Class 180 nylon/polyurethane copper wire

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  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

  • Type:
    InsulatedModel Number:
    UEW/155, UEW/180

  • Application: motors winding

  • Conductor Material: Copper

  • Conductor Type: Stranded

  • Insulation Material: Enameled

  • Place of Origin: China

  • Conductor Material: Copper

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:as client requirement or Jintian Standard package
Delivery Detail:2-3 weeks


Size Range: 0.05mm-3.20mm
Class 130'C to Class 200'C
Certificates: ISO 9001-2000,TS16949,UL,RoHS and so on
60000 tons/year

Class 130 self-solderable polyurethane enameled round copper wire, magnet wire, winding wire. Very good solderability and thermal properties. Used in transformers, linear motors, relays, solenoids, small motors, clock coils, watch coils, fly-back transformers, magnetic heads, instruments.

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Q:Car stock stereo wiring harness cut help please?!?
All the wires should be different colors so matching the colors should get the wires spliced correctly.
Q:What tuners will work with my wiring harness?
well if you get another pioneer im pretty sure they have the same harnesses.
Q:Wiring harness diagram for chevy 2004 Suburban 1500?
Contact the nearest Chevy dealer.
Q:wire harness for Saab ?
Yes they make them. And I would advise using it, not cuttng the wires and hard wiring. The harness will be color coded to the aftermarket radios wire colors, so it will be simple to hook up and will plug right into the cars factory harness. That also leaves you the ability to put the factory radio back in if you sell the car later. The Metra part# is 70-1784. There are other brands available but I don't have part#'s for those. Any car audio shop should have one, just tell them what model and year of car. I think BestBuy carries the Metra part which I think is the best quality harness on the market.
Q:2000 Alero are the factory speakers soldered or wiring harness?
Any GM vehicle I have ever messed with the speakers are connected with 2 wire and a plastic connecter.
Q:wiring harness for 93 del sol?
For something like that you'd pay through the nose I highly doubt you could get that harness new for under 500.00 from the right Honda parts store.But they can run up to over 1,000 bucks and more so it's best to go looking or calling around to the big do it yourself auto wreckers and see if you can't simply take one off of a vehicle with the same engine and basic features under the hood or in car etc. Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way I've done a few harness's and it can be awhile taking one off of any vehicle but worth while if good harness and it fixes the car's electrical problems etc.
Q:How do I install a cd player if I don't have any wiring harness?
take the red wire ( usually it,s the hot wire ) and run it to a hot source like the battery then run the black wire to the grounds somewhere. now just run the ground and hot wires from the right speaker to the radio wires and touch them until the right speaker plays and do the same for the left speaker.
Q:Wire harness for 1997 Ford Explorer 4X4?
It is very common in salvage yards from roll overs, since Ford was recommending tire pressure of 26 psi. So you should be able to get a wire harness for $10 or so.
Q:Double ended wiring harness?
Well the white plugs are quick plug ins for the the speakers in the dodge ram. let me guess, the white, gray, grean, and purple wires are the ones that have the white plugs on them right? The black end of the harness is what plugs into the harness on the car. plug it in and make sure it fits. Once it fits disconect it and cut the white plugs off of the other end. Then just wire your new radio up the same way. Just in case you dont know the wireing I will tell you. I dont like to hear people burned a brand new radio or started poping fuses or something. Yellow Constant (+) Red Accesory (+) Black Ground (-) Orange Dimmer Blue Power Antena Blue/White Amp Turn On (+) White White/Black Front Left Speaker Gray Gray/Black Front Right Speaker Green Green/Black Rear Left Speaker Purple Purple/Black Rear Right Speaker I hope this helps you.
Q:If i cut the Stock the stereo wiring harness to my car, could it mess up the tranny and other wiring problems?
Yes. Sometimes other components of a vehicle are wired through the stereo. Usually it's the vents and fans, but it wouldn't surprise me if other things were on that circuit for other cars. Thats why it is important to not just clip off the wiring harness. You should get a harness to plug into the factory harness so that none of the extra circuits end up with no connection.

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