Channel Ceiling System, Ceiling T Grid

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Product Description:

Grille ceiling system enables open ceiling plane constructions, offering a wide variety of cells and patterns for maximum freedom of design. Our panels are created with a proprietary manufacturing process that ensures clean lines and durability.


Product Applications:

1. suitable for construction together with mineral wool board,gypsum board,aluminum square ceiling and calcium silicate board etc.

2. Widely used in marketplace,bank,hotel,factory and terminal building etc.



Product Advantages:

  • 1. Convenience in installation, it shortens working time and labor fees.

  • 2. Neither air nor environment pollution while installing. with good effect for space dividing and beautifying. 

  • 3. Using fire proof material to assure living safety.

  • 4. Can be installed according to practical demands.

  • 5. The physical coefficient of all kinds Suspension Ceiling grid are ready for customer and designers' reference and request.



Main Product Features:


1) Surface smoothness and easy cleaning
2) High precision, lighter weight, higher strength, better rigidity
3) Strong corrupt proof, weather proof and chemical
4) Easy to match lamps or other ceiling parts 
5) Flexible suspension system make each ceiling tiles easy install and disconnect


Product Specifications:

Channel Ceiling System, Ceiling T Grid




Q:How many the warranty years of your products?
A:15 years for indoor used,20 years for ourdoor used.

Q:Can you show me the installation instruction?
A:Yes,our engineering department is in charge of helping your installation.any question,you can let me know.




Channel Ceiling System, Ceiling T Grid

Channel Ceiling System, Ceiling T Grid

Channel Ceiling System, Ceiling T Grid



Channel Ceiling System, Ceiling T Grid



Channel Ceiling System, Ceiling T Grid

Channel Ceiling System, Ceiling T Grid


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Q:1 square light steel keel ceiling keel consumption coefficient how to count it
Light steel keel ceiling is the cheapest in the ceiling. Generally used for pavement restaurant, etc., package workers generally 20 --- 25 a flat, (remember is light steel keel ceiling is not gypsum board ceiling), gypsum board ceiling 150 or so, mainly to see the difficulty of modeling factors. Kitchen with plastic buckle plate (economical about 40 or so package package material) or Lv Kouban (more expensive about 120 contract package material), balcony with sauna board (belonging to the finished product price is more expensive) bar, different provinces and cities price, I Chengdu, the above is the Chengdu town of the offer, the price of different provinces and cities as a reference, the proposed landlord or go around to inquire about their own and then to make judgments. If the answer is useful to you, please take it in time.
Q:It is good when the ceiling is light steel keel and wood keel
Light steel keel and wood keel each have their own advantages, but from all aspects of consideration or light steel keel advantages more: Light steel keel is not deformed, not damp, but no wood light and flexible shape, wood keel flammable, easy to mold rotten, not fire, but the wooden keel to do easy to shape, so you can choose according to the situation keel
Q:Do the ceiling, the general use of what kind of specifications gypsum board and light steel keel?
Light steel keel points on the people, not on the people, the master hanging system: CS50CB50, CS60CB50, CS60CB60, not on the system: CB38CB50, CB50CB50.
Q:Light steel keel what accessories
Ceiling keel is divided into 50 series and 60 series, wall keel series is generally divided into 75,100 series, you have to ask which one
Q:I have a suspended ceiling that is 2' x 4'- the guy at Lowe's told me I can use the USG Lace 12 x 12 tiles to interlock to have 8 of them fit in a this actually possible? Everything I have seen online says that those are to staple or glue up- not to be placed in a 2' x 4' grid.
I wouldn t think you could either. I would think that middle seam would sag after awhile,. Go with your gut and don t ... GL
Q:Light steel keel wall specification problem, my layer of high 4.3 meters, ceiling elevation of 3 meters, then the light barrier keel above the 1.3 meters with no gypsum board? Is there any specification?
Do not have to use. But light steel keel must be done head. Can be ruled to do 4.3 meters of the partition keel, due to a higher height, try to use the national standard specifications. So that its strong bearing capacity. And then use 38 through the heart keel to do support. 1.3 meters above the ceiling can be no gypsum board.
Q:For one of my classes I have to do a floor plan with furnishings and electrical and then I also have to do a reflected ceiling plan of the same floor that includes lighting, HVAC, and finished materials. I was just wondering what the difference is?
Reflected Floor Plan
Q:I would rather not drywall the ceiling to provide future access to wiring and ductwork. What could be used to reduce overall noise? I am most concerned about the master bedroom, which is right above the area being finished, as there will be a home theatre system installed.
Definately go with a suspended acoustical ceiling. It muffles noise, is easy to install, and you can set fluorescent light fixtures into the grid. The article Install a Suspended Grid Ceiling on the following link, tells you just how to do it, step by step.
Q:The old ceiling that is there is holding all the blown in, insulation.
Yes, if the ceiling/roof appears structurally sound for the added weight. I would use lighter weight thin drywall with screws into the ceiling framing with glue also.
Q:Introduction of paint keel
Its role and aluminum keel is the same, but also for the beautiful, from a stent role. With supporting the silicon calcium board and mineral wool board and so on.

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