ZHSMC-07P Swivel Office Chair With Colored Painted Legs and Mesh Backrest

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Produced strictly according to ergonomics
360 degree swivelling
Seat height adjustable


Model number



Fashion and Simple






molded foam





Connecting component







1.       Different colors for mesh, as well as can be customized

2.       Soft Foam Washer.

3.       High strength PP plastic Structure

4.       Smooth Swiveling and Rolling

5.       High Permeability

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Q:What are some good desk chairs?
I just got the SAYL chair (herman Miller). there are many office chairs by commercia/corporatel manufacturers that are extremely long wearing. There are dozens of manufacturers-you can do a search for office... or look at some office oriented design magazines see who the chair manufacturer is.
Q:Looking for a good massager chair for back?
If you're worried about the price, you could buy an alternative. You could buy an Homedics Massage Cushion for under $200. It is a full sized cushion (back and bottom) that will strap on to any chair you already have. You sit on it and it works just like a massage chair. You can get them in many varieties like Shiatsu Massage or Swedish Massage. If you really want full massage chair, it isn't hard to find, even a really good one, for under $3,000. I'd say most run around $2,500. The key is to get one that doesn't have tons of extra features that you'll have to pay for, but aren't going to use. Buy something simple that has what you need. Don't let the description of a chair fool you into buying it. Just because it sounds like it has a lot of awesome characteristics doesn't mean it's worth paying for.
Q:Best gaming office chair?
I okorder.com/ But if you're playing games at your desk, it would likely be lower than a typical desk chair. I guess it would depend totally on your setup.
Q:Pressure Question (man in a chair)?
The area of each leg is π x r² = 3.142 x 1.5cm x 1.5cm. = 7.0cm² = 0.0007m². The man plus chair total weight = Mass x 9.81m/s². = 95kg x 9.81m/s² = 932 N. A Pressure of 1.0 Pascal = 1N/m². 932N / 4 legs = 233N per leg. 233N / 0.0007m² = 332,839 Pa = 332.8kPa. per leg. (332.8kPa / 101.3kPa/atm) x 14.7psi/atm = 48.3psi.
Q:If I see a chair fold up and fall over...?
umm your crazy
Q:does anyone else have the problem of a comfortable chair to use for the internet?
Oh what a good question. Your Q came up on screen just as I was fidgetting in my padded, swivel, adjustable , multi-bearing castor chair at home. It' shouldn't be difficult should it. I write a lot as well, and I have no problem then. But, thinking about it, I lean on the desktop as I write.
Q:Gaming chairs?
If you don't mean rumble, then in what way move? Tilting according to the camber of the road? Edit: I doubt there's anything like that for home users. It would be extremely expensive and anybody who could afford it could just buy an arcade machine. Remember that the game itself would have to be designed for the chair, so it's not just a case of plugging the chair into your PS3 and suddenly feeling intertia in Gran Turismo.
Q:rocking chair?
look up on the computer to a chair company and look up the Patton or modal yugoslavia ix 76 and it will tell you what you want to know I bought a dinning room set at a flee mart for 250.00 and found out it sales for 3000.00
Q:Antique Kittinger chairs?
try okorder.com/ This is the home page for Kittinger furniture
Q:What is this chair called??? NEED HELP!?
Sorry, dear, but your links took me no where.

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