Carpet Double Strip Carpet with PVC Backing in Rolls

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Min Order Qty:
300 m²
Supply Capability:
10000 m²/month

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Product Description:

1.  Why choose us? 


  • We are the carpet & mat manufactury;

  • Efficient and innovative Designer Team;

  • Strictly Quality Control System;

  • Professional Technical Online Service;

  • Any mail or message will be replied within 8 hours;

  • 3 No: No MOQ, No Color Limited, No artwork charge;

  • Completive Manufactory Price;

  • 5 years limited Manufactory Warranty to special mats;

  • More than 7 years cooperated experience with Top 500 Companies in theworld. 


2.   Woven Axminster Carpet Specifications


Style Name:

   Axminster Carpet/5 star hotel carpet/luxury carpet , High Quality Hotel Carpet

H.S. Code:

5702 4100

5702 4100

5702 4100

5702 4100

Area of Suitability:

Hotel, Suite, Room, Mosque, Conference, Lobby, Hallway, Corridor, Meeting Room, Casino, Restaurant, Public Areas

Yarn Fiber:

80% NZ Wool and 20% Solutia Nylon

Color No.:

Max. 16 colors as approval, 2 stocked sets 18 colors/set


7 per inch

7 per inch

7 per inch

7 per inch






Tuft Density:

49 per inch

56 per inch

63 per inch

70 per inch

Yarn Count:

2/47's Dewsbury – 660/2 Tex

Pile Height:

8mm +/- 0.5mm

8mm +/- 0.5mm

8mm +/- 0.5mm

8mm +/- 0.5mm

Total Height:

10mm +/- 0.5mm

10mm +/- 0.5mm

10mm +/- 0.5mm

10mm +/- 0.5mm

Pile Weight:





Total Weight:






Polyester, Jute/PP, Constructive BASF Latex






Permanent Antistatic:





Fire Rating:

Passed Bf1-s1, t1

Passed Bf1-s1, t1


Medium Contract Use

Heavy Contract Use

Special Treatment:

Anti Bacteria Protection (Free), Anti Stain Finish (Additional Charge)



3. Payment Term & Lead Time


MOQ (Min Order Quantity):

300 sqm

Payment Terms:

40% Payment in advance, balance before shipment.

Shipping Port:

From Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen to any ports.

Container Capability:

20’GP: 3000sqm, 40’GP: 6000sqm, 40’HQ: 8000sqm

Delivery Time:

25-35 days upon the deposit, please double check, when ordering.

Packing Details:

In rolls

4. Construction & Features 


  • Top grade woven Axminster Equipment;

  • 80%wool 20% Nylon with jute backing

  • Easy to clean. Dry quickly. Good wearability. Launder Well;

  • Jute backing with Environmental Protection, strong durable;

  • Jute backing is not shrink, strong power

  • Antistatic, Anti-bacterial, Mildew proof, kindly to child;

  • Waterproof, oil-proof and stain resistance;

  • 5-6 class color fastness according to the UK lab test. 



Axminster Carpet 
1. 80% Wool 20% Nylon 
2. 8mm Pile Height 
3. Max 4m width in roll 
4. Jute Backing, Heavy Duty Traffic

Carpet Double Strip Carpet with PVC Backing in Rolls

Carpet Double Strip Carpet with PVC Backing in Rolls

Carpet Double Strip Carpet with PVC Backing in Rolls


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Q:That is the best way to get the smell out of my carpet?
Get new carpet. You can try Microban products, which kills mildew and definately helps eliminate smells, but its rather expensixe, and if you had much water at all, may not be worth the cost. Get a little extra insurance the next time, they will cover basement leaks if you get a rather inexpensive rider for it (Ive got it for mine).
Q:Acrylic carpet, acrylic carpet price?
Pure acrylic carpet belongs to chemical fiber material, the color of yarn, fabric and yarn is relatively bright, and now most of the carpet exported by hand is made of acrylic fiber.
Q:How much is the price of office carpet?
The office carpet can not only beautify the office, but also the sound insulation effect is good. The most common installation office in the main office carpet carpet carpet and office two, the carpet is most commonly used in that office carpet cheap, generally 25-50 yuan, of course, different materials carpet prices also vary greatly, such as nylon carpet is hundred yuan a square meters. According to statistics, the largest amount of office carpets, the average company will change carpets every two years.
Q:Nail polish stain on carpet!?
Things You'll Need: Nail Polish Remover (Acetone), Window/Glass Cleaner, Hair Spray, Shaving cream, Oxy Clean, Butter Knife (or similar shaped object) Paper Towels. 1. Take a deep breath! The nail polish stain can be removed from the carpet. First begin to lightly dab the Acetone Nail Polish remover on the stain with paper towels. (Make sure you test it on a small spot on your carpet first to be sure it doesn't stain). 2. Slowly dab up the nail polish stain using the nail polish remover and paper towels. If all of the stain does not come up try spraying hairspray and/or shaving cream on the nail polish. Use small amounts and gently scrub the stain out. I recommend using a scrubbing brush (such as one used to wash dishes) or a toothbrush to really get the stain out. You can also use the butter knife to try and work the stain out if it is beginning to dry. At this point you may also want to try spraying window or glass cleaner on the nail polish stain. This helped quite a bit in removing the stain on my carpet. 3. Be sure to continue to use paper towels to soak up the nail polish stain from the carpet and make sure you do not get the carpet too wet. 4. Once you remove the nail polish stain, allow the carpet to dry. If there is still light staining, try using Oxy Clean to get the last of it out. Tips Warnings Be patient. It takes awhile to remove a nail polish stain from a carpet..Be Gentle. You do not want to work the stain into the carpet any more than it already is..The first product you try may not work. Keep trying until you see what works for you..Always test sections of your carpet with any item you decide to use to remove the nail polish stain. Do this in a closet or somewhere it will not be noticeable if it stains..If you cannot get the stain out, call a professional carpet cleaner. Better safe than sorry..Do not cut the carpet..
Q:would it be nice to have wood floor and rugs?
I have wood floors all through the house. Solid oak. I have rugs all over the house, most washable, except one in the living room which I clean with woolite. I don't really think they are cold in winter, we have a basement, which is insulated. They can be dusted with a swiffer duster, or a regular dust mop. They do need cleaned, and that is hard work or is for me now, with a bad back. By the way, I bought a shark steam pocket mop, the first time I used it, I sat it down for just a second, to move a candle stand. It make a white mark on my wood floor in the living room. I have rubbed and rubbed on that, I can still see it, no one else would probably notice it now, but be careful with those steam mops on hardwood. They really get hot. Do not let them sit a second without moving them.
Q:Reviving my apartment's carpet?
Maybe using the shampooer on it so often is taking the life out of your carpet. It's good to use once in awhile, but I think a regular vacuuming would do the job. As for getting your carpet perked back up- there are attachments you can buy- some look like rakes and it will plush the carpet back up (it will only work if you have plush carpeting).
Q:What is dornier carpet
It can be folded, or use below 30 degrees Celsius warm water with soft detergent to wash blanket surface. Size (CM), not easy to slip
Q:How to put the carpet?
Q:how to replace part of carpet?
Do you have any spare carpet from when they installed the carpet? You can cut a small section out and match it to the spare carpet, then use carpet tape to reapply it. Or you could cut a small piece out of the back of a closet and use it to patch. It would be a lot easier to just put a nice throw rug over the burn mark though.
Q:How should I restore this old area rug?
Take the rug to a professional that deals with older rugs ie.orientals and persians. If you do it yourself, you can easily damage the fibers.

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