Siemens ILE0001 Series Motor

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Q:AC motor speed regulator
The other is called magnetic transmission, and the cost performance is similar to that of the converter. But the principle is different. It is characterized by long life and little maintenance. It has been applied in the speed regulation of large motors. AC motor speed controller is simple and can be used for limiting the buck, governor as the electric fan, the speed control method is simple, but the load characteristics of the motor is very poor, only suitable for small motor load and stable situation.
Q:How can i slow the RPM on an AC motor?
The motor you are describing is a synchronous motor; the speed cannot be changed easily. Variable frequency as suggested $$$$ can do for a bit, maybe 20% So you are stuck with the gear thing, I would suggest that you get a few BBQ motors at a local store because it has all the gearing. A few, because they may not last for the entire job depending on how well balanced is the load (the pig) If the load is well balanced, meaning that the effort is constant throughout the revolution then the BBQ motor will do fine. If the motor has to break the rotation in some portion and supply enormous torque in other portions it will die on the job I hope this answers your question
Q:How to test an AC motor ?
Put everything back the way it was, and use the ON/OFF switch to test it.
Q:blower motor works on fan only and heat but not on ac?
Take your car in to have it looked at. There could be a problem with one of four things. A. Blower motor. B. Blower motor resistor. C. HVAC controls. or D. Electrical wiring.
Q:Interfacing WirelessHART network with an ac motor to control the speed of the motor.?
A basic motor is in fact a DC motor, and could additionally run on AC. maximum washer automobiles have a velocity comments, to the value administration PCB, to administration speeds for wash, sluggish and quickly spins. This frequently incorporates an straight forward DC generator, comprising everlasting magnet and coil, on the tip of motor force shaft. in case you have controlled to get motor turning with a variac, then can assume motor is okay and issue is probably with feed back geny or administration board. even nonetheless, you will desire to verify that the brushes are loose in packing boxes and long sufficient. (spring tension).
Q:3phase AC Induction Motor derating or Upgrading the Insl class, according to ambient temperature rise?
by no potential typical this to be authentic. although, did you recognize what variety of motor? The automobiles own inner termperatures might want to exceed 40C and ambient might want to do not have any more something to do with motor operation. 40C is basically really is quite some circumstances a common temp contained in the summer season outdoors or in a cupboard. automobiles might want to no longer replace a lot in this manner of ambient. will be quite a few issues in my adventure: a million. issues have a tendency to develop as they warmth up...perchance binding of a few variety? 2. will be that the ambient from the elements affected the source frequency from the capacity plant replacing the motor speed? although no longer certain how. 3. Line voltages feeding the automobiles will be decrease simply by call for contained in the summer season months? Making the motor weaker and accordingly mutually slower even as operating at load? 4. perchance your persons has worked at in reality one position in his life and the a lot would get better because the temperature rose, causing the automobiles to decelerate? 5. it will be that the automobiles get better resistive with better temps, accordingly getting weaker and slowing down. yet having reported that, 104F(40C) isn't all that warm for an AC is a temperature in Arizona contained in the summer season. there are quite some approaches that a motor can perceptively decelerate throughout the time of severe ambient...yet they don't look to be designed or behave that way commonly. would want to seek for suggestion from consisting of your persons to get a better precise clarification. i think the burden is what differences. yet no...they ought to no longer decelerate.
Q:What type of motor and battery would I need to make a human-powered generator?
A permanent magnet DC motor would be the simplest. Then you don't need to provide any field current, you just spin the motor. I question the need for an inverter if you are charging a laptop battery. Perhaps you can skip the inverter, bypass the normal laptop power supply, and just provide DC input. The battery you choose should depend on how long you want it to last. If you are just using it to charge another battery, I don't see why you need a battery at all, or maybe just a lightweight NiCad as a buffer, but I think you can definitely avoid carrying around a heavy lead acid battery. I'd recommend looking at what input you really need for the laptop, and then think about a simple circuit to regulate the charge from a simple DC generator.
Q:what is equivalent ac motor bhp for 130 bhp dc motor?
A horsepower is a horsepower. It is defined as 550 foot-pounds per second, exactly equal to 746 watts. A bhp is a horsepower. Nobody has any idea where the 'b' came from or what it means. Back in 1962 I witnessed an argument that went on for over an hour in a college dorm, one side saying it stood for brake horsepower and the other insisting it meant blown horsepower, and neither side knowing exactly what those terms meant either.
Q:what kind of motor is which when its stoped i cant move the axis with forcing it to move with my hand and...?
Sounds like a motor with a very strong cobalt permanent magnet stator.
Q:How do you determine the type of motor that is used for certain tasks?
I'm not an expert in motors, but let me give you some info. You won't be able to deduce all that info just by looking at it. But most all motors have a name plate that has voltage and current requirements. It will also have a manufacturers name and a model number. You may be able to look that up and get more info. The number of wires coming into the motor will help. 2 wires and ground, and it's either DC or single phase AC. 3 wires and ground and it's a 3 phase delta motor. Look for a box on the side of the motor with a capacitor in it. That is probably a start capacitor, and this is probably a single phase AC motor. If you can see inside the motor, and you see brushes (NOT slip rings) then it's a DC motor. You can also look at where the motor came from to get clues. read the references .

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