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Q:how structurally AC motors differ from DC motors, 220V x 60 w AC motor equals 36 V x ? watts with equal power
A ceiling fan is an induction motor (brushless, it is quiet). It is also bigger than a brush motor. Most hand power tools use a universal motor, since it is smaller. It has brushes and is noisy. A universal motor actually runs on either AC or DC. You cannot magically change the voltage rating on any motor, though there are many that are dual voltage (for example, either 120V or 240V) depending on how they are hooked up. A 220V ceiling fan? Must not be in the US. The only way to drive an induction motor from DC is to use an inverter (DC to AC converter).
Q:Can the welding line of AC welding machine be dead?
In fact, if we discuss the electric shock of the two wire from the wider range, the harm to the human body is varied. The human body in the welding process in contact with the two line, the current acting on the human body in the contact area will produce electricity burns, electric brand or the central nervous reflex and strong muscle contraction caused tissue fracture and fracture mechanical injury; arc welding process, the industry protection is not the time, can make it happen an eye disease or make the metal particles penetrate the skin causing skin metallization; in addition, there is a more severe shock.
Q:Why are resistors used?
AC motor does not need a fix resistor ! Perhaps it was a capacitor ? Show the picture if you could or read what it marked on it.
Q:What's the purpose of thyristor stack on ac motors?
To control motor speed.
Q:what happens when an electric motor is overloaded?
When an electric motor is running nomally, it will be generating electricity as well. This generated electricity will oppose the power supply to the motor, and thus decrease the current being consumed by the motor. This is known as Back EMF (Electro Motive Force). If the motor is then overloaded it will slow down. This will decrease the ammount of Back EMF being generated, and so the current will increase dramatically. This will cause overheating, depending on how much the motor is overloaded. If it is stalled, it may well catch fire. Air cooling the motor, using perhaps a fan, will help the situation.
Q:How to control the speed of AC motor
How is the motor controlled?:Motor control refers to the motor start, acceleration, operation, deceleration and stop control. Depending on the type of motor and the use of the motor, there are different requirements and purposes. The motor is controlled by motor to achieve the goal of quick start, quick response, high efficiency, high torque output and high overload capacity.
Q:Is household sewing machine good for AC motor or direct current motor?
If the family is good with two kinds of machines are good, each have their own advantages and disadvantages, their love for what kind of home use which, if not good with the pedal sewing machine, low price. Do you use the factory electric sewing machine, Erqianduoyi taiwan.
Q:What's the difference between a three-phase AC motor and a DC motor?
In general, the armature winding of the three-phase AC motor is on the stator, and the armature winding of the direct current motor is on the rotor;
Q:the heater/AC blower quit working on my 1992 dodge dynasty. The fan motor is good, what else might be the prob?
Fuse Switch Blower resistor.
Q:Why is the rotor of an AC motor neither magnetic nor can it rotate?
The DC motor and AC synchronous motor works as follows: the stator or rotor produces a rotating magnetic field, while the secondary winding forms polarity. Since the two poles of the stator and rotor are attracted or repelled by each other, the rotation is generated.

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