Refrigerator AC Shaded Pole Motor For Cooling Spare Parts

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ac shaded pole motor 
1,Ac shaded pole motor used for fan-heater,oven,humidifier 
2,High quality and reasonable price

Product characteristics

Ac shaded pole motor

1.Ac shaded pole motor is safe and reliable,low noise,characteristics hard,good staring,long life,etc.

2.Ac shaded pole motor is widely used in fan heater,washbasin,pencil sharpening,mosquito epellent machine,electric toaster,firplace and other household appliance.

3. Ac shaded pole motor can be designed into four insulation class according to user requirements:that of E,B ,F,H

4.Motor rotation and size"L1,L2" can be produced according to user's requirement.

motor size

1.Stator diameter: 61.5mm
2.Shaft diameter: 4.5/5/5.5/6mm
3.Shaft length: As your request
4.Lead wire: 2*300mm, also can be made according to your demands
5.Number of pole: 2 pole
6.Rotation: CW/CCW

7.Insulation class:E/B/F/H

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Q:What's the meaning of the center height of the three-phase AC motor?
Center height refers to the motor shaft to the base bottom surface height.
Q:What is the difference between stepping motor and servo motor and three-phase asynchronous motor? What are the advantages of their differences?
Principle: when the asynchronous motor, the motor stator windings of AC, will produce a rotating magnetic field, the rotating magnetic field cutting rotor windings, thus the induced current in the rotor winding, the rotor conductor ampacity will produce electromagnetic force in the stator rotating magnetic field, so as to form the electromagnetic torque of the rotating shaft of the motor and drive motor rotate, and the rotation direction of the motor and the rotating magnetic field of the same direction. As the rotor of asynchronous motor and stator rotating magnetic field in the same direction, different rotating speed, there is a slip, so called asynchronous motor.AdvantageCompared with other motors, the utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacture, good operation performance, and various material saving and low cost.shortcomingPower factor hysteresis, light load, low power factor, poor speed regulation performance.
Q:How can I power this motor?
this is a powerful motor. You can get an auto battery and then connect an inverter to it that converts 12 VDC to 120 VAC. Lots of weight needed. PS, re other answer, most all AC motors will NOT operate on DC.
Q:My 1996 Dodge Dakota AC blower motor shuts down after it's been running for about one half hour. It will start
sounds like its over heating somehow but i wouldnt really know which directiong to point you in as far as fixing the problem..sorry
Q:what is an ac motor and what is its function?
An AC motor is an electric motor that runs on alternating current, used in most homes and businesses. There are several different types, e.g .induction motor, squirrel cage, universal, 3-phase. Try wikipedia. The basic principle is electric coils generating magnetic fields which push on other coils to make them turn.
Q:I need a DC/AC motor to vibrate a plate. The plate should vibrate within a range of 20-50G. Is that possible?
i've got certainly study a learn on it in Muscular progression mag. it is definitely particularly sturdy in helping you because of the fact it forces you to contain stabilizing muscle tissue. even however, they are able to be high priced, so it exchange into cautioned which you basically prepare exercising using one leg.
Q:What's the difference between a variable frequency motor and a servo motor?
Then it is servo motor, variable frequency motor and the main difference with the encoder, and then transmitted to the servo motor drive, and then using the control theory, such as gain, adjust time, simply say a servo motor is a closed-loop control system, and quick start, stop, load capacity a variable frequency motor, with these characteristics, also makes the speed, torque, third position control method for high requirement application. 1, servo motor and inverter and working principle of AC motor is basically the same, belong to the AC-DC-AC voltage type motor drive, but the technical requirements of big differences, so there are great differences in the aspects of motor and driver design.
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Q:If I have a 1/5hp 120V motor, how many AC amps is that?
The horsepower rating is a measure of the motor's output power. That doesn't say exactly how much current the motor draws to generate that power. If you can find a wattage rating on the motor, you can take watts and divide by 120 to give you the amperage. Typical full-load current draw for a motor like this would be anywhere in the range from 1.0-2.5 Amps. Depends on efficiency of the motor, rpms, size of motor, how much load you're putting on it, etc. Probably you already know that typically the current draw is very high (peak) on startup and then comes down after the motor is at running speed. If you're just concerned about the peak (startup) load, you're pretty safe with figuring less than 6 Amps. If you are looking for a replacement motor, and if you can find a supplier name and part#, then a good motor supplier will be able to help you cross-reference to an equivalent new motor. You'll also want a motor with the same form, fit, and direction of rotation, etc so you can just swap it out. Good luck!
Q:Does a 1 HP motor draw more wattage than an AC one at the same EMF?
1 HP is 746 watts. It doesn't matter if it is a 120vac motor or a 240vac motor. A 120vac motor will draw 2x the current than a 240vac motor to develop the same HP. A 1 HP, 120v DC motor still draws 746 watts. But a DC motor can't run on AC power, nor can and AC motor run on DC power without some sort of inverter or converter. The matter of efficiency is something else. Some of that power used to develop 1 HP is lost to friction or heat.

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