Siemens ILE0001 Series Motor

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Q:What's the difference between asynchronous and synchronous AC motors?
The so-called synchronous motor, that is, the armature winding magnetic field, rotating speed and rotor rotation in the same direction, the same speed. Such a motor is generally as follows: there is a winding on the rotor, a centralized excitation winding; no winding on the rotor; and the use of permanent magnet structure; rotor without winding; no permanent magnet; with teeth and slots. A distributed winding is arranged on the stator. With this structure, the number of slip rings and brushes can be reduced to a minimum. Such motors are also called transition motors. There is also a special requirement, and the excitation windings placed on the stator structure, such a structure is generally referred to as pivot type (such as home ceiling fan).
Q:Can I use this router speed controller to vary a small DC motors speed?
I don't think this will work at all for a DC motor. This type of speed control is meant for universal AC motors. To get good speed control of a DC motor you need a PWM (pulse width modulation) type of control. You can just vary the DC voltage applied to the motor but this can cause jumps in the motor speed if it has much of a load on it. One way is to get a variable 12 VDC power supply. Another option is to look into the speed controls for model train sets. They may work for you. Ask the sales person if they provide AC or DC and at what range.
Q:ac generator from ac motor?
AC motor sounds like the most logical choice to me..
Q:Where is the ac/heater door actuator motor on a 1997 ford E350 van? (V10 6.8L)?
Yes it controls the blend door inside the plynum so its called a blend door acuator.Its either a acuator motor or vacuum controled diaphram thats located in the plynum,basically the giant plastic box mounted inbetween the dash and fire wall near the heater core.Would have to rip up the dash to get to,and would be a good idea to get a chiltons or take it into a shop, its a big job..GL
Q:Is having the windows open and the AC on bad for you car?
No, it's bad to sit in your driveway with the AC on. Windows have no affect on that, except it's really hard to cool off when the cold air is rolling out the windows. AC compressors put a lot of strain on an idling motor. If you are sitting still, you have no air circulating through the radiator to cool the engine. That's probably what your friend is talking about. Traffic stops, drive thrus shouldn't be an issue. It is a good habit to always monitor your temperature guage as well as oil guage when you are operating a vehicle. If you are sitting still with the AC on and the guage starts to go up, shut off the AC and roll down the windows. The temperature will start to drop on the gauge.
Q:The difference between synchronous motor and asynchronous motor
Induction motor, also known as asynchronous motor, that is, the rotor in rotating magnetic field, in the rotating magnetic field under the action of a moment of rotation, and thus rotor rotation. The rotor is a rotatable conductor, usually in the shape of a mouse cage. Invented by Nicola Tesla, an electrical engineer in 1887.The induction motor is also called asynchronous motor, that is, the rotor is placed in a rotating magnetic field, and a rotational torque is obtained under the action of the rotating magnetic field, so that the rotor rotates.
Q:Washing Machine AC motor diagnosing?
Q:Dodge AC blower motor stops working, what to look for?
you may need to replace the actual switch that turns it on ,i have seen a lot of those go bad and that's how they,ll do if it had anything to do with the resistor again it wouldn't work at all or it would have burnt the new resistor out on it,so you know that part of it is still working, id lean towards the switch ,it could have been part of the problem all along ,id try another switch on it,see if that doesn't repair it,you could also have motor going out on that one that will cause them to burn up resistors a lot,good luck.
Q:what simple experiments i can do to investigatee the physics behind an AC electric fan motor?
If you have a strobe light you can confirm that it is turning at just under 60 cycles/s because the AC is 60 cycles/s You can take off the fan blade and confirm that it is now turning even closer to 60 Hz because of a lack of load. You can increase the load by blowing air at the fan with another fan and watch it turn slower. If you can destroy the fan (there are many being thrown away each day) you can cut off the copper shading coils that help it start up. You can measure the current in all the above situations and observe that the closer to 60Hz it turns the less current there is.
Q:susuki forenza 2005 if I remove AC?
Why remove it? Just don't use it.

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