GG - 1 a (F) (Z) type high voltage switch cabinet

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An overview,
1.1. GG - 1 a (F) (Z) type high voltage switchgear by mistake, the original GG - 1 a type high pressure tank on the basis of improved after adding "five prevention" locked-in send products, it has the following five kinds of prevent wrong operation function; 
Between a. to prevent wrong, wrong points wrong or circuit breaker; 
B. to prevent loading points, isolating switch; 
C. avoid straying into charged interval;
D. prevent charged hang ground;
E. prevent line brake band.
1.2. GG - 1 a (F) the mistake type high voltage switchgear, suitable for 3, 6 and 10 kv ac system for acceptance and distribution of electrical energy (see table 1) have a way.This product is a indoor type, can be in normal operation in the environment of the following:
A. installation height is not more than 1000 meters above sea level;
B. the surrounding medium temperature is not higher than + 40 oc, no less than 20 oc;
C. indoor relative humidity is not more than 85%; 
D. no conductive dust and can destroy the place of gas and metal and insulation; 
E. no explosive dangerous location; 
F. no violent vibration and bo top and vertical gradient is less than 5 degrees.
Second, the technical data and programs
2.1. GG - 1 a (F) (Z) type high voltage switchgear technology parameters are shown in table 2. 
2.2. General atresia primary loop scheme are shown in table 3-1.General closure does not consider 21 ~ 22, 25 to 28, 31 ~ 33 and 37 ~ 39 main circuit scheme, at the same time also does not consider the breaker with CS2 type operating mechanism. 
The primary loop scheme are shown in table 2.3. Simple atresia 3-2.

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Q:After the fire control room reset, the pressure switch of the regulatory alarm immediately appeared, how can not reset?
2, pressure switch problems, electrical contact Piece stick dead can not be reset, the pressure switch to the module line short circuit and so on.
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Pressure switch bad contact, remove the touch Cengceng on the line.
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3. Motor load. Like a man can only back a hundred pounds you gave it back one hundred and twenty jin that it must strike.
Q:How to connect the self-priming pump pressure switch
1, with a plug with a wire, plug into the socket A, the wire connected to the pressure switch 1,3 terminal. From the 2, 4 terminal leads to a socket B, the pump power plug is plugged into socket B.
Q:My home pump is a pressure switch with no water when the pump frequent star
Do not install two pressure switches, with an electrical contact pressure gauge can set the upper and lower pressure limit.
Q:What brand of pressure switch is good
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Q:What is the difference between a pressure sensor and a pressure switch?
The pressure switch is a simple self-control electrical switch, commonly used in simple electrical equipment for the detection of pressure signals, the output is the switch, such as water heater on the water pressure switch, when the water pipe to reach the pressure switch action Value when the pressure switch action, the water heater to get the signal before starting work to prevent the water heater dry.
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