Environment-Friendly Exterior Wall Paint

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Product Description:

1.Product Description:

This application process is suitable for the common application of latex paints on concrete, cement mortar, brick and stone, exterior thermal insulating substrate and other exterior building walls.This application process is utilized widely because of safety of construction, colorful and soft gloss film, smooth and flat hand feeling, possibility to combine with various types of coatings, and low cost.Major advantages: environment friendliness because of aqueous coatings, health and nontoxicity, excellent weatherability, and anti-bacterial, anti-fungus, and anti-scrubbing properties.

2.Technical Parameters:

Component Silico-modified acrylic resin, titanium, fillings, paint,additives and water Glossiness Flatting

Theoretical Spreading: Rate 8~10 m2/L(based on the dry film thickness of 35 microns)

Drying Period Surface dry: 1 hour (23℃ and 50% relative humidity)

Full dry: 2 hours (23℃ and 50% relative humidity)

Repainting time: 4 hours (23℃ and 50% relative humidity)

Contrast Ratio >0.93

Weathering Resistance: Good

Security: No Lead or Mercury in the material

Construction: Tool Paintbrush, roller or airless sprayer

Dilution: Diluted with clean water


Wet Film Thickness: Approximately 85~100 microns (for the first time)

Dry Film Thickness Approximately 32~35 microns (for the first time)

3.How to use  Exterior Wall Paint?


Paint Tool: brush and roller

Firstly: paint brush 15~20% roller 5~10%

Secondly: paintbrush 5~10% roller 5~10%

Tool Cleaning Immediately clean with clean water after use

4.Construction Condition:

Above 5℃ and under 75% relative humidity


Sufficient dilution is not allowed

 Environment-Friendly Exterior Wall Paint

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Q:What is the main difference between a one-component polyurethane and a polymer cement-based waterproof coating?
One-component wet-curing polyurethane resin coating construction is simple, the substrate treatment requirements are not too strict, the surface of the construction material without clean water, construction ingredients do not strictly measured.
Q:What are the differences between inorganic paints and latex paints?
Different composition: latex paint is composed of organic matter, inorganic paint is mainly inorganic.
Q:What is the coating voc, what harm
TVOC is one of the three most important pollutants in the air (PAHs, volatile organic compounds and aldehydes). VOC is the organic vapor at room temperature with more than 133.32pa saturated vapor pressure. Its boiling point in the 50 ℃ to 250 ℃, at room temperature can be evaporated in the form of the existence of the air, its toxicity, irritation, carcinogenicity and special odor. Will affect the skin and mucous membranes, causing acute damage to the human body.
Q:Polymer lithium-ion battery models how many models mean what?
Polymer battery is not fixed how many models, what model generally open the first model, what model is needed to open what model, so there is no number of models. Models represent the thickness, width and length of the battery, such as 523450 represents the width of the thickness of 5.2 and the length of 50, the unit is mm
Q:Is there a waterproof and moldy coating?
I have to tell you that the benefits of paint is waterproof and mildew, it is the use of imported materials, an international certification, the quality is very good, is an absolute reliable good paint.
Q:What is the difference between painting and painting?
Paint the machine more expensive, the general painters are not the advantages of paint: construction fast, flatness is good, no texture is poor. Paint the drawbacks: paint loss is relatively large, late maintenance trouble, because the latter part of the repair workers can not pull Come over the paint, and brush out with the spray out of the texture is certainly different.
Q:Paint Question?
You CAN paint acrylics over a wall painted with oil paint IF you sand the area once it's dry, and apply a good household primer (from the hardware store) that's meant to cover oil paint. The labels will tell you which one works best. To sand just the area you need, tape around the shape with masking tape - use a couple of layers so you don't sand through. Or - just repaint the areas you've sanded after your planets are painted. Lastly, there's no reason you couldn't paint your planets in artists' oil paint.
Q:TV tower paint and Wuyang paint, which is good
Hello, to paint when the best not to choose those unknown, cheap low-quality paint, choose some big brands, safety and environmental protection are more secure, the domestic paint brand is now more than the stars, substantial good paint brand But very few, but the market is more extensive, to pay attention to identify the authenticity, to find a formal channel to buy, the current domestic more environmentally friendly paint brand on the United States Tu Shi do relatively good, paint the top ten brands, but the advertising investment is not abroad Brand so much, the price will be relatively high.
Q:Paint fume?
The smell could cause the headache and the nausea because no matter how low oder it says it is kilz is always strong smelling but the neck pain is probably from the action of painting you may have just pulled a muscle.
Q:Use of textile pigments
Horsepower brand textile pigment is based on the 822 textile fiber pigments on the basis of the development of new products, with bright texture and delicate, film-forming soft, light fastness, strong adhesion, good ventilation, good water resistance, Friction and other characteristics.

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