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I think my water pump is leaking and I want to replace it, but I can't figure out how to get the pulleys off. There is a large nut on the shaft that the pulleys are on, and I can't figure out how to remove it, or if the nut is attached to the shaft, and the entire shaft is supposed to come out, or how it's set up. Please help. Pictures would be great if possible. Thanks!
take bolts and nuts off of fan and take off , might have to pry because of rust , corrosion . then take bolts out of the water pump , once all bolts are out , tap with rubber hammer or pry by hand, pump will separate , because of close quarters with radiator be careful not to damage radiator by accidentally hitting it
I switched on the pump and smoke came out of it, i opened the pump n found it had some water probably caused the shock. How to repair it or is it dead?? ** its not a well pump just a normal one that pump the water to the tank from a small reserve
it cant be repaird, to risky.
I am trying to change my daughters 2004 Grande Am water pump because people tell me it is squealing. We purchased a replacement pump and blue gasket glue. I know to remove the Serpentine belt (not sure which pulley to reduce tension on) then I need to know which bolts to un-tighten, won't the pump turn as a use the wrench? Is there a good video available on changing out the water pump? I've done maybe 5 water pumps in my lifetime all on V-8s with rear wheel drive, so they had easy access. Does anyone know the steps of removal or can someone point to a video of removal replacement?
better make sure it,s not the belt squealing and not the pump. usually when a water pump goes out they will leak. i would be checking the belt first.
I have a 1992 acura legend coupe V6 3.2 liter engine. My water pump is leaking. How do I tell if I need the 1 tube or 2 tube pump because thats how the water pumps come. Its either the one tube or two tube but I dont know which one I need for my car. also, how much is the cost to install the water pump. Thank You,Josh
1992 Acura Legend Coupe
1.where is it located and what would I have to remove 1st to get to it. And would I need a torque wrench if so what # would it have to be at when re-installing water pump
4A-FE okorder /... it's an externally mounted pump. so as far as pumps go, it's relatively easy. easy for a novice. knowlegeable begginer should be able to tackle it. here's a clip for water pump replacement on a 94 rolla with the 4A-FE engine. engine bay will be slightly different. but the proccess will be exactly the same. since it is on a rolla, some of the equipment removed for ease of access maybe different on yours. may or may not need or wish to crank engine mounts. use that in conjunction with the manual if needed. to do it right, yes. need a torque wrench. but it can be done w/o one. though since you're asking (denotes lack of experience/no insult), i strongly suggest you rent one and use it. can be rented at most any auto parts store. prolly 20 buck for the day.
It has a small leak that started this day and it has 60000 miles on it , also new or rebuilt . What is the appr. cost tohave a shop do it ?
Its not hard at all but you do have to have that special tool which is around $60.00. But if you are crafty you can make your own, easily. Don't go for a rebuilt one get a new own. Make sure that it is level before putting it on. We put one on my Z71 and found out it was slightly warped and had to go exchange it after trying to get it tight enough and never could.
Why such a difference in price. Is the GM worth 4 times the NAPA brand. Both are new for a 2003 Buick ParkAve Ultra with 95k miles. 1st time we're replacing the water pump.
I would go with the NAPA one, the GM one that is on the car now did not last forever either, I have had very good luck with after market water pumps for GM vehicles. 4 hours seems a little steep though......Good luck
Fire hydrant and fire pump adapter difference
Fire hydrant is out of water, the water pump is water supply to the pipe network