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DC Solar Submersible Water Pump for irrigation

DC Solar Submersible Water Pump for irrigation

Ref Price:
$350.00 - 2,000.00 / unit get latest price
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TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
1 unit
Supply Capability:
3000 unit/month

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1.  DC Solar Water Pumps Description. 

CNBM Solar Water Pump is the pumping facility driven by solar energy, which consists of a solar pumping inverter and a pump. Solar water pumps kit is called  solar pumping system combining with solar arrays designed according to different head and daily water flow for application. System is widely utilized for agriculture irrigation,desert control,pasture animal husbandry,city landscaping,daily water supply, etc.

In recent years, with the development of photovoltaic products from city application to huge demands of agriculture,pasture,desert areas, CNBM Solar Pond Pump has become the leading products combining photovoltaic industry with traditional industry such as agriculture water conservancy,desert control,daily water supply,city landscaping, etc.

2. DC Solar Water Pumps Technical Function:

1>  High efficient DC brushless motor requires less solar array. Rich social benefits.

2>  Optional centrifugal pump for big flow and helical rotor pump for high lift.

3>  High efficient semiconductor device used in main circuit. High reliability. Up to 98% conversion efficiency  of controller.

4>  Independent intellectual property of dynamic VI maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm. Fast  response  and good stability. 99% MPPT efficiency.

5>  Full automatic operation. Complete protection functions. Integrated with water level monitor to prevent

  overflow and dry running.

6>  Full aluminum alloy case. IP52 protection grade. Ambient temperature: -20~+60℃.

Product Specifications

3. DC Solar Water Pumps Specification details:

1> Flow: 0.4m³/h~22m³/h

2> Head: 10m~210m

3> Power: 0.1~3Kw

4. FAQ

1> May we ask if the bare pump or the whole pump system would be all right for you to arrange the delivery?

     The bare pump and the who systems would be all acceptable at your side. A controller will be equipped with the pump freely. Regarding the whole system, we can also make the best solar panels configuration according to your requirements. 

2> Does your controller have the MPPT Function?

     Yes, our controller have. This would be not a problem. 

3> Can your pump work automatically?

     Yes, it would be the basic advantage of solar water pumps. 

DC Solar Submersible Water Pump for irrigation

DC Solar Submersible Water Pump for irrigation

DC Solar Submersible Water Pump for irrigation


DC Solar Submersible Water Pump for irrigation

Q:I had to have my water pump replaced on my '95 Saturn because the car was leaking coolantFirst, why does the coolant leak with a bad water pump? Second, I paid $250 part and labor. Did I get screwed or is that pretty fair?
i doubt that your motor vehicle has 2 gasoline pumps yet till now you replace the pump have it examined first ! as nicely the pump it must be some thing else like the pump relay or the fuse ! no longer commencing ought to additionally be a clogged gasoline filter out ! getting back to the thermostat and water pump ! confident you are able to replace them in case you have the magnificent equipment and your robotically vulnerable !
Q:i was coming home from from work and my jeep thew the serpenteen belt and my water pump is the only pulley not moving good like the rest and is leaking coolent. and people with just dump **** to say dont comment on this
1st off juan needs to get a life. now to help you .buy a haynes manual so you can go and do the removal and replacement of your water pump. step 1) remove the fan shroud 2) drain the coolant. make sure you do this so your critters won't drink it 3) remove the radiator. 4) remove the fan but do not remove the belt. this helps keep the fan from moving while you remove the bolts. if you have an electric fan remove this at the same time you remove the radiator 5) referring to the haynes manual remove any accessories that might be attached to the water pump 6) remove the pump. please refer to the haynes manual to insure you do the removal and re-instal correctly. oh yea, don't get fustrated . if you do just take a break. good luck and happy jeepin
Q:it is a mazda b3000 pick up v6,it is coming from behind water pump,but it is not all the time, i would think that if pump is going it would be all the time, but it will go bone dry for a few dayswhen it does leak it leaves about an 8 inch spot on the driveway,temp gauge goes to its regular spot and does not move,any suggestions would be helpful,thanks
Buy some coolant dye from a parts store and put it in the radiator....clean the area around the leak well, drive it for a few days and check with a blacklight...hardware stores carry the bulbs. Could be an intermittent pump or gasket leak.
Q:How much would a water pump cost for a 1991 cadillac deville
I believe you should be able to get a water pump for $50. bucks .It could cost you about $200. bucks for labor.
Q:i a wayne above ground pump i need to know how to run all my water lines
Would go to the Wayne website and hopefully they will have a diagram of how to hook up lines. You may need more than you think, such as pressure relieve valve, T fittings for a pressure gauge. etc. If you can find correct diagram will save you a lot of headache in long run.
Q:What is the difference between self-priming and non self suction?
The self-priming condition of the centrifugal pump is that a small water tank is attached to the pump body. Don't use water every time you start. No suction, no water tank. And the use of volumetric Self-priming pumps, such as car cleaning, high-pressure pumps are in this category.
Q:I have a 1969 Chrysler with a new 3 core radiator. It still has the stock water pump and I am wondering if a high volume pump would make it run cooler at higher speeds. It runs hotter when you get off the freeway. I have flushed the system and installed a new thermostat. I also replaced the fan clutch. I am at a loss of why it still runs warmer than the 180* thermostat.
Sometimes I really wonder about Robert. Yeah, water boils at 212--AT ATMOSPHERIC pressure. But a cooling system is pressurized to RAISE the boiling point. So, ah, Robert is once again in left field. Because if you wait for it to boil over, you've probably already caused engine damage. You do NOT need a high volume pump. The 3 core radiator does NOT need more flow. The temp gauge should not fluctuate. That's the job of the T-stat--to regulate engine temp and keep it at a set point. If you're engine is getting hot at higher speeds, Check for missing baffles or cracked fan shroud
Q:water pump and thermostat were replaced 18 months ago motors done about 20 hrs since replacement have checked and there are no blockagers in water tube what could be the problem thanks
well, if the water pump isn't pumping water, then the water pump is faulty. only way to know what's wrong with it is to open it up and look at it. one thing you might not be aware of, is that a few seconds of dry running is all it takes to damage the impeller, so if you've been in the habit of starting your motor without supplying water to the lower unit, then that's what happened. Another thing is, the pump sucks in sand and silt, those take a toll on the water pump; the more you run shallow water, the more damage is done.
Q:how do you change the water pump
When you change the timing belt you as well change the water pump as well. If you take it to anyone for timing belt change they will ask you if you want to change water pump because its convenient to change it out at that time. But if you dont have any knowledge how to work with the timing dont mess with it take it to someone who is knows what there doing because paying couple hundred dollars is better then paying thousands for engine rebuild or new engine.
Q:okay i observed and found out my water pump is leaking from a hole in it. after doing research i am told this is where it usually is suppose to leak from. anyway i read instructions for my car(92 fwd celica) and they say people have to remove the fan or something. my pump is under my alternator so i dk what fan they speak of. the only fan i see is by my radiator. all i see is remove the alternator(did it before) and remove the pump. is this correct. help.
you want a undeniable gadget. Does the fan grasp have a huge nut top at the back of it the place it connects to the water pump? it is is likewise left hand thread. meaning you may pass top to loosen the fan grasp. go away the serpentine belt on. It helps save tension on the water pump pulley. while you're speaking related to the 4 bolts that connect the fan grasp to the watter pump. All they do is take away the pulley.

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