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Q:How Do I Convert A Single Phase DC Power To A Three Phase AC To Run A 30KW 52.3A AC Motor?
If it is made for electric cars, they will make controllers for them. For some reason, I think you are trying to use a motor made for fixed industrial equipment, not to move a car.
Q:Why ac drive more efficient than dc drive?
The 'true power' savings will be based on power factor. The phase-controlled DC drive will have a terrible power factor at lower speeds, approaching an almost acceptable power factor at full speed. The V*A used in the motor is not that much different. The DC motor requires a magnetizing field to be energized (except PM Motors), as does the AC. The AC magnetizing current is harder to determine, but is calculated by higher end drives, such that you can see the 'loss' or 'overhead' of just turning the shaft with no load.
Q:Can I rotate an AC motor spindle manually? When the power supply not given.?
NO YOURE PLAYING WITH A ELECT. HY-BRED DONT PLAY w/ these it can start blow up or explode if you get stuck no if this is w/ you are working on stop its not worth it these things after you save a bit will doo the ?? just dont
Q:Where do I find a 1979 volkswagen rabbit non ac lower passenger side motor mount/alternator bracket?
Check first with the auto-parts the dealership. They are fairly knowledgeable as to whether that is possible. Otherwise ask the service manager if that is possible to do. They may have a parts car out back of the dealership and you could get a used bracket there. Otherwise check out autosalvage yards for a 79 non ac car for the bracket.
Q:AC motor control chip
This motor is single-phase or three-phase, ah, second power, how big, these need to know.If it is a small single-phase or three-phase motor, AC motor can be controlled by solid-state relay or by small AC contactor control relay, if it is large, it is best to use the second scheme just said. It is so simple. What if there are special requirements that is another, I can talk.
Q:How do electric Motors work?
AC and DC motors work differently -- For DC motors, there is a permanent magnet and a bunch of copper wiring around it. When you put electricity through the wire, it induces an electromagnetic current, which repels the permanent magnet and causes it to spin. AC motors do this using an alternating current, while DC motors use direct current. AC is like a sin wave -- the voltage varies between -120V and +120V in a sine wave (usually 60Hz frequency in US I believe) DC current is a constant current (usually less -- 12V or so)
Q:Why is DC motor wider than AC motor? High speed regulation accuracy? How do you know?
The DC motor has the ability to keep the rated torque from the zero speed to the nominal speed, so it can perform stepless speed regulation from zero speed to rated speed (constant torque).
Q:Motor: More torque, less current?
Q:Compare and contrast the AC generator and the DC electric motor?
Compare And Contrast Generator
Q:what is id and iq in electric motor terms?

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