MZS type low voltage switch equipment

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Product model: MZS
Product features: cardiac MNS (MZS) type low voltage switch equipment (hereinafter referred to as low voltage switchgear) is our company according to our country's low village, the development trend of complete switchgear in the appliances in the selection of components and improvements on the structure of cabinet put oneself in another's position, and register the product.The product fully meet the original electrical performance and mechanical properties of MNS product technical requirements.
Derive the low-voltage switchgear is suitable for use in ac 50 ~ 60 hz, rated voltage 660 v and below the power system, as power generation, transmission, distribution, power conversion and power consumption equipment control.
Derive the low-voltage switchgear in addition to the general land use, after special processing can also be used for offshore oil drilling platform, and in nuclear power plant.
Product standards: cardiac GB7251 low-voltage complete switch equipment and control equipment.
Cardiac JB/T9661 low-voltage withdrawable switchgear.
Has it - 1 low-voltage complete switch equipment and control equipment.
Environmental conditions of use: cardiac ambient temperature is not higher than + 40 ℃, and the average temperature is not higher than within 24 h + 35 ℃, the lowest temperature is not lower than 5 ℃.
Is left when the relative humidity at the highest temperature is + 40 ℃ not more than 50%, at lower temperature, allowing a higher relative humidity (example: + 20 ℃ at 90%).
Cardiac altitude does not exceed 2000 m.
Has allowed in 25 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃ temperature under the condition of transportation and storage, and allows the temperature does not exceed + 70 ℃ within 24 h.
Derive seismic intensity less than 9 degrees.
Technical parameters: derive vertical busbar rated current: single-side or double-side operating draw-out MCC is 800 a, portable for 1000 a;Tank depth 1000 mm single operation of MCC is 800 ~ 2000 a. 
Cardiac protection class IP54 due to reduced capacity in severe cases, it is not recommended. 
Product structure: cardiac low-voltage switchgear basic frame for the combination of the fabricated structure, the frame of the whole structure through galvanized processing, 8.8 by tapping screw or hexagonal screw strong connected into the basic frame, then the need to change according to the plan, and combined with the corresponding door, sealing plate, diaphragm, mounting bracket and busbar, functional units and other parts, assembled into a complete low voltage switchgear, switchgear components in size, the size of the compartment for modular (modulus E = 25 mm). 
Cardiac draw-out MCC has five kinds of the size of the drawer, they respectively are 8 e/e / 4, 8, no. 2, 8, 16 and 24 e e e.Eight e/e / 4 and 8, no. 2 two kinds of the structure of the drawer is made of flame retardant plastic and aluminum molding (4 8 e / 4 or 2 8 e / 2 form a e the height of the interval).Functional units compartment of the total height is 72 e.

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Q:Principle of low pressure switch
Repetition: the working principle of the pressure switch: When the system pressure is higher or lower than the rated safety pressure, the sensor disc instantaneous movement, through the connecting rod to push the switch connector connected or disconnected, when the pressure dropped to Or when the pressure reaches the rated recovery value, the disc is instantaneous reset, the switch is automatically reset, or simply when the measured pressure exceeds the rated value, the free end of the elastic element is displaced, directly or after comparison, pushing the switching element, Switching element on and off state, to achieve the purpose of controlling the measured pressure.
Q:With the pressure switch diaphragm pump can install the governor
That governor to adjust the speed, for the diaphragm pump this volume pump, speed and flow is proportional to the downstream flow resistance = pressure, and flow is proportional.
Q:Pump pressure switch 0.3 stop, 0.1 start. Want to tune to 0.3 stop, 0.2 start how to tune?
I also want to buy this pressure switch, if it is online to buy, can give a shop?
Q:What is the output signal of the explosion-proof pressure switch? What standard?
When the pressure increases, the role of different sensing pressure components (diaphragm, bellows, piston) produce deformation, will move up, through the railing spring and other mechanical structure, and finally start the top of the micro-switch, the electrical signal output Explosion-proof pressure switch pressure adjustable range: 68.9 mbar to 861.9 bar; Explosion protection and protection class: to meet the 1 area and 2 area explosion-proof requirements, protection class IP66 Is the switch signal output Switch output: Code S: an SPDT, fully sealed switch.                   Code D: Two SPDTs as DPDT, fully sealed switch Such as this 12 series of all 316 stainless steel explosion-proof pressure switch 12SHSN2A 12SHDN7B 12SHSN4F 12SHSN3D 12SHDN5D 12SHSN5F 12SLSN7B
Q:Fire pressure switch directly from the pump is how the wiring? Ask everyone to answer
It is mainly in the wet alarm valve in the hydraulic alarm and the delay between the pressure switch, the signal module to the control center alarm, another alarm valve outlet on the pressure switch directly or by the module control spray pump The
Q:What is the role of the air conditioning pressure switch? Is not the air conditioning pressure is too high
High pressure is too high, low pressure is too low, will stop the compressor and fan. Adopt the answer Oh
Q:Pressure switch on a pair of normally open point how to reach the alarm and direct Kai pump
The current pressure switch directly open pump generally have the following two ways: 1, the project no alarm system, only the sprinkler system, then the pressure switch control line only need to take the spray control in the passive contact. 2, if the alarm system, the pressure switch must both alarm to the alarm host should also start the spray pump, specifically now two methods: A when the single-contact pressure switch, to add an intermediate relay , Then need 24V power supply, through the relay, a route to the spray pump control cabinet, another way to the alarm host.
Q:Car air conditioning, dry bottle next to the pressure switch what role
This maintenance method can be used, if the pressure switch is broken, short circuit is no problem. This can save freon, or else switch to have to re-fill.
Q:How to connect the self-priming pump pressure switch
2, the pump power cord is disconnected, close to the pump power plug of the end of the pressure switch connected to the 1,3 terminal, from the 2,4 cable back to the pump the other end of the power cord.
Q:What is the role of automotive air conditioning pressure switch
Pressure switch is to protect the compressor: When the air conditioning refrigerant in the air conditioning pipeline system pressure is too high or too low when the air conditioning pressure switch will turn off the compressor control power, so that the compressor does not work. When the pressure returns to the normal range, the pressure switch will open.

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