3TREES Economical Exterior Paint Acrylic Wall Paint

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600 kg
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1000000 kg/month

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Product Description:


It is an economical acrylic emulsion exterior paint, which suits for the need of economical and practical properties.





Main components:

Modified acrylic emulsion, rutile type titanium dioxide



Sheen & Color:

Matt, White (only)


Theoretical consumption:

0.1~0.12 kg/㎡/coat (thickness of dry film: 2mm).


Dry time:

Touch dry, 1H/25℃; Recoat time, 4H/25℃



1.     High hiding power

2.     Washable (>1,000 times)

3.     Water-repelling (>96H)

4.     Alkali-resistant (>48H)










The procedures as follows:

1. The buyer need to pay 50% of the total amount of products as contract ordered, the rest should be paid off at the day when the products is ready (we will inform you the date) 

2. The supplier should accomplish the required quantity of products within 15 days after 50% deposit confirmed. 
(Note: The producing time of products will be beyond 15 days, in that case, it can be pre-negotiated) 

 3. The supplier provides declaration documents, assisting accomplishing the Custom Declaration process.  

4. The buyer can receive goods at local port. 
The supplier provides clearance documents, aiming to assist the buyer to accomplish the Clearance process. 
For detailed information, please connect the local freight forwarder. 


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Q:Which manufacturer's paint is good?
Guangdong, the United States Tu Shi Building Materials Co., Ltd. a professional paint, waterproof paint, wallpaper and other wall protection decorative products and production of large-scale integration of modern enterprises, with an annual output of over 200,000 tons, production capacity and market share in the forefront of the industry. With the Guangdong Shunde, Chengdu, Chengdu, two major production base, which is the United States Tu Shi Chengdu Industrial Park put into operation in 2017, is China's large-scale production base of paint is one of the current domestic production of high degree of automation standards of production lines, All the use of international advanced fully automated and fully enclosed production lines, all intelligent logistics system, the main production of paint, furniture, paint, furniture (footwear) adhesives, energy-saving building materials and other products, the project covers an area of 800 acres, Area of 200,000 square meters. In recent years, the United States Tu Shi to three-dimensional marketing, Qi made a wide range of products, and constantly enhance the brand, to strengthen the product market demand to meet.
Q:What is the damage to the taste of the paint?
Ammonia mainly from concrete walls in the concrete antifreeze, high alkali concrete expansion agent and early strength agent. Ammonia solubility is extremely high, the upper respiratory tract irritation and corrosion, will weaken the body's resistance to disease. Long-term exposure to ammonia may appear skin pigmentation or finger ulcers and other symptoms; short-term inhalation of a large number of ammonia can be after tears, sore throat, hoarseness, cough, sputum with blood, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, may be associated with dizziness, Nausea, vomiting, fatigue and other symptoms, severe cases can occur pulmonary edema, adult respiratory distress syndrome.
Q:What are the wall paint and paint?
In general, the wall decoration is to brush latex paint or wallpaper-based, both have their own advantages and disadvantages, latex paint may be cheaper, the effect may not be very good, wallpaper expensive, but beautiful and good, good Wall tube time is longer, so the best choice for wallpaper, such as Fort, Ruibao, Reese Dale such a well-known wallpaper brand it!
Q:Fluorescent pigments differ from fluorescent dyes
I am doing fluorescent pigments and can only answer
Q:Plastic paint and metal paint the difference? I use metal paint spray plastic will play from the skin Will you master how is it?
Spray paint will have a lot of formaldehyde volatile to the atmosphere
Q:paint material?
There paints designed specifically for interior and exterior surfaces. You don't say what you're going to paint. There are latex (water based) and alkyd (oil based)as well as mildew resistant paint for moist areas like bathrooms. There are a multitude of textures available. In regular paints there are high gloss, semi gloss, egg shell, flat, etc. There are also paints incorporating other materials to give the paint a textured feel. Some paints create multi-color speckled effects after application. You need to get to a paint store and explain what you want to paint and ask for suggestions on what paint they would recommend for the job.
Q:Paint and the day the water on the human body what kind of harm
Chronic benzene poisoning, mainly benzene on the skin, eyes and upper respiratory tract irritation.
Q:How can we spray the paint well?
    The preparation of the paint spray includes the inspection of the paint spray tool, the inspection of the paint spray wall, and the protection of the area around the wall. Specifically, it is necessary to check whether the paint spray tool can work properly, it is best to spray in advance to ensure that the tool can be used normally; for paint spray wall, the need to keep the wall smooth, for the wood surface need to use wood sandpaper repeatedly polished After the removal of the surface of the burr, if the surface color is uneven, the wood can be decolored in advance after the spray. For the metal surface, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the surface of the metal, painted in the anti-rust paint after spraying. For the wall need to protect the wall seams clean no debris, it is best to use a knife or fine sandpaper after grinding in the treatment.
Q:What is the difference between a ternary polymer battery and a polymer lithium battery?
In fact, lithium is divided into soft and hard packaging. Soft shell is the shell is soft, take a nail a trace there. Hard packs are those aluminum shell, the shell is very hard. They all have their own advantages. See product selection. Lithium polymer battery, ternary battery, manganese acid and lithium iron phosphate battery is said that the internal components of the battery only. Add chemical substances as required to change some of the characteristics of the battery. Such as voltage, temperature resistance. The cylinder is round like nickel-hydrogen, but the voltage is 3.7V.
Q:DNA can be dyed by what dye
Principle and analysis (1) DNA of eukaryotic cells is mainly distributed in the nucleus, RNA is mainly distributed in the cytoplasm. (2) methyl cyanide and pyroxene two kinds of dye on DNA and RNA affinity is different, methyl green on DNA affinity is strong, the DNA appears green, and pilocarpine has strong affinity for RNA, and the RNA is red, and the cells are stained with a mixture of methyl green and piroum red to simultaneously show DNA and RNA in cells (At the same time methyl green with diphenylamine or gentian violet instead of doing parallel)

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