7.5KW Water Pump For Agricultural Irrigation 380V

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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin:Henan, China (Mainland)

  • Model Number:175QJ40-36/3

  • Theory:Centrifugal Pump

  • Structure:Multistage Pump

  • Usage:Water

  • Power:Electric

  • Standard or Nonstandard:Standard

  • Fuel:Electric

  • Pressure:Low Pressure

  • Application:Submersible

  • Material:cast iron/stainless steel/nodular cast iron

  • Color:As per request

  • Pump Flow:40m3/h

  • Head Meter:36m

  • Min. Well diamater:175mm

  • Motor power:7.5kw,380V, 50HZ, three-phases

  • MOQ:1set

  • Payment:L/C;T/T

  • Delivery term:5-7days after payment confirmation

  • Price:299USD~499USD

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Wooden package with iron belt or as per request
Delivery Detail:5-7 days after payment confirmation


7.5kw water pump for agricultural irrigation 380V
1.Flow range:10~600m3/h
2.Caliber scope: 32~203mm
3.Lift scope: 5~60mm

7.5kw water pump for agricultural irrigation 380V

1. Working Parameters:

(1). Flow range10~600m3/h,

(2). Lift scope within 5~600m;

(3). Caliber scope 32~203mm,

(4). Temperature range-15~80° C.

2. Products Overview:

  SQJ Series submersible pumps widely used in farmland irrigation, spray irrigation and water-use, industrial and civil

buildings, also the drainage system to level hills, mountains of diversion, in the low-lying areas dunes, urban and rural

mining supply, drainage and other water conservancy facilities. Its characteristics are the electrical, water pumps and

assembled into a simple structure, the installation of the demolition of convenience, small footprint, the use of simple maintenance, safe reliable operation, no water pollution and so on.

3. Use conditions:

(1). 380 V bias voltage does not exceed + -5% and 50 HZ frequency, and the deviation is not more than + -1% of the

      three-phase power supply.

(2). Electrical cavity must fill water.

(3). The first-class pump impeller should at least go into the dynamic water level 2 m below surface. Static pump unit

      immersed under water shall not be greater than 70 m.

(4). Electrical from the bottom of the bottom of the well shall be not less than 3 m.

(5). The water temperature no higher than 20 ° C, QJR-temperature hot water pump up to 80 ° C.

(6). Water and sand content (by mass) of not more than 0.01%.

(7). Water PH 6.5-8.5.

(8). The hydrogen sulfide in water content is not more than 1.5 mg / L.

(9). Water should ensure continued operation of the pump needs.

4.Structure feature:

(1). pump: The pump is installed on the upper part of the pump units.It's centrifugal and has water lubricated

a. bearing mounted with the motor shaft by a joint.

b. There is a check valve on top of the pump which could prevent rapaid inverse rotation from backword flow.

c. The pump unit should be immersed below the dynamic water lever when in using.

(2). motor: The motor is installed under the pump.

a. It is a water filled in hermatical structure.The stator windings are water-tight and PE insulating and multi-layers are covered with nylon.

b. The motor bearing is water-lubricated.The inner motor contains clean water to cool the water body and the bearing.

c. The rubber diaphgram adjusts the pressure change caused when temperature rises.

d. There is a sand resistance system in the upper part of the motor.

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i'm assuming which you're pertaining to a nicely pump, and your suitable it sounds like it is working slightly too many times (short cycling). in many circumstances on a nicely gadget you will detect a stress tank, which will look after a reservoir of water at a somewhat consistent stress. The tank will empty as water is used interior the homestead until the nicely pump kicks in to replenish it. commonly this takes between 5 to 10 minutes, yet this time is extremely variable depending on length of take, stress placing, etc.. in case you're stress tank has develop into water logged it could account for the situation you're having, and you will would desire to recharge the tank with air. you will discover the air filler nozzle on the top of the tank on maximum fashions (apparently like a bicycle tire nozzle). in case you're nevertheless experiencing the situation afterwards then you certainly may well be wanting to purchase a sparkling stress tank (they often have a fifteen to 20 year existence span).
Q:Is it illegal to produce aluminium submersible pumps?
When buying, if you ask for a copper wire or a wire, and don't answer you, it's against the principle of good faith. On the contrary, if you did not ask to buy the water pump with aluminum core, then there is no violation. Because the country does not have any laws and regulations prohibiting the production of aluminum core wire motor, naturally there is no aluminum wire motor as a fake and shoddy products, there is no pre notice obligations.In fact, the aluminum core motor is good, and the price is low, especially in the dry environment of small and medium-sized motors, with good performance. Only used in submersible pumps, because aluminum is easier to damp than copper wire, due to bacteria and other corrosion, and its life is sometimes less than copper wire. But the water pump, aluminum often needs to rewind coil, because of a small submersible pump motor is not good around general scrap.
Q:What's wrong with the motor for my water pump?
You have an air volume problem and the tank is water logged. When this happens the pump motor short cycles and creates more heat than it can dissipate. A device inside the motor windings cuts the power until it cools again. You can cut the power off,drain the tank, then start all over, it will give you1/3 air pressure volume over 2/3 water. They have an air volume control that may not be operating properly. I use an air compressor on my pump and pump air into the tank about once every two months. It all depends on how much the pump runs.
Q:What is the difference between a low pressure pump and a high pressure pump?
High pressure pump head, large power! High pressure pump, low pressure pump has no strict limit
Q:Turn Pond Water Pump Off At Night?
Kenny, Pumps run 24 hours a day and are the chief piece of equipment responsible for keeping your pond healthy. One of the most important things that you can do when setting up a new pond is to get the proper equipment installed. The pump you install should move at least 1/2 of the total pond volume for a water garden. The term “water garden” is assumed to be a pond with lots of plants and some fish. A koi pond usually has few plants and large fish requiring more filtration than a water garden. This type of pond is better off moving at least the full volume of the pond each hour. Besides moving the water you also want to filter the water. The pump should move water through a filter that is sized for your pond. Biological filtration takes several weeks or months to mature to the point that it makes a major improvement on your water quality. The filter needs to run 24 hours a day 7 days a week to work.
Q:Water pump help it buzzes when it pumps or something
If you have good water pressure, then don't worry, It could be the line, tank or something laying on something, I share mine with the neighbor and is hums all the time, Not Buzz, I hope we are talking about the same thing,
Q:velosity of water pump of dirrrent pipe like suction & delivery?
Q:what would cause a domestic water pump to seize?
Depends on the type of pump, but for your garden variety type pump, there is a impeller of some sort that is turned by the motor to pump the water. The actual shaft of the motor is not in contact with the water (except where the impeller is attached to the shaft). A common type of failure mode here is when the seals on the shaft (which keep the water contained to the impeller area) have failed and water has gotten past the shaft seal and degraded the bearings holding the shaft = seizing up.
Q:need help on how to replace a water pump in a 1999 ford windstar3.8L?
drain cooling system, remove the fan belt. Remove the lower radiator hose, Remove nut from both front motor mounts. Remove alternator. Disconnect power steering pump pressure hose. Disconnect heater outlet tube from waterpump. Remove AC compressor front bracket, leaving compressor in place. jack up left side of motor about 5 inches. Remove waterpump bolts and nuts. Remove the drive belt tensioner pulley. remove the power steering pump with the hose still attached to it. and position it off to the side. Now remove the waterpump and gasket! reinstall in reverse order. This is taken from the Mitchell Repair Software.
Q:How many HP of water pump is needed to pump water from ground level to a height of 50 feet?
from a physics point of view, the power required depends on the flow rate as well as the pressure (from the water column height). So it's impossible to say.

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