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material:rubber wood



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Size can be customized

Can print your design of packing

Various styles for choice

Can print your design of packing

Small quantity order is accepted

We also have bamboo and plastic cutting board for choice

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All of our products are made by our experienced team of hard working artisans in a safe and responsible environment.

We take great pride not only in the outstanding quality of our products but also in the environment in which they are made

Every product that bears our name was made in an ethically and socially responsible way

Treated by high temperature, making our product antibacterial

Easy to clean, much durable and harder than other board due to the good material

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Brand-name Parts                   Country of Origin

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Q:Mahogany can do chopping board?
The theory can do but with mahogany chopping, mahogany and rosewood wood chopping put fine timber to petty use, which contains mild toxins, long-term use of a harm to human body.Daily use, to "five prevention", "no three":"Five" is to prevent direct sunlight, to avoid wood cracking or crisp; prevent over drying, avoid dry wood deformation; damp proof, lest meet wet wood, long decay; fire, furniture is wood products, flammable items, pay attention to the fire to burn; antimoth rat bite."Three" is not in the top of the cabinet table, chair, on the surface of heap weight, avoid furniture deformation; don't wipe or rinse with a damp cloth, but can not use alkaline water, alcohol, organic solvent cleaning, to avoid damage to wood fiber; move lift light light, don't pull hard pull, avoid damage
Q:Just buy the chopping board how to deal with it, after the use of the chopping board will not crack?
Of course, is to use boiled water boiled salt, but also strong and durable disinfection sterilization
Q:How does chopping block mould do? Can still use, can you remove mildew?
This is nothing to do with the cleaning of the best wash with water and then use the knife to clean or clean with a steel ball to clean the board for a long time without the use of mold is normal like a bad prop second days rusty iron pot
Q:How to deal with the new chopping board before use
You need to soak for 24 hours or more, so it will be durable and non cracking!
Q:Ask the new ginkgo tree chopping board for the first time how to deal with?
It is best to completely saturated salt water, salt is no longer dissolved in water. Because of the chopping board to soak brine, salt will slowly run into the chopping board, when the board again exposed in the air
Q:Just bought the iron wood cutting boards should be how to deal with durable and not to crack?
The correct method: soak overnight water (not necessarily saline) surface dry, the degree must grasp, is only the surface, then hot lard body wipes, to ensure that the internal water does not evaporate, even if it is not for a few years (knife, wash will destroy the protective layer) especially, in the dry north, the best one year to do it again
Q:Vegetable use what material is plastic cutting board
The best cutting board materials - excentrodendron hsienmu excentrodendron hsienmu (Excetrodendron hsiemvu (Chun et How) H.T. Chang et Miau), also known as fire wood, Tilia Tiliaceae, evergreen tree, endangered species. Located in Guangxi and Yunnan at an altitude of 700 to 900 meters in the limestone area of tropical seasonal rainforest. This kind of distribution center is in the south of Guangxi, extending westward to the limestone area in the southeast of Yunnan, and gradually disappearing into the north. In this kind of distribution is the northern margin of Yuanjiang, and occasionally. Young trees shade, more than 10 years of age need light. Flowering in March, fruit ripening in June, fruiting interval 2 to 3 years. It is one of a group of tropical limestone seasonal rain forest in the North tropical zone, which is a special plant of tropical limestone. It is a heavy timber, has a very good mechanical properties, machinery, special construction and shipbuilding, high-grade furniture of precious timber, but also a good material for the chopping board.
Q:The new red iron wood chopping block with what water immersion
I was soaked in salt water, put a lot of salt, soak for almost half a week
Q:How Ironwood chopping fade?
After the global water treatment after Ironwood chopping brine will turn black dark red fire, will emit special smell, and soaked in salt water inside the water turns red red this is normal after all I imagine for the people of Longzhou to Longzhou's first specialty Longzhou still understand the Ironwood chopping block, if it is false when the crack patching glue, but natural things have defects, if not properly maintained or cracking but only after cracking soaked in salt water for a long time will not affect the use of automatic repair
Q:What is the most difficult to buy the material to cut the mold?
Of course, the plastic is easy to use, but the most important thing is to clean up every time to run, stand up dry

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