.
Q:Pressure switch and electromagnetic valve operating principle
what! Upstairs that is too professional, it is necessary to design these devices to understand the talent. Popular pressure switch is quite a button switch is only the power of your original finger on the pressure we need to test to complete the need to complete. Electromagnetic commutation method, but in this it is provided by the external device to control the power to complete, and perhaps this control device is said before the pressure switch.
Q:Does the direction of the pressure switch switch the direction of heavy?
Switch bad two times ah? I have a treasure to a classic, in July 2008 to buy, or I accompany him to buy it, the current driving more than 30,000 km, and you said that the pressure switch did not bad ah.
Q:What is the difference between the pressure sensor, the pressure controller and the pressure switch used in the refrigeration air conditioner?
The pressure switch is generally a protective switch, the pressure is too high or too low to control the air conditioning to stop working.
Q:Automatic sprinkler system in the pressure switch, the control room and the relationship between the three spray shower?
Automatic sprinkler system in the pressure switch, the control room and the relationship between the three spray from the action of the linkage. The pressure switch is always in the normal state. Only in the linkage in the control room and spray pump at the same time in an automatic state, will be linked to the pump. In the fire control center was 24 hours on duty, the linkage in the control room in a manual state. Pump station main pipe installed relief valve, when the pressure exceeds the safety settings, will automatically open valve pressure relief, drainage to the fire pool. So the pipe will not burst over pressure. After the nozzle action, should be directly connected by the pressure switch automatically start the water pump. Pre-action system, rain system and automatic control of the water curtain system, the fire alarm system should be automatically alarmed immediately after the water supply to the distribution pipeline. The control room should be able to show the water flow indicator, pressure switch, signal valve, water pump, fire pool and water tank level, pressure gas pipeline pressure, and power and standby power is in the normal state of the feedback signal, and should be able to control the pump, Valves, electric valves and other operations. In the wet system wet alarm valve on the back of the nozzle action, the system test debugging water or pipeline leakage, etc., through the wet alarm valve part of the flow from the wet alarm valve valve chamber to the delay device; once the delay device filled with water, Hydraulic alarm action, while the pressure switch to send the action signal.
Q:What is the pressure switch inside the rice cooker?
Caused by the key switch of the rice cooker can not go down the main reason is tightening the key switch screw loose or the key switch reed deformation caused by this situation generally do not need to replace the key switch, just the key switch tight Fixed screw tightening or adjust the button switch on the contact reed can be, specifically what is the reason to open the rice cooker to open the bottom cover to know
Q:Car 4-wire air conditioning pressure switch principle, 4 lines were then received there, and the role.
For example, when the pressure is higher than 3.4 or less than 0.196, the compressor is disconnected Pressure higher than 1.7 when the pressure switch action, so that the condenser cooling fan high-speed operation. There are two lines are high and low voltage switch line, then the root is the medium voltage switch line, Above two are FireWire, High and low switches can be used directly with the line, the same pressure switch
Q:Mold temperature switch on how to adjust the size of the switch
Adjust the middle of the nut, and eyes look at the degree, clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the appropriate pressure in the middle.
Q:Have the air compressor changed the pressure switch or the hole leak?
The hole is put the head of the pressure on the release of no gas out, if the gas out for a long time then you can determine the one-way valve is broken. Open the one-way valve inside the valve plate wear or grinding or a change. Welcome to your service
Q:Refrigeration compressor high and low pressure switch on the high and low voltage, respectively, what ah,
Gas compression refrigeration system in the work, from the compressor exhaust --- condenser --- expansion valve (capillary) inlet is part of the high pressure. From the expansion valve outlet --- evaporator --- compressor suction port is part of the low pressure. The high pressure pipe of the pressure controller is connected with the exhaust port of the compressor; the low pressure pipe is connected with the suction port of the compressor. Two tubes are distributed to drive the pressure sensor (diaphragm or bellows) to push the switch that is the high voltage switch and the low voltage switch. These two switches are designed to protect the refrigeration system, high voltage switch to prevent system overload, low voltage switch to prevent the system leak or block, the two switches as long as an action, will stop the protection machine to prevent further damage to the system.

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