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Q:How to connect the AC motor?
Triangle: above line three root three terminals connected with three-phase power supply, the three terminals should pay attention to the connection, the end of U phase U2 wire and V head end V1 shorted end of V phase V2 wire and W head end W1 shorted end of W phase W2 wire U and U1 head end short circuit.
Q:What does the D axis and the Q axis mean for AC induction motors?
The motor rotor has established a coordinate system, the coordinate system and the rotor synchronous rotation, the rotor magnetic field direction as d axis, perpendicular to the rotor magnetic field direction as q axis, the mathematical model of the motor will be converted into coordinates, can realize the decoupling of d axis and q axis, so as to obtain good control characteristics.
Q:The difference between AC motor frequency conversion speed regulation and voltage regulation speed regulation
Variable frequency speed regulation: frequency conversion speed, the square of the voltage and frequency ratio is constant, that is, the frequency modulation at the same time, voltage, speed range, high smoothness, can achieve constant torque or constant power speed regulation.Voltage regulation: smoothness is good, speed range is narrow, only applicable to fan and pump load.
Q:Which price is higher, AC motor or direct current motor? Which one has a longer service life?
It can only be said that the cost of DC is higher (in comparable conditions)AC motor life, a little bit of the conference room
Q:How can the electricity of household electricity be connected to the three wire motor?
The L1 line is connected with the motor, a L2 line is connected with a motor, a capacitor connected to the L1 and at the end of the line, but the size of the capacitor according to the motor power, the following general 1KW small motor is relatively easy to use, large motor can't be used.
Q:For AC motors, when the voltage is constant, the frequency of the voltage becomes higher or lower, so what is the impact on the motor?.
The rise of the motor inductance frequency increases, suitable for high voltage, if the voltage at constant current is reduced; decrease of the power supply frequency of the motor inductance decreases for low voltage, current increases if the voltage is constant, and there may be magnetic saturation and heat and even burn.
Q:The difference between synchronous motor and asynchronous motor
Synchronous motor (synchronous motor) is an alternating current motor that generates torque by synchronous excitation of the exciting magnetic field and the rotating magnetic field of the armature.An alternating current motor with the same rotor speed as the rotating magnetic field of the stator. The rotor speed n and the magnetic pole logarithm P, the power frequency f meet n=60f/p. The speed n is decided by the power frequency f, so when the power frequency is constant, the speed is constant and has nothing to do with the load. The utility model has the advantages of high running stability and high overload capacity. Often used in multi machine synchronous transmission system, precision speed regulation, speed stabilization system and large equipment (such as rolling mills) and so on.
Q:Can the welding line of AC welding machine be dead?
Electric welder no-load voltage in 50V ~ 90V, and the highest level of safety voltage 42V, no-load voltage is higher than the safe voltage, this is not the main safety factors of two lines; in addition, the general electric welding arc ignition, working voltage 16V ~ 35V needed to maintain the arc, although in a safe voltage range but, in the bad environment such as welding on metal structures, metal containers, pipes or under water and wet locations for welding, welding if the poor body condition, body resistance is very low, may cause electric shock, safe voltage is not absolutely safe.
Q:What kinds of AC motors are divided into?
AC motors are usually divided into AC generators, AC motors and synchronous regulators according to their functions.AC motors are divided into two major categories: synchronous motor and asynchronous motor.
Q:The difference and advantage between DC motor and AC motor
Can realize speed regulation.Disadvantages: 1.. Complex structure and high manufacturing cost;2. maintenance trouble, high maintenance cost;

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