Worm gear units

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Q:Use AC Motor and Inverter for electric vehicle?
Your okorder.com Anything is doable, even a battery powered Rolls Silver Ghost, but is it cost effective? There's the rub.
Q:I have a ac motor and I would like to turn it in to a generator?
Cannot ! AC motor produces Zero electricity.
Q:how does nikola teslas ac motor work?
The ac motor requires 2 or more ac lines that are at some fixed phase difference between them. When wired to electromagnets arranged in a circle (called the stator), this creates a rotating magnetic field. The rotor, the rotating part of the motor, is basically a magnet that will follow the rotating field. You can even get an ac motor to work with only one ac line by using a capacitor to create another phase.
Q:How can I make a 3-axis CNC hobby motor controller?
If you want this router to work at all you need micro stepping and cheap easy plans don't offer this. The plans that do end up costing a lot in parts so it's better to just buy a kit. If you have money you can get good controllers from rutex and gecko drives.
Q:What are the applications of AC?
Most Appliances at home are designed to to take AC direct without rectification.
Q:ac motor runs then stops loud hum?
Either the load is on and is stuck, or the motor bearings have seized up. Do NOT run the motor until you have sorted the problem, or you will ruin the motor windings. XX
Q:what will happen if dc is applied to ac motor?
Lots of pretty sparks and smoke. Poof, no more AC motor.
Q:How to tell if the AC Unit is bad or just the fan motor?
Contact the local HVAC service center and have them do a service on the unit. If it is just a fan motor problem the diagnosis should take less than an hour then the RR will depend on the parts needed. Without the training to do the work you are just using AWAG about the system and it's problems.
Q:If I spin a motor that can run on AC or DC, which am I creating when I use it as a generator?
you pick a mechanical potential of spinning the motor, the path of the rotation would be certain the order of the levels interior the output. in case you turn the path of rotation, you will replace the order of levels. that's acceptable to 3 section autos. some autos can in simple terms be became around one course so pay interest or you will smash your brushes in a hurry. you will could desire to spin the motor on the precise speed this is indexed on the motor's faceplate or you wont see the 60Hz or the output voltage you assume. in case you will attempt to power electronics with this AC generator you pick extra aspects to normalize the frequency and voltage or you will in all threat blow issues out whilst your RPMs replace under a load / no load situation. you apart from could could desire to be sure the RPMs are consistently consistent or your output will selection notably. MikeC
Q:How would I control the speed in a single phase AC motor?
Depending on what type of motor you have, you can either adjust the amplitude of the AC sine wave or adjust the frequency of the AC sine wave.

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