• DAF XF95 Brake Pad Mercedes Tourismo Brake Pad 29030 System 1
  • DAF XF95 Brake Pad Mercedes Tourismo Brake Pad 29030 System 2
  • DAF XF95 Brake Pad Mercedes Tourismo Brake Pad 29030 System 3
DAF XF95 Brake Pad Mercedes Tourismo Brake Pad 29030

DAF XF95 Brake Pad Mercedes Tourismo Brake Pad 29030

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100 set
Supply Capability:
50000 set/month

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Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:WVA29125


Type:Brake Pads



Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

Packing:Box, Carton, Pallet

Standard:TS16949, ISO


HS Code:87083010

Production Capacity:10000sets/ Per Month

Product Description

Fh12 Fh16 FM9 FM12 Fl6 Brake Pads WVA29125 for Volvo
1). Material: Semimetal, ceramics, asbestos free
2). Delivery time: 15-25 days
3). Stable coefficient friction
4). Less noise, no dust
5). Pass ISO and TS16949 certificate
6). Small wear rate and dual wear
7). Good performance of heat
8). MOQ: 100 sets
9). Packing: Box+carton+pallet




Q:I bough a used bike and after learning all the various necessary checks, realized that the dealer left the brake fluid at the low fill lines. I want to top up and got the recommended fluid for my Triumph Speedmaster (DOT 4). But I have no idea what brand is in there. I have to assume it is also the recommended DOT 4. Would it be safe to top up? Also, are you supposed to discard what‘s left in the bottle after a top-up?
yes the airbags are more like helper springs than the actual suspension unless you have a little car then the airbag will handle the suspensoin duties
Q:today i went on craigslist on a saw this used 2008 Honda Varadero XL1000VAmotorcycle for a pretty cheap price for a its condition. i ended up buying it bc it looked so cool.However, as i took errands and drove it back home the engine was sort of quivering a bit and the and the tires and brakes looked like they have never been replaced. My question is whether this bike is suitable for daily commute for me in florida key west. i might plan on taking it to school Florida key west community college.
It seems like a reliable bike. But, seeing as how you live in Jacksonville and plan to attend Florida Keys Community College in Key West, FL, you are looking at a 500 mile commute. Driving a motorcycle that far everyday would be far too tiring. I'd stick with your Nissan for that long of a drive.
Q:The bike was running fine last night, I checked the kill switch, and no noticable damage to any wires. I press the start button and nothing happens as if the kill switch is on the off position. It‘s probably simple but Im stumped.
The kill switch might be shorted or you might have accidently cut the wires to the start button. Begin by disconnecting the kill switch and see if it starts. If not then reconnect the kill switch and try shorting out the start button.
Q:Excuse me if im wrong, but from my previous studies in physics and riding a bicycle(since i am only 15), applying front brakes may provide some efficiency in stop the object faster but in reality its very dangerous as the motorcycle could lock up and flip over, thus leaving you in a bad situation. Why not just use the rear brake all the time? It seems much more naturale oui?
Bicyclists and motorcyclists rely on the front brake because as you brake, weight transfers towards the front due to inertia. This transfer of weight unloads the rear wheel, traction diminishes rapidly, and the rear tire's ability to stop the bike will pretty much become nil. It's quite easy to lock up the rear in normal braking due to this. When firmly, but not abruptly, applying the front brake, the weight of the bike loads more onto the front tire and actually decreases the chance of it locking, increasing that tire's ability to hold and stop the bike. Now sure, it's safer in that you won't flip, but when you need to stop before next Tuesday (or that car stopped in front of you), you've got to become more skilled at braking with the front. Properly done you will not flip the bike, and will stop in the shortest amount of time. There are many videos on youtube that show the differences in front vs. rear braking, and I recommend you watch them. Of course, all of this depends on conditions. If it's wet I'll rely a tad more on the rear and brake sooner, but I will still use my front for all primary braking situations.
Q:do trial bikes have a conventional clutch operated by a lever on the handlebars, or is it a centrifugal clutch? also how many speeds does the transmission have? and as far as the brakes go, where are they located? it just seems like it would be really hard to do the things they do on trial bikes with the same control setup as a normal motorcycle
I second the answer given by McGuyver. Hi answer is spot on. Hey irkt, My first car was a 1964 1200 cc Volkswagon Beetle. I remember Bultaco brand of motorcycles along with Montessa and Ossa. I watch a very young kid tearing up the track at Red Bud during a two day riding school. The teacher was Gary Bailey and the kid was David BaiIey. At the time Gary was riding a Bultaco with a side car due to a broken right leg encased in plaster. I met, talked with, and shook hands with the great Roger DeCoster at Red Bud in Red Bud Michigan during one of the National MX races.
Q:Female motorcycle right handle has a brake is the front brake, right foot that there is a brake is the rear wheel brakes, usually when the brakes how to control it? Just getting the motorcycle did not take long, because the front brake with too many fell a few wrestling, is not uphill when the front brake, downhill when the press after the brake, What else to pay attention to
The front brake of the motorcycle is mainly used when the auxiliary half-slope is started. When you press the front brake while the ramp is starting, the car is not easy to slip. After the brakes are the main brake, in any case the rear brake is the main, the general driving when the brakes can be on the front brake is not required to press. But if you want to shorten the braking distance, you can use, but must be with the good, or easy to wrestling, and Oh ~!...
Q:is it the same principle as a scooter with a semi-automatic transmission. In other words is it shifted electronically or manually as you would with a traditional clutch ?
James is right on with the description of the transmission. Two speed, left foot shift, shift as you wish, no clutch. If I remember correctly, the right lever was the front brake - as normal. The left lever (normally the clutch) was the parking brake, locking the front wheel. It was purposely set up to need two hands to avoid accidentally setting the brake.
Q:Do they make atuomatic motorcycles that do not need use of the feet? (Double Amputee with Prosthesis)
I know a local fellow that does not have the use of his legs and he rides a Can-Am. He set it up so that his wheelchair is on the side of the bike. Being in a wheelchair doesn't seem to stop him from enjoying the wind in his face. I don't know a lot about the Can-Am's but I do believe they come in automatic and I'm also not sure if the guy that I know had anything special done to his to make it rideable for him
Q:how to check brake fluid in a Suzuki GSXR-600 motorcycle?
The front brake reservoir is on the front brake lever, if it is clear plastic you will see the fluid level, it should be at least half way up but don't fill it to the top. Any spills need to be washed off by soapy water straight away as it dissolves paint. The rear brake, if a disc system, you will find the reservoir near the rear brake lever and the same applies as the front brake.
Q:After my Honda VT750 1998 fell down while riding, it started making noise somewhere around the front wheel; noise like two hard pieces are scratching each other. At the beginning the noise happened only when the front brake was applied, but now it happens when riding. I also feel weak knocking on the front brake lever. The pace of the knocking becomes faster as the speed of the bike slower. The brake disc was hot after a ride in which I used the brake.What is the problem and solutions? I'd appreciate answers not like take it to a shop. Thank you.
You might, given your additional details, have twisted the forks. But even though the impact was on the other side, first check the disc by raising the front end, and spinning the front wheel and use a pencil to measure the distance from fork leg to disc.

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