AC Shaded Pole Motor For Cooling Spare Parts

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ac shaded pole motor 
1,Ac shaded pole motor used for fan-heater,oven,humidifier 
2,High quality and reasonable price

Product characteristics

Ac shaded pole motor

1.Ac shaded pole motor is safe and reliable,low noise,characteristics hard,good staring,long life,etc.

2.Ac shaded pole motor is widely used in fan heater,washbasin,pencil sharpening,mosquito epellent machine,electric toaster,firplace and other household appliance.

3. Ac shaded pole motor can be designed into four insulation class according to user requirements:that of E,B ,F,H

4.Motor rotation and size"L1,L2" can be produced according to user's requirement.

motor size

1.Stator diameter: 61.5mm
2.Shaft diameter: 4.5/5/5.5/6mm
3.Shaft length: As your request
4.Lead wire: 2*300mm, also can be made according to your demands
5.Number of pole: 2 pole
6.Rotation: CW/CCW

7.Insulation class:E/B/F/H

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Q:How to find the power consumption in water heater and in AC motor?
The water heater power is 240*20 = 4800 W The Motor Power is V*I*cosθ = 4800*cos20º = 4510 W
Q:If a motor had the specs as below, would it be AC volt or DC volt?
HZ 60 would be Hertz 60, would inducate an alternating input. Looks Like its AC.
Q:Bought a 1/4hp ac motor and can't get it to start?
You wired it wrong.
Q:What voltage would I need to run a 100kW thee phase AC motor?
You would likely use as a minimum 277/ 480 Volts, the current draw per phase would be120 amps. I'd guess the fuses would be 200 amp.
Q:why ac synchronous superconducting motors are common, not induction superconducting motors?
easily a DC motor made up of superconductors is achievable. that is genuine the motor itself would not be superconducting whilst doing artwork, even though it may well be one hundred% efficient considering the fact that there is not any resistive loss. As many DC motor designs do, it might generate a lower back EMF whilst rotating. the means source would would desire to conquer this EMF whilst offering contemporary. (subsequently there would be no loose lunch.) any such motor is defined interior the reference. EDIT: I would desire to disagree with a assertion interior the respond following this one. A DC motor isn't purely an AC motor with a commutator; it has a DC stator container. AC autos have a rotating stator container.
Q:Using 12 amp 115 volt electric vacuum motor for 1-person go-kart?
Vacuum Cleaner Motor Uses
Q:How to realize constant power or constant torque output of three-phase AC motor?
Is generally achieved through the frequency converter in the frequency power supply 50HZ, with inverter motor, the inverter output is below 50HZ, the motor is in constant torque output, but the inverter output is higher than 50HZ, the motor is of constant power output.
Q:honda passport.. when i turn on the ac the fan motor comes on a couple of minutes later when its hot.whts wron?
Blower motor.
There is no way to do that. This is an induction motor. A VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) will not work as pointed out by lunchtime_browser. You will have to use a gearbox with almost any motor to do that. If you use an induction motor (squirrel cage or AC motor), it is possible to control a 3 phase motor to lower speeds by using a VFD, that reduces the voltage and changes the frequency, but only within limits. These can be programmed to a fixed speed, but not so slow as 120 RPM. The cooling might also need to be addressed (fan too slow). Single phase (split phase) motors are more limited, whether using a centrifugal switch or not. You probably need a DC motor if you insist on no gearbox. The variable speed controller to suit this motor is just set to the speed you want. If you need a precise speed it needs a speed controller with speed sensor and feedback. Note that the mechanical power is the product of RPM and torque. The torque is more or less the same, as it is determined by the current rating. However with 120 RPM from a 1440 RPM motor the speed is only 1/12 so the power is only 1/12. Using a gearbox increases the torque and reduces the speed so the power is more or less the same. There are gearmotors for a wide range of output RPM. A bicycle hub motor might suit if the power is in your range. Another idea is a stepper motor, which can run at these low speeds, but it does need a controller (driver) and power supply..
Q:When winding a AC electric motor, what is the formula for amps. When number of turns & wire gauge are included?
There is no simple formula. It depends on the magnetic material, the rated current and voltage, number of poles and size of wire, shape of the magnetic circuit, and others.

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