Circular concentric stranded wire for aerial application

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Application: Used for aerial power lines.

Standards: GB/T 1179-2008

Product characteristic: Steel-cored aluminium strand wire has its special characteristic, detailed as simple construction, convenience in installation and maintenance, low construction cost, big transmission capacity. It owns advantages for installation convenience by stepping over river, valley and for other special geographical conditions.

Cable cross-section configuration:

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Q:Where can i find a power supply cable for my Hp Psc 1510. and How much is it.?
u can find about your power supply cable . its hp parts direct store number.
If you guys in Italy use the one that is a right side up version is this =D then you should be fine. If bot you can buy a replacement cable for like $20 at a game store or best but or something like that.
Q:do all 1 tera hdd come with a power cable?
They should. I mean it would be dumb if they did not. But radio shacks or office depot type places. Like electronic stores or office stores. Online would be the best place. Just type the type of power cord your looking for on OKorder and I know for a fact you will find one. Good luck
Q:Speaker cable and Power cable in same path?
It should be fine as long as you do not tie wrap the speaker wire directly to the power wiring. Speaker wiring is pretty immune to interference except for in extreme cases. Just run it as far from the power as you can.
Q:Does Power outages affect cable phone service?
I specifically put that question to my cable provider a few months ago. This was the official answer Quoted: ----------------------- Hello Jeff. Thank you for your email. The answer to your query is surrounded by a few variables, the main one being your proximity to the ‘node’ that your Internet service feeds off. In the event of a neighbourhood-wide power outage, our “nodes” are equipped by back-up batteries that may be able to supply the required signals for the modem to receive and transmit, though limited in duration. But as with any supposedly fool-proof system, there always exists the possibility of fortuitous failure. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. Bob. Rep. no. 2597. E-Services Calgary, Telephone: 310-SHAW, Shaw Communications Inc. --------------------- So, in short, they do have battery backup for Internet on the local nodes... but for how long it will last is unknown and not guaranteed. That said, I am currently only using cable Internet to transport my VoIP services. I pulled the plug on my local telco, months ago. I have my cable modem, router, VoIP ATA adapter, and cordless phones connected to a battery-backed-up UPS power supply. But, these are all only temporary backup solutions. If you feel too nervous about not having phone or 911 service during a power outage... then, don't do it. Or, get a cell as your emergency backup comms.
Q:Will other power cables work with my PS3?
some PS3s have usual means furnish. to comprehend which one you have you are able to desire to open it. in case you do no longer prefer to open it (and void the guaranty) - use means converter. notice: for PS3 you will prefer a minimum of four hundred Watt. As for means cable itself - relies upon on the socket on your means converter.
Q:What are the requirements for the spacing between the strong and weak wires?
with a white cable to facilitate the distinction between the cable
Q:sata power input?
sounds like you need an adapter, it will hook right up to current power supply , there not more then a few dollars
Q:when sending off an xbox, do I include the power cables in the box?
dont send anything but the xbox! take out the hard drive all memory cards wireless and all wires before you send it back if you send anything else to microsoft they will not send it back they only send you back an xbox without a hard drive and a month of free xbox live no matter what you send them.
Q:Does Boss blues driver need a battery and power cable?
I have the blues driver and it is my favorite pedal you need one or the other you have too make sure its hooked up right the out put goes in the amp and the input goes in the guitar

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