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material:beech wood



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We also have bamboo and plastic cutting board for choice

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Easy to clean, much durable and harder than other board due to the good material

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Q:Mahogany can do chopping board?
Yes of course, but not all can do mahogany wood chopping block, the best is ironwood.Ironwood is also called "excentrodendron hsienmu" originated in China's southern Guangxi and northern Vietnam, often grows in mountain forests in the Carboniferous rocks or piles due to the slow growth, precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, tall wood, Hector red, tissue density, and absorbed a lot of calcium mineral mountain, so the wood is as hard as iron the average weight per cubic centimeter, 1.089 kg, hardness per square 2136 kg per cent, wood quality coefficient 3292, toughness, sink into the water, very resistant, calendar Millennium immortal, famous for the high quality and high hardness of wood.How to identify the Ironwood chopping block and common wood chopping block:First, look at the characteristics. "The old Ironwood" block of wood fiber, dense and hard, made of it has no chopping, chopping mud, water, no corrosion, surface smooth, clean, long service life. The ordinary wooden board, commonly made of maple wood, Catalpa wood, were a soft wood sawdust is easy to fall.Two, look at the relative density. "Ironwood" chopping wood than the major sink in water, wood is not common.Three, see texture. "Iron wood" wood chopping twill, common wood is not.Four, see hardness. "Ironwood" block with his thumb nail row is not significant in the section of nail marks, common wood is significant.Five, listen to the sound. "Iron hammer" chopping block is used as iron a jingling sound, while the ordinary wood is a slap on the sound of it.
Q:Is it necessary to use different knives and chopping boards for raw and cooked food?
From a health perspective, it is necessary to use separate, because eating bacteria stick on the chopping block in the cutting process (raw food can be processed, but bacterial disinfection) glued on the chopping block when cutting cooked food sticks to cooked food, cooked food if not processed edible will put bacteria to the stomach, although it is necessary to use separate chopping block, but the raw food and cooked food chopping out is also to be cleaned, so that more health. ---- Beijing arts boards, for you to answer.
Q:Chopping board moldy, cracking how to do
1 change. But the money problem2 hot water with soft after the use of two thick wire bindingMore than two proposed second suggestions to consider the block material. Some block is more global cracking. Some things more open global. Le wire also tight on the chopping block dehydration 2-3 days after loosening. The problem is not so good solution.(Chinese pine, Pinus sylvestris, pine. Pine. Pine, Mount Huangshan pine, Pinus densata many kinds of what you said is not generally estimated) is also chopping pine or vertical cross section? Pine generally softer texture easily cut grinding may affect the quality of food, in addition to the residual liquid pine oil on the chopping block will slightly changed the taste of dishes. Recommend the use of steel bamboo chopping board. Hard texture. Not easy to mildew and rot cracking.
Q:Not long to how to save iron block
1; boards after use, with a knife to scrape the surface, the residual food residue and other substances from scratch, but note that when used not only scraping knife scraping cutting center, so a long time will be a middle of the chopping board concave hole, can not be used.2; first use hard brush and water to the surface of the chopping board slot of the food waste wash clean, then rinse with hot water again, hot water good sterilization effect.3; solar UV radiation can kill bacteria effectively, when the board not after cleaning, drying in the sun, so that not only can kill bacteria, but also makes the chopping board becomes dry, reduce breeding bacteria, but the wood chopping board should not be placed on the long time exposure to the sun, will be easy to crack, generally 2-3 hours good.4; plant oil on both sides, dry and then coated until no longer absorbed. Conditional direct oil immersion. Can prevent desiccation.5; a layer of salt on both sides evenly on the chopping board, it can not only prevent the same sterilization dry chopping board.6; sealed with a plastic wrap.
Q:Wood chopping board or plastic chopping board?
It is simple and cook dishes, clean with a plastic mold. The chopping block of wood is used to drop
Q:How to remove the smell of wood chopping block
When the chopping board starts to smell, it's time for baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda over the entire surface of the chopping block and melt with a sponge. Then the whole 100ml pour vinegar waiting for a moment, and the foaming after rinse with hot water. Keep the cleaning of the chopping board by using the deodorization and sterilization effect of sodium bicarbonate.
Q:How to deal with new iron wood chopping block
With a little salt water bubble can be a month, in the middle without water. No oil. My family is doing so, the effect is very good oh.
Q:How to deal with the newly bought rosewood chopping board?
The newly bought rosewood chopping board placed in a light salt water soak overnight, so that the chopping board to absorb light salt water, it is not easy to crack, it is more durable! Ten days and a half of a bubble of water, can effectively prevent cracking! For reference! Hope useful!
Q:Fir chopping block mildew how to deal with?
With moldy chopping chopping, after people eat will have a bad effect, may cause acute gastroenteritis, vomiting, diarrhea and so on adverse reaction.Lead to the cause of the chopping block moldy: after the use of the surface did not clean up the foreign body residue, no cleaning, no ventilation placed in the shade, placed in damp places, etc..Mildew is actually very simple: every time after use clean the surface of the chopping board residue, and then placed in a clean and ventilated place, such as windows and other places, the idea not to place the sun and wet places.If you have already moldy, cleaning can be used to minimize the use of chemicals, raw salt blisters, rinse clean in place ventilation; or boil a pot of water, cook for five to ten minutes, wash clean and ventilated place.
Q:How to clean plastic chopping board
1 sun disinfection: the sun's ultraviolet rays kill bacteria, or do not run out of clean cutting boards should be placed in the sun exposure, so that not only can kill bacteria, and can make the block dry, reduce the bacterial reproduction.2 laundry disinfection method: first use wire brush and water cutting board surface and gaps wash clean, then rinse again with boiling water.3 sprinkle salt disinfection method: every time you use the chopping board, you must use a knife to scrape the surface of the residue, every 3~4 days on the board to sprinkle a layer of salt, which can not only sterilization, but also to prevent the chopping board chapped.4 ginger disinfection: chopping board with a long time, will produce a strange smell. With ginger or raw onion chopping will wipe it again, then side with boiling water washed, side brush, smell will disappear.5 vinegar disinfection method: cut the fish chopping board, as long as the surface of a small amount of vinegar on the surface after washing into the sun to dry, and then washed with water, there will be no smell.In addition, there are two points to remind everyone is: first, no matter what kind of disinfection is used, we must first clean the broken board. Two, cut raw and cooked food should be separated from different chopping board. In order to better prevent the spread of bacteria

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