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Q:What's the meaning of the center height of the three-phase AC motor?
Center height refers to the motor shaft to the base bottom surface height.
Q:Can the speed and torque of three-phase asynchronous AC motor be controlled at the same time?
More than 50HZ constant voltage, constant power, but the speed increases at the expense of torque, the above formula N becomes the working speed of the motor, such as 5.5KW 4P-50HZ, at 1000 rpm, torque = 9550 * 5.5/1500=35N.M at 2000 rpm. Torque = 9550 * 5.5/2000=26.2N.M
Q:How can I change the alternating current welding machine into a DC welder?
This is: ZXG series silicon rectifier (dead silicon) arc welding machine, AC arc welding machine itself power factor is lower, plus rectifier loss will be lower. The power consumption is too large and uneconomical. It has belonged to the sort of our welder.
Q:Is household sewing machine good for AC motor or direct current motor?
DC motor is good, because the DC motor speed up fast and stable.
Q:How does the PLC control the speed of the motor?
See what you choose the motor, the general AC motor does not need PLC, you can use the frequency converter speed, how much speed you can change the frequency of inverter output current. If it is a stepping motor or a private server, a drive is needed, and a PLC is used to send a pulse control drive to drive the motor. PLC each sends a pulse, the motor turns an angle.
Q:How can the electricity of household electricity be connected to the three wire motor?
The three lines of the brushless DC motor are equivalent to the U, V and W three phase lines of the AC motor, which are respectively connected with the three phase line of the drive;If the current of the motor after the connection is large, vibration and abnormal rotation, then the order of the three wires in turn until the motor is running properly;One of the switched States turns the motor clockwise, the other turns the motor counter clockwise, and the other state of the motor does not function properly.
Q:Is servo motor AC motor? What's the difference? How can I tell whether it is AC or DC?
AC servo better, because it is sine wave control, torque ripple small. DC servo is trapezoidal wave. But DC servo is relatively simple and cheap. AC servo technology itself is the reference and application of frequency conversion technology, control by frequency PWM based on DC motor servo control on imitate DC motor to achieve, that is to say this part of the AC servo motor must have frequency: frequency is the frequency of 50 60HZ AC first rectified into DC, and then through the door of the control transistors (IGBT, IGCT) whose frequency can be adjusted by electric pulse carrier frequency and PWM control inverter waveform similar to Yu Zheng cosine, because the frequency is adjustable, so the AC motor speed can be adjusted (n=60f/p, n speed, f frequency, P polar log)
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of AC and DC motors?
DC motor has fast response, large starting torque and rotational speed from zero to the rated speed with rated torque available performance, but the advantages of DC motor is a DC motor because of its disadvantages, to generate performance under rated load torque is constant, the armature magnetic field and the rotor flux to maintain constant 90 degrees, this by brush and commutator. Carbon brush and commutator motor rotates in sparks, so in addition to cause toner component damage, use is restricted.
Q:Which good reputation is synchronous synchronous motor?
Wuxi city base metal products factory is located in Luoshe Town Hongming village. Strict quality management is the decisive factor for enterprises to survive and develop on the basis of fierce market competition. Add metal adhere to the "credibility oriented, public service" service tenet. We will be down-to-earth, daring to struggle, dare to innovate, to our service, experience and technology to provide better quality to each customer.
Q:Common problems of AC motors
The shaft of the motor --- the bearing base -- the current in the base circuit is called the shaft current. The reasons of shaft current generated: (1) magnetic field asymmetry; (2) harmonic current in power supply; (3) manufacturing, installation is not good, because the rotor eccentricity caused by uneven air gap; (4) the removable stator core has a gap between two half; (5) a stack of fan stator core the patch number of inappropriate choice.

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