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material:beech wood



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Size can be customized

Can print your design of packing

Various styles for choice

Can print your design of packing

Small quantity order is accepted

We also have bamboo and plastic cutting board for choice

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All of our products are made by our experienced team of hard working artisans in a safe and responsible environment.

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Treated by high temperature, making our product antibacterial

Easy to clean, much durable and harder than other board due to the good material

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Q:What about the wood chopping borer?
In this case prior to use boiling water will wash and then cutting board, hanging in the ventilation to dry.If no cleaning after use wood chopping and dry, or long-term place place does not move, it is very easy to send the old mold fungus snake, we advise you to use after the timely cleaning, hang dry, still can maintain regular boiling water to wash, clean and sanitary chopping board.
Q:How to eliminate the smell of wood chopping block?
Wash with a steel brushRinse with fresh water
Q:How to do the new clam chopping board with a heavy flavor
The block hardness is too strong damaged knife. Easy to crack, because too much inconvenience to move to dry, early iron wood cutting boards is already out of goods, if you insist, then usually used to dry, the best timing with mineral oil
Q:Ask the new ginkgo tree chopping board for the first time how to deal with?
Small health brand ginkgo wood chopping boards have a manual, illustrated, on the Taobao search for small health brand ginkgo wood chopping board, after the purchase with the maintenance package maintenance, very simple and quick
Q:Buy a new iron wood cutting boards any sour smell, how deodorant?
Get some water to bubble, and then wipe some lard
Q:How to remove mildew wood chopping board
1, boards after use, wash with detergent, then wash a hot boiling water, so you can play the role of sterilization daily.After washing with a clean cloth to wipe clean, so that the board as soon as possible dehumidification,2, don't end up cutting board placed close to the wall or flat against the counter, and it should be placed in ventilated place to dry up.3, a cleaning, do not use steel brush to scrub hard, in order to avoid the surface of the chopping board is more rough, and hidden bacteria. Can be washed with a kitchen knife or loofah.4, if the board has become moldy, can use stainless steel cleaning wire or sandpaper friction force moldy place, then rinse with hot boiling water, but this method can completely remove mildew.5, can also be a chopping board soaked in Taomi Shui, add salt or alkali wash, wash on the board to pour some vinegar, sun dried, and then washed with water.6, to maintain or to board daily, can often use hot or boiling water, put the sun sterilization, but can not withstand exposure, so as not to board too strong sunlight and cracking.7, keep a week to sprinkle a salt on the chopping board.8, can also be sprayed on the white board, put half an hour after the wash, not only can sterilization, but also in addition to taste.9, if the board moldy serious, not by scrubbing is useless, can be moldy with a plane under this layer, or directly for the new board.
Q:Chopping board to buy back why use salt water bubble?
Estimated to be dyed, or from the board after the farmers market to buy wood. Personally think or do not use.
Q:How to deal with the newly bought rosewood chopping board?
The newly bought rosewood chopping board placed in a light salt water soak overnight, so that the chopping board to absorb light salt water, it is not easy to crack, it is more durable! Ten days and a half of a bubble of water, can effectively prevent cracking! For reference! Hope useful!
Q:How to deal with the new bamboo chopping board can be used?
Buy a new bamboo chopping board clean, dry, and then the pot boil some edible oil, oil heat in 70, 80 degrees, spoon oil poured on the opposite of Motake Izhen on the chopping board understand oil, put the oil droplets clean after use it.1, maintenance: the purchase of new bamboo chopping board opened the package after normal cleaning can be used. Round bamboo chopping board in order to prolong the service life, be sure to keep the face moist, and both sides of rotation, such as loose surface according to the situation with warm water for 1 to 10 minutes, not too long soaking time or boiled. The chopping board preferably use hang dry in well ventilated place.2, board classification: in order to avoid cross infection, can have a fresh cut bamboo chopping board, one side cut cooked. After each class of food, wash immediately, and then cut the next kind of food. If you cut meat, wash with warm water.3, to prevent cracking of the chopping board, buy new board, should be immediately oiled. It is in the upper and lower sides of the chopping board and the surrounding oil, oil to be dry and then painted, painted three or four times.Around the board easy to crack, can be repeated several times over Tu, you can use dry oil. After this treatment, the chopping board is not easy to crack. Because the oil penetration strong, not volatile, can long-term moist wood, can prevent the cutting board burst. Oil and corrosion, and therefore durable board.4, do not use detergent, because the cleaning liquid will seep into the chopping board, cutting board for a long time will lead to mildew, food was not for health.5, such as chopping board processed oil heavy food, available hot water continuously brushing fast oil. Remember not to brush the pan6, attention should not be placed on the chopping board position in direct sunlight, avoid excessive drying and cracking chopping board.
Q:Mahogany can do chopping board?
How to say it. The main thing is mahogany should wet, avoid drying after exposure and do not block must let it dry for a bit, if you have been let it wet. There will be bacteria, harmful to the human body. It is not the block itself is harmful to people,

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