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Product Description:

product name:acacia wood knife seat

material:acacia wood

N.W.:0.8kg    1.4kg    0.7kg



Has the quite distinct shape of the mountain wood grain, and the contact surface is a good sense

Excellent toughness, process into various curved according to the needs , full of beauty

Solid texture,manufactured goods with firm structure,prolonged service life

The texture of rubber wood is fine and closely woven,pore full of lots ot padding so it's hard to absorb water and corrode.


1、The knife seat use material of high quality natural acacia wood and take professional advanced machine equipment and manual binding.

2、The knife seat was refined by material, assembly, polishing, painting and other procedures.

3、The knife holder has the advantages of real materials, excellent workmanship, mouldproof and moth proofing, anti bacteria, wear-resisting etc.

4、Hoteam commerce co.,LTD,is a manufactory specialized in all kinds of wood knife handles,wood seats,chopping boards and other woodworks.

5、Because the knife tool contact with tool wet food for long time, is very easy to breed bacteria, you should ensure  that  dry and clean and put it in the open air

Carbonized bamboo knife seat quantity:

Safety, health, bright color,durable,the everyday necessary good products

Anti-mildew change,anti moth

Environmental protection,no crack,no decay

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Q:How to crack willow chopping board
With the scrap of the old belt, you can also use pigskin, around the chopping board in a circle around the hoop.If it is pigskin must wipe off the residual fat, otherwise it will stink.
Q:How to deal with the new wood chopping board?
1, the new board will repurchase, flat on the chopping board bracket. Double coated rapeseed oil, dried after repeated smear, until saturated vegetable oil penetrating. After a few days, the fuel consumption as board size, generally only spent more than 250 grams. The vegetable oil processing, regardless of the length of time, will not crack the chopping board.2, use boiling water to burn, the outer layer of wax wash, wash away, be sure to use a strong brine soak for a day, concentrated salt water is to boil, while the hot salt, add to no longer melt. The purpose of using concentrated brine for a day is to make the surface of the wood with salt, salt is hygroscopic, can prevent dry wood cracking. After soaking out, heat oil in wok, cool to 70 degrees, on the surface of the chopping board, standing for a moment, then painted, painted several times. The oil suction almost, oil paper to dry, the chopping board can be used. In addition, if the board should not long, but also painted a good oil flat storage.The chopping board mildew tips:The hot summer because of moist air, especially in the rainy south, chopping board easily moldy, so every time you use clean cloth to clean the board application, placed in dry ventilated place. If the board has mildew, will be placed on the chopping board Taomi Shui or put detergent scrub, then rinse with clear water, placed in ventilated place to dry, but do not easily wet boards placed in the sun, to prevent the deformation effect.
Q:How to quickly remove the black spots on the bamboo chopping board?
It is difficult to wash, but you can try, wash with detergent first clean, washed clean after the whole chopping board with salt, placed 5 minutes, rinse clean with white vinegar or a half of the disinfection of the 84 hour to an hour. And then put the ventilation tilted against the air.
Q:Just buy the chopping board how to deal with it, after the use of the chopping board will not crack?
Soak in salt water, soak him, usually should also love, run out of water, so as not to rot heart.
Q:How to deal with the use of fresh chopping board?
Chopping board crack tips: buy a new chopping board, cut the upper and lower sides of the board and the surrounding coated with edible oil, oil to dry and then coated, painted three or four times, the oil can be used after drying, so that the board will be durable.
Q:How to prevent cracking of Ironwood chopping block?
The first method: first with oil bubble for a week, take out the shade for a month, then with a chopping block and as wide as a fresh leather hoop, the interface for a row of about 3cm pin for a long time, slightly dry leather can be used.Second kinds of methods: saline (not 1 to salt, salt also) completely soaked, slightly saline concentration 1, the best is 3-4 days, the middle can change 1 or more salt brine. Soak the surface after cleaning can be used, pay attention to avoid exposure, with a few years will not crack.
Q:How Ironwood chopping fade?
Is the color of Ironwood chopping board, a long time will fade.The maintenance of iron wood cutting boards to long-term moisturizing after use, wash clean, with a wet towel on top of moisture.If there is a crack, it is difficult to remedy, the only way is to dip the chopping board in the water, so that the board is fully wet, to minimize the cracks.
Q:Vegetable use what material is plastic cutting board
The best cutting board materials - excentrodendron hsienmu excentrodendron hsienmu (Excetrodendron hsiemvu (Chun et How) H.T. Chang et Miau), also known as fire wood, Tilia Tiliaceae, evergreen tree, endangered species. Located in Guangxi and Yunnan at an altitude of 700 to 900 meters in the limestone area of tropical seasonal rainforest. This kind of distribution center is in the south of Guangxi, extending westward to the limestone area in the southeast of Yunnan, and gradually disappearing into the north. In this kind of distribution is the northern margin of Yuanjiang, and occasionally. Young trees shade, more than 10 years of age need light. Flowering in March, fruit ripening in June, fruiting interval 2 to 3 years. It is one of a group of tropical limestone seasonal rain forest in the North tropical zone, which is a special plant of tropical limestone. It is a heavy timber, has a very good mechanical properties, machinery, special construction and shipbuilding, high-grade furniture of precious timber, but also a good material for the chopping board.
Q:Fir chopping block mildew how to deal with?
If it is bought, it is recommended that high concentrations of salt water first soak. Dry storage. After each use, clean, dry and ventilated place, avoid exposure to prevent cracking.If you have mildew, please sterilization (pasteurization or 85 DEG C, alcohol disinfection disinfection saline concentration was 75%, higher than 25%), when necessary to dig out the moldy parts. The best three methods are used to ensure that different varieties of bacteria are inhibited.
Q:How to clean plastic chopping board
Now we all use wood plate, plastic is not good, you can not use. Because the plastic chopping you always have some particles fall in the dish, eat what is not good for people, not only good

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